Dr. David Livingstone, the missionary traveller [a repr. of pp. 1-81 of the new ed. of Heroes of discovery].

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Page 4 - It caused a sort of dreaminess, in which there was no sense of pain nor feeling of terror, though quite conscious of all that was happening. It was like what patients partially under the influence of chloroform describe, who see all the operation, but feel not the knife. This singular condition was not the result of any mental process. The shake annihilated fear, and allowed no sense of horror in looking round at the beast. This peculiar state is probably produced in all animals killed by the carnivora...
Page 71 - ' solitude is, May Heaven's rich blessing come down on every " ' one, American, English, or Turk, who will help to heal this "
Page 4 - The shock produced a stupor similar to that which seems to be felt by a mouse after the first shake of .the cat. It caused a sort of dreaminess, in which there was no sense of pain nor feeling of terror, though quite conscious of all that was happening.
Page 18 - ... rolling mass moving away to the prolongation of the fissure, which branches off near the left bank of the river. A piece of the rock has fallen off...
Page 13 - On describing their feelings afterwards, they remarked that ' we marched along with our father, believing that what the ancients had always told us was true, that the world has no end ; but all at once the world said to us, ' I am finished, there is no more of me.
Page 71 - For 30 years his life was spent in an unwearied effort to evangelize the native races, to explore the undiscovered secrets...
Page 18 - It had never been seen before by European eyes ; but scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight. The only want felt is that of mountains in the background. The falls are bounded on three sides by ridges 300 or 400 feet in height, which are covered with forest, with the red soil appearing among the trees.
Page 18 - When about half a mile from the falls, I left the canoe by which we had come down thus far, and embarked in a lighter one, with men well acquainted with the rapids, who by passing down the...
Page 17 - Shinte, on a sort of throne covered with a leopard's skin. He had on a checked jacket, and a kilt of scarlet baize edged with green ; many strings of large beads hung from his neck, and his limbs were covered with iron and copper armlets and bracelets ; on his head he wore a helmet made of beads woven neatly together, and crowned with a great bunch of goose-feathers.
Page 18 - I did not comprehend it until, creeping with awe to the verge, I peered down into a large rent which had been made from bank to bank of the broad Zambesi...

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