Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Down, Connor, and Dromore, Consisting of a Taxation of Those Dioceses, Compiled in the Year MCCCVI.; with Notes and Illustrations

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Hodges and Smith, 1847 - Ireland - 436 pages
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Page 182 - This trench was of about the breadth of a moderate road ; and the earth which had been cleared out of it was banked up inside as a ditch, carrying up the slope to about the height of sixteen or twenty feet from the bottom. The whole face of the slope was covered with large stones, embedded in the earth. Concentric with this enclosure, and at about the interval of seven yards, was another fosse, having a rampart on the inner side, similarly constructed; and on the area enclosed by this stood the church,...
Page 130 - Habere autem solet ipsa insula rectorem semper Abbatem Presbyterum, cujus juri et omnis provincia, et ipsi etiam episcopi, ordine inusitato, debeant esse subjecti, juxta exemplum primi Doctoris illius, qui non episcopus, sed presbyter extitit et monachus.
Page 208 - Edifices (if they may be so termed) one being a huge heap of stones piled up in a piramidical figure, in which are formed several cavities, wherein the devotees shelter themselves in bad weather while they hear Mass ; and in the centre of this heap is a Cave formed by broad flat stones, so disposed as to support each other without the help of cement. The other edifice is composed...
Page 123 - The diocese of Down, in its present extent, is a collection of smaller sees, which have been reduced to the condition of parishes, and of districts which in primitive times were not assigned to any diocese.
Page 250 - Brittaniam ueniret, monasterium nobile in Hibernia, quod a copia roborum Dearmach lingua Scottorum, hoc est campus roborum, cognominatur.
Page 267 - I drove my spear through him, so that the spear entered the earth at the other side of him, and its iron head was left buried in the earth. This is the very handle that was in that spear. The round stone from which I made that shot will be found, and east of it will be found the iron head of the spear buried in the earth ; and the uliudh [earn] of Fothadh Airgthech will be found a short distance to the east of it.
Page 132 - Aidan quippe qui primus ejusdem loci episcopus fuit, monachus erat et monachicam cum suis omnibus vitam semper agere solebat. Unde ab illo omnes loci ipsius antistites usque hodie sic episcopale exercent officium ut regente monasterium abbate quem ipsi cum consilio fratrum elegerint omnes presbyteri, diaconi, cantores lectores ceterique gradus ecclesiastici monachicam per omnia cum ipso episcopo regulam servent.
Page 230 - ... the inside eight feet. On the west side of it is an irregular gap about ten feet from the top, near a third of the whole circumference being broken off by the injury of time. The entrance into it is two feet and a half wide, and placed on a level with the surface of the ground; in which last particular it is pretty singular, for in others the door is placed from eight to twelve feet above the ground, without any steps or stairs, so that there is no getting into the building without a ladder,...
Page 153 - Annals,' and this undesigned coincidence is the more interesting because the testimonies are perfectly independent, the one being afforded by Irish records which never left the kingdom, and the other by a Latin composition, which has been a thousand years absent from the country where it was written.
Page 209 - And where the incumbents had several chapels of ease, and only assistants to supply them, the canon law doth not call them rectores but plebani, who had a sort of peculiar jurisdiction in lesser matters, but still they were under the bishop's authority in visitations and other ecclesiastical censures.

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