The Book of Strange and Curious Legal Oddities: Pizza Police, Illicit Fishbowls, and Other Anomalies of theLaw That Make Us AllU nsuspecting Criminals

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Penguin, Aug 3, 2010 - Law - 256 pages
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You're probably breaking the law right now-and don't even know it.

Did you know...

? Naples, Italy, enforces laws for what constitutes real pizza, and "pizza police" visit restaurants to crack down on unlawful pies?
? In West Virginia it is a crime to display or possess a red or black flag?
? It is illegal to sell stuffed articles depicting female breasts within a thousand feet of any county highway in California?
? Spherical fishbowls have been banned in Rome since 2004?

There are hundreds of bizarre laws that we could be breaking at any moment. What exactly are we doing that we shouldn't be doing, and what happens if we get caught? In this engaging and insightful collection, Nathan Belofsky takes us on a journey of eclectic, unexpected, and bizarre laws from around the world.

Written by a practicing lawyer with an eye for his profession's most unusual quirks, The Book of Strange and Curious Legal Oddities offers a delightful look at the legal system's peculiarities through the ages. From laws that crack down on how we eat, look, and have sex, to real legal battles involving litigious chimpanzees, you'll start wondering whether you're really the law-abiding citizen you claim to be.

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The title tells you exactly what you're getting here: an entertaining compilation of laws (and law-related trivia) from throughout history and around the world. The book is divided into thematic ... Read full review


Dont Dent That Ox
That Girl
Tennis Anyone?
Frankly Absurd
A Forest of His Own
The Laws Divine
Red Menace
No Flirting
The Ballings of the Wort
Swill Milk
Fruit or Vegetable?
Justice by the Jar
Mardi Gras
White as Snow
Sushi Samarai

Time After Time
UpsideDown Tricks and Crisscross Maneuvers
The Extermination of the Clan McGregor
Charlemagne the Pious
Lex Loco
The Malefactors Bloody Register
Through the Looking Glass
Act Infinitim
What an Ordeal
Render unto Caesar
Commune of Biella
Up to Code
The Hittites of Hatti
The Pleas of the Crown
When in Rome
A Remembrance of the Plague
Those Jews
Precise People
The Spanking Machine
So Yesterday
New Hampshire
Grand Guignol
Move It
Keep the Change
Smile Dammit
Get It Right
Slacking Off
Silent Night
Black Hole
Tempting Fate
Enter the Dragon
Crafty Science
Space Cowboys
Animals on Trial
The Sheep Are Worried
Cow Tipping
Animals Amore
Slap That Bitch
Keep Off the Grass
Whos the Pig?
Noisy Fowl Prohibited
Weasel World
Catch of the Day
Damn Beavers
Blackie the Talking Cat
Pigs in Play
Passports for Pets
Romancing the Reptile
Animals Ascendant
Poop Patrol
Pizza Police
Forbidden Fruit
California Dreaming
A New Beginning
The Rots
Fancy Riding
Parade of Horrors
Down in Front
Pay to Play
Fake Wrestling?
And the Band Played On
Answered Prayers
Its the Same Old Song
At Odds
Hands On
ThreeRing Circus
No Legitimate Purpose
Ghost Story
Information Please
Heartbreak Hotel
Ant Farm
The Ugly Laws
A Hard Rain
Pop a Wheelie
Tsk Tsk
Live Free or Die
Time Bomb
An Act to Prevent Maiming and Wounding
The Rule Against Perpetuities
Objection to Form
Pseudo Absurdia
Send in the Clown
Meso Madness
Shit Happens
Bad Move
Raising a Stink
Let It Be
All Atwitter
Whigging Out
Signed Sealed and Delivered
Dont Dent That Ox
Pyramid Scheme
Red Menace
Putting on the Ritz
The Bawdy Courts
PleasThe Hundred of Triggshire
Close Shave
Commune of Biella
The Scarlet Letter
Those Jews
Precise People
The Spanking Machine
The Master of the Revels
The Ugly Laws

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