An Introduction to the Records of the Virginia Company of London

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1905 - 210 pages

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Page 192 - A briefe declaration of the plantation of Virginia, during the first twelve years, when Sir Thomas Smith was governor of the company.
Page 15 - ... if you happen to discover divers portable rivers, and amongst them any one that hath two main branches if the difference be not great make choice of that which bendeth most toward the North-west for that way you shall soonest find the other sea.
Page 200 - A Sermon upon the viii. verse of the i. chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, preached to the Honourable Company of the Virginian Plantation, 13 Novemb.
Page 86 - A Note of the Shipping, Men and Provisions sent to Virginia by the Treasurer and Company in the Yeere 1619, pp.
Page 39 - The account of the two first volumes you will see in the preface to Stith's History of Virginia. They contain the records of the Virginia company, copied from the originals, under the eye, if I recollect rightly, of the Earl of Southampton, a member of the company, bought at the sale of his library by Doctor Byrd, of Westover, and sold with that library to Isaac Zane. These volumes happened at the time of the sale, to have been borrowed by Colonel R. Bland, whose library I bought, and with this,...
Page 201 - GRACIOUS LETTER TO THE EARLE OF SOUTH-HAMPTON, Treasurer, and to the Councell and Company of VIRGINIA heere: commanding the present setting up of SILKE WORKS, and planting of VINES in VIRGINIA...
Page 199 - Ilands, and for their more speedie attaining of our || English tongue by the same labour, that all || may speake one and the same || Language.
Page 202 - A True Relation of such occurrences and accidents of note as hath happened in Virginia...
Page 53 - Declaration how the monies (viz. seuenty pound eight shillings sixe pence) were disposed, which was gathered (by M. Patrick Copland, Preacher in the Royall lames) at the Cape of good hope, (towards the building of a free Schoole in Virginia) of the Gentlemen and Marriners in the said Ship: A list of whose names are vnder specified, for Gods glory, their comfort, and the incouragement of others to the furthering of the same, or the like pious worke. [Colophon: Imprinted at London by FK 1622] [Boston,...
Page 202 - PRICE'S SERMON. SAVLES PROHIBITION STAIDE: OR THE APPREHENSION, AND EXAMINATION OF SAVLE. And to the Inditement of all that persecute Christ with a reproofe of those that traduce the Honourable Plantation of Virginia.

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