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left me hanging.

User Review  - Walmart

This book is just as enjoyable as Charlaine Harris's previous Sookie books. But in this book, there is a decidedly different Sookie emerging, she is undergoing some sort of change. Her outlook on life ... Read full review

lacking excitement

User Review  - skcmom - Walmart

I have all of the books in this series, and have loved them up until this one. The storyline was lacking for me. I had a hard time getting through the book because it was just not that exciting this ... Read full review

Waiting for the next one...

User Review  - Twihard - Walmart

To me, it felt as if this book were a filler to provide information on Sookie an some changes she may be going though due to her recent circumstances. Perhaps the next one will return to the excitement of the previous books in the series. Bring on Victor! Read full review

A Good Read!

User Review  - silentlegacy - Walmart

I love this series and it was a great price for the book every were else I looked it was more expensive. I figuared it was going to be paper back for the price but I was surprised to see that it was hard cover. Read full review

Not the best Stackhouse, but still good

User Review  - Padam1990 - Walmart

While this was not my favorite of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. My main issue is that there were several unrelated stories going on at once. As a result the book was kind of all over the place and ... Read full review

Review: Dead in the Family

User Review  - khall85 - Walmart

I loved the book! Charlaine Harris does it again with another great Sookie Stackhouse novel. Hopefully there's more coming in this series. I am not ready to say goodbye to all the characters. The only ... Read full review

Review: Dead in the Family

User Review  - hugh16 - Walmart

this is a great book love the series Read full review

Wanting more

User Review  - Mwispg79 - Walmart

Although I am a big Sookie fan and couldn't wait for this book to come out, I was a little disappointed. By the time I was on the last 2 chapters, I felt like I had just started reading it. The story ... Read full review

LOVE the sookie stackhouse series!

User Review  - bholsappl - Walmart

I was SO excited for this book to come in the mail, but after I started reading it I was a bit disappointed. I have read all the books to date and have watched every episode of True Blood. All of the ... Read full review

Needs more Eric and Sookie

User Review  - ratinglady - Walmart

I hope this was an opening for something major in the next book. I just hope Sookie and Eric work out! I've been reading this series for too many years to be let down on that! Don't fail me now Charlaine! Still <3 you though! Sookie fans go ahead and buy the book. Read full review

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