Synoptical Flora of North America: RanunculaceŠ to FrankeniaceŠ

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American Book, 1897 - Botany
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Page iv - Wis., in 1893, an additional amendment was adopted and a committee of the association was appointed to elaborate a list of Pteridophyta and Spermatophyta growing without cultivation in Northeastern North America.
Page 422 - Labrusca eastward, the hybrid being known by the tomentose young shoots and unfolding leaves, and the darker foliage which is marked with rusty tomentum along the veins of the less jagged leaves.
Page 213 - Pacific region, where it has lately been necessary to increase considerably the number of species. Although the members of the genus present considerable diversity of habit and floral characters, yet they do not fall into well marked groups and the elaborate subdivision of the genus suggested by Rohrbach cannot be satisfactorily carried out among our American species. — Gen. n. 372 ; Otth in DC. Prodr. i. 367 ; Torr. & Gray, Fl.
Page 219 - S. California, and New Mexico. = = Flowers few, rather small, white or nearly so, nodding, borne in a lax naked panicle : petals cleft into four or more narrowly linear, almost filiform segments : styles long-exserted : leaves small, lanceolate, chiefly clustered upon the more or less cespitose base. S. longistylis, ENGELM. Hoary-pubescent, minutely glandular above: root single: rootstock branched: stems 2-several, slender, 6-12 inches high, bearing 3-6 loosely paniculate or subracemose heads : leaves...
Page 222 - ... inches high, simple 1-3-flowered, minutely pubescent below, glandular above: stem leaves about, 2 pairs, linear, 3-7 lines long, a line wide; radical leaves numerous, crowded, similar or somewhat spatulate : calyx broadly cylindric or campanulate, seldom exceeding 5 lines in length ; nerves conspicuous, simple below, anastomosing above: petals white, little exceeding the calyx, shallowly bifid ; lobes entire ; appendages oblong, retuse : stipe of capsule 1 ▒ lines long. — Bot. Gaz. xvi. 44,...
Page 225 - J feet high, puberulent, nearly smooth below, glandular above : stem erect, bearing 3-4 pairs of leaves and two or three long slender almost filiform 1-3-flowered branches: leaves thin, lance-linear, acute or attenuate both ways, finely ciliate, and pubescent upon the single nerve beneath, otherwise glabrate, 2-2...
Page 225 - ... inches in length ; flowers terminal or subterminal on the branches; calyx ovate, not much inflated, about 4 lines long, in anthesis but two lines in diameter with green nerves interlacing above; the teeth obtuse, with broad green membraneous ciliate margins ; petals 1ú times the length of the calyx ; the blade obcordate, 1| lines long, considerably broader than the slender auricled claw, appendages lance-oblong.
Page 225 - Wahlbergella triflora, Fries, Summa Scand. 155. — Greenland, from Polaris Bay (Bessel) southward ; Grinnell Land, Greely. Var. Dawsoni. Calyx with principal nerves double or triple, joined by interlacing veinlets ; the intermediate nerves beneath the sinuses inconspicuous or wanting : petals very narrow ; the blade oblong, bifid, hardly to be distinguished from the narrow claw. — Gravel banks, N. British Columbia, 100 miles northeast of Dease Lake, Dr.
Page xv - Stamens as many as the petals and alternate with them, or twice as many, or of some unequal number.
Page 214 - ... or subspicate ; pedicels solitary. S. GALLICA, L. Stem hirsute with white jointed hairs : leaves spatulate, obtuse, mucronate, hirsute-pubescent on both sides, 8-18 lines in length : racemes terminal, one-sided, 2-4 inches long : flowers more or less pedicellate : calyx 10-nerved, villous-hirsute, slender and subcylindric in anthesis, becoming in fruit broadly ovoid, with contracted orifice and short narrow spreading teeth : petals usually little exceeding the calyx ; the blade obovate, somewhat...

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