Old English Plays: Preface. The works of Thomas Nabbes

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Arthur Henry Bullen
Priv. print. by Wyman & sons, 1887 - English drama
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Page 20 - Looking-glass. But this was, as Whalley says, the age of projectors ; and it is to the praise of the dramatic poets, that they spared no efforts to guard the public against them. Had not the scandalous...
Page 120 - When the mayor goes out of the precincts of the city, a sceptre and sword and a cap are borne before him, and he is followed by the principal aldermen in scarlet gowns with gold chains, himself and they on horseback. Upon their arrival at a place appointed for that purpose, where a tent is pitched, the mob begin to wrestle before them, two at a time ; the conquerors receive rewards from the magistrates. After this is over, a parcel of live rabbits are turned loose among the crowd, which are pursued...
Page 120 - It is worthy of observation that every year upon St. Bartholomew's Day, when the Fair is held, it is usual for the Mayor, attended by the twelve principal aldermen, to walk in a neighbouring field, dressed in his scarlet gown, and about his neck a golden chain...
Page 107 - I take under twenty i' th' hundred, nor no forfeiture of bonds unless the law tell my conscience I may do't; I set no pot on a' Sundays, but feed on cold meat drest a' Saturdays; I keep no holydays nor fasts, but eat most flesh o
Page 93 - Covrt./ A Pleasant / Comedie : / Acted in the Yeare MDCXXXIII./ At the private House in SalisburyCourt^ The Author / Thomas Nabbes./ At London,] Printed by Richard Ovlton, for / Charles Greene ; and are to be sold / at the Signe of the White Lyon, in / Pavls Church-yard. I id^S./ Act. 3 Scoen. I. p. 27. In the list of "The Persons," James and Sam are thus described :
Page 103 - ... affright a guilty conscience, could possess me, While I possess'd my love. The dismal shrieks Of fatal owls, and groans of dying mandrakes, Whilst her soft palm warm'd mine, were music to me. — Their light appears.
Page 5 - Nor doth he brand it with a Satyres marke ; But makes a Justice wiser then his Clerke. His Rusticks likewise will pretend to Wit : So all the Persons which wee counterfeit. He justifies that 'tis no borrow 'd Straine From the invention of anothers braine ; Nor did he steale the Fancie.
Page 3 - tis humble : Serpit1 humi tutus nimium, timidusq ; procellse. Your owne is Pindarus, mine Bacchylides. Yet l would have endeavour'd to make the persons speake better, had it been proper to their condition. As you are a Patron to all good endeavours, • you merit to be the subject of many Encomiums...
Page xix - The Phcenix of these late times ; Or the life of Mr. Henry Welby Esq., 1637, in praise of an eccentric person who lived in the strictest seclusion for the last forty-four years of his life, and during that time tasted not a drop of wine nor a morsel of flesh. These are all the scattered verses of Nabbes that I have been able to find. To the fifth edition of Knolles...
Page ix - So home again, and in the evening news was brought that Sir R. Slingsby, our Comptroller (who hath this day been sick a week), is dead ; which put me into so great a trouble of mind, that all the night I could not sleep, he being a man that loved me...

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