Barbour and Upshur Counties and Western Portion of Randolph County, Volume 1

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Wheeling news litho. Company, 1918 - Borings - 867 pages
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Page 14 - Eiver, thence up and along the various meanderings of the same to the beginning, shall form one distinct and new County, and be called and known by the name of Mercer County, in memory of General Hugh Mercer, who fell at Princeton.
Page 246 - ... replaces it is recorded in the section for Cleveland, page 69, where it occurs in nodular form, bedded in gray, sandy shale. It is possible that this stratum of ore might be found at other localities in the high ridges where its horizon belongs but it is not likely that it occurs in minable quantity. UPPER FREEPORT SANDSTONE. The Upper Freeport Sandstone, named by Pennsylvania geologists from its occurrence in that State, and usually belonging only a few feet below the Upper Freeport Coal, is...
Page lxvi - Published by permission of the Director of the United States Geological Survey. the top of the bend, and the graduations read upward from the lower end of the inverted stem.
Page 304 - Gantz Sand. Fifty-Foot Sand. Thirty-Foot Sand. Stray Sand. Gordon Sand. Fourth Sand. McDonald or Fifth Sand. Bayard or Sixth Sand. Elizabeth or Seventh Sand.
Page 62 - In the discussion of these structural forms on subsequent pages, the upward bending arch is known as an anticline; the downward bending trough, a syncline; the line joining the highest points of an anticline or the lowest points of a syncline, the axis of the fold; the direction of the horizontal edges of dipping strata, the strike; and the structural form resulting from the sudden rise or fall of the axis of an anticline, the nose of the fold.
Page 639 - B. Feet Inches Sandstone, flaggy 5 0 Coal gas 0' 11" Coal, splinty 2 0 2 11 Slate The following mine in the Cedar Grove was examined and sampled by AP Brady and the results published in Volume II, page 547, of the State Survey Reports, under the name of the Lynn Coal & Coke Co., the coal being classified locally as the "Thacker" : Red Jacket Consolidated Coal & Coke Co. Mine (Abandoned) — No. 104 on Map II. On Tug Fork at Lynn; Cedar Grove Coal; elevation, 1235
Page 820 - ... Pickens, 3.5 miles west of, 500 feet west of railroad and road crossing in gap, in rock south of margin of track; bronze tablet stamped "2883" '2,883.095 *Or 1 foot higher.
Page 459 - A sample was collected from Nos. 2 and 3 of section, the composition of which is published under Mine No. 60 in the table at the end of this Chapter. The Dingess Coal has been mined by stripping on the head of Piney Fork of Hart Creek, where it is nearly two feet thick. The following opening was examined by Reger: George Simpkins Prospect — No. 359 on Map II. On East Fork of Hart Creek. 0.9 mile northeast of Halycon...
Page 818 - Pleasant Creek, brick residence of AI Cole, west corner of stone foundation, fifth stone from top and fourth from ground, 1.45 feet from corner; bronze tablet stamped "1170 Grafton'
Page 742 - The samples from the commercial mines were taken according to the strict method outlined by the United States Bureau of Mines, being quartered and sealed in the mines. The samples from the farm mines were collected in small bags with as much care as could be used when depending on a scanty saddle-bag equipment.

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