An Oriental Biographical Dictionary: Founded on Materials Collected by the Late Thomas William Beale

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W.H. Allen, 1894 - Africa, North - 431 pages
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Page 30 - The paper being lodged, the king, instead of going out by one of the numerous doors, caused a breach to be made in the wall, by which he effected his exit ; but how was he humbled and amazed when, on the paper being examined, there was found a specification of the precise spot through which he penetrated.
Page 363 - MahaL a mausoleum of white marble decorated with mosaics, which, for the richness of the material, the chasteness of the design, and the effect...
Page 408 - Moohummud ; at length, having exhausted all their expressions of abuse, they suddenly attacked the image with stones and sticks, until they had shattered it into pieces. The inside was hollow, and full of sweetmeats, which were greedily devoured by the mob who attended the ceremony...
Page 282 - Mohammed the apostle of GOD, to Moseilama the liar. The earth is GOD'S: he giveth the same for inheritance unto such of his servants as he pleaseth ; and the happy issue shall attend those who fear him'.
Page 236 - Acbar as their own ; exactly like the Persians of old, who insisted that Alexander was the son of one of their kings ; so that after all they were forced to submit to their countrymen only...
Page 373 - ... cruelty can give her a claim to be numbered among the hardier sex, her right to virility will scarcely be disputed. The history of her life, if properly known, would (according to Colonel Skinner, and others who have had opportunities of hearing Ch.Vlj THE BEGtfM BUMROO. of, and witnessing her exploits) form a series of scenes, such as, perhaps, no other female could have gone through.
Page 315 - Mohammed : and this way of life he continued till he had made a very great party, out of whom he chose twelve, as his apostles, to govern the rest and to propagate his doctrines. But the governor of the province, finding men neglected their work, and...
Page 253 - Shiraz, where he distinctly saw the nightingales trying to vie with the musician; sometimes warbling on the trees, sometimes fluttering from branch to branch, as if they wished to approach the instrument whence the melody proceeded, and at length dropping on the ground, in a kind of ecstasy, from which they were soon raised, he assured me, by a change of the mode.
Page 225 - Kai's no more, as she was destined to be the bride of one more rich and powerful; and, in spite of the grief and remonstrances of the unfortunate pair, they were separated. Kais became insane from disappointment, and his name was, therefore, changed to Mejnun (the distracted). Death at length put a period to his miseries, and his faithful mistress soon followed him, leaving her cruel parent to his late and vain remorse, and the memory of these victims of avarice to eternal...
Page 343 - Though the son of a powerful chief, he had begun life as a daring and artful captain of banditti, had ripened into a skilful general and an able statesman, and left a character which has never since been equalled or approached by any of his countrymen.

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