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Watch the movie (The Secret of Moonacre)!!!

User Review  - 2girlsandcounting2014 - Target

I read the book only because I am in love with the movie "The Secret of Moonacre", which is based off of this book. This is the only time I can actually say that the movie is better than the book. The ... Read full review

Absolutely Loved It

User Review  - Anni5678 - Tesco

I bought this book after watching the movie version 'Secrets of Moonacre' thinking it would be like the movie. I liked the movie but I absolutely LOVED this book. is the perfect feel good fantasy fiction book has something for everyone :) really do give it 10/10 * Read full review

Review: The Little White Horse

User Review  - John - Goodreads

Newly orphaned Maria arrives at Moonacre estate and discovers that she has a central role to play in laying several ghosts to rest. This deserves a higher rating for the writing---every moment, every ... Read full review

Review: The Little White Horse

User Review  - Alaina - Goodreads

I discovered this book(without the suggestion of miss jk Rowling, thank you very much)when I was about twelve years old and absolutely fell in love. It was one of those books that you either wish ... Read full review

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