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Page 476 - WHITE'S History of England for Junior Classes 1 6 History of Scotland for Junior Classes 1 6 History of Scotland for Senior Classes 3 6 History of Great Britain and Ireland, with an Account of the Present State and Resources of the United Kingdom and its Colonies.
Page 482 - World. 7s. ; or in Parts, 2s. 6d. each. This work contains numerous synoptical and other tables, to guide the researches of the student, with sketches of literature, antiquities, and manners during each of the great chronological epochs.
Page 479 - ... abridgment to make their books look like treatises, but have been content to rely on the fascination of the stories themselves, as the best means of overcoming the mechanical difficulty of reading.
Page 356 - During the months of November and December the rains continue to fall heavily ; afterwards they return only at longer intervals, and are less heavy; but at no period during the winter do they entirely cease to occur.
Page 479 - Messrs GORDON of Edinburgh has been tried with great promise of success. These Publishers have reprinted, under the name of the ' School and Home Series,' some of the most Popular Tales for Children, including, besides Robinson Crusof.
Page 304 - They are chosen .by the legislatures of the several States, for the term of six years, one third of them being elected biennially. The Vice-President of the United States is the President of the Senate, in which body he has only a casting vote, which is given in case of an equal division of the votes of the Senators.
Page 479 - Baba and the Forty Thieves. Old Mother Goose. The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood. The Wolf and the Goats. One, two; button my shoe. Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son. The Wolf and the Fox. The Fox and the Farmer.

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