Biennial Report, Issue 8

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Page 82 - Sec. 3. Any person who violates any of the provisions of this act shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction...
Page 79 - Board, and to preserve records of its proceedings and correspondence; to collect books, pamphlets, periodicals, and other documents containing valuable information relating to horticulture, and to preserve the same; to collect statistics and other information showing the actual condition and progress of horticulture...
Page 350 - ... it shall be sold under the order of the court, and the proceeds after deducting the expenses of the sale, allowed by the court, must be paid into the county treasury.
Page 78 - ... inspection and disinfection thereof, which said regulations shall be circulated in printed form by the Board among the fruit growers and fruit dealers of the State, shall be published at least...
Page 78 - For the purpose of preventing the spread of contagious diseases among fruit and fruit trees, and for the prevention, treatment, cure and extirpation of fruit pests, and the diseases of fruit and fruit trees, and for the disinfection of grafts, scions...
Page 79 - The expense thereof shall be a county charge, and the board of supervisors shall allow and pay the same out of the general fund of the county.
Page 80 - An act to create a State Board of Horticulture and appropriate money therefor...
Page 80 - The Treasurer shall receive all moneys belonging to the Board, and pay out the same only for bills approved by it, and shall annually render a detailed account to the Board.
Page 102 - In making the necessary corrections they shall, for the convenience of the examining and awarding committees, do the same at as early a period as practicable, and in making such corrections they shall use cards readily distinguishable from those used as labels by exhibitors, appending a mark of doubtfulness in case of uncertainty.
Page 102 - Rule 1. — In estimating the comparative values of collections of fruits, committees are instructed to base such estimates strictly upon the varieties in such collections which shall have been correctly named by the exhibitor, prior to action thereon by the committee on nomenclature. Rule 2.

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