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Harper, 1901 - 199 pages
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Page 7 - What! have they given him a pension? Then it is time for me to give up mine.
Page 79 - Clackitt has a very pretty talent, and a great deal of industry. Snake. True, madam, and has been tolerably successful in her day. To my knowledge she has been the cause of six matches being broken off, and three sons disinherited ; of four forced elopements, and as many close confinements ; nine separate maintenances, and two divorces.
Page 136 - But neither the culprit nor his advocates attracted so much notice as the accusers. In the midst of the blaze of red drapery, a space had been fitted up with green benches and tables for the Commons. The managers, with Burke at their head, appeared in full dress.
Page 62 - Your charms would make me true. To you no soul shall bear deceit, No stranger offer wrong ; But friends in all the aged you'll meet, And lovers in the young.
Page 91 - Thus at our friends we laugh, who feel the dart ; To reach our feelings, we ourselves must smart. Is our young bard so young, to think that he Can stop the full spring-tide of calumny? Knows he the world so little, and its trade? Alas ! the devil's sooner raised than laid.
Page 105 - That's no security : a dexterous plagiarist may do anything. Why, sir, for aught I know, he might take out some of the best things in my tragedy, and put them into his own comedy.
Page 79 - Tis very true. She generally designs well, has a free tongue and a bold invention ; but her colouring is too dark, and her outlines often extravagant. She wants that delicacy of tint, and mellowness of sneer, which distinguishes your ladyship's scandal.
Page 91 - And seeks his hydra, Scandal, in his den. For your applause all perils he would through — He'll fight — that's write — a cavalliero true, Till every drop of blood — that's ink — is spilt for you.
Page 164 - They boast they come but to improve our state, enlarge our thoughts, and free us from the yoke of error ! Yes: they will give enlightened freedom to our minds, who are themselves the slaves of passion, avarice, and pride. They offer us their protection. Yes, such protection as vultures give to lambs — covering and devouring them...
Page 90 - Garrick read the play with close attention, and spoke of it in all companies with the highest approbation. He attended the rehearsals, and was never known, on any former occasion, to be more anxious for a favourite piece.

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