Gazette of fashion, and cutting-room companion [afterw.] Minister's gazette of fashion

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Page 120 - in the hand, measured from the wrist to the extremity of the middle finger. The head, from the chin to the top of the scalp, is an eighth. From the top of the chest to the highest point of the forehead is a seventh.* From the
Page 121 - a fourth of the whole stature. If the length of the face, from the chin to the roots of the hair, be divided into three equal parts, the first division determines the place of the nostrils; the second, the point where the eyebrows meet. The foot is a seventh part of the height of the entire frame. The cubit
Page 121 - point of the human body; for if a man should lie on his back, with his arms and legs extended, the periphery of the circle, which may be described about him, with the navel for its centre, would touch the extremities of his hands and feet.
Page 120 - Nature, in the composition of the human frame, has so ordained that the face, from the chin to the highest point of the forehead, where the hair begins, is a tenth part of the whole stature; the same proportion
Page 72 - trousers ; nor will we admit this to be an extreme case, for how lately have the heroes and sages of Greece and Rome strutted upon the stage in flowing perukes and gold-laced waistcoats ! " What shook the stage, and made the people stare i Cato's long wig,
Page 64 - the evening, or eight in the morning and ten in the evening, as the case may be. " 2. In addition to the time allowed for meals, they shall be allowed half an hour for a meal after the hour of five in the evening.
Page 64 - They shall not be so employed for more than ninety-six days in any period of twelve months, or for more than five consecutive days in any one week.
Page 138 - Health of the Prince of Wales and the other Members of the Royal Family
Page 64 - hours, with intervening periods for taking meals and rest, amounting in the whole to not less than one hour and a half, and
Page 64 - years of age, and women, working in such factories and workshops, for a period not exceeding fourteen hours in any one day. Provided that—

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