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I found this a fascinating read. Being a layman and no scientist of qualification I found Gribbons explanation of current understanding of the quantum world, along with his more advanced explanations of the multiverse theories a fascinating read.
To anyone that is truly interested in the origin of 'life the universe and everything' I would put this book down as essential reading. However, a word of caution - when Gribbon moves beyond 'fact' and into the realm of unproved ( or even unprovable, some might say) theory, it's important to keep in mind that as with any theory, it is still just that, and theory can often be coloured by the authors personal beliefs and prejudice. Don't let this put you off though. Remain open minded and enjoy a very succinct tour through one model of the creation we find ourselves in. Gribbons model is not the only possibility, but its described beautifully in laymans language.
I despair at the number of negative comments and reviews I've read for this book. So much of the opinion against Gribbons interpretation is coloured by emotion and personal 'belief'. Of course everyone is entitled to there opinion. But it's only through the exploration of differing (often conflicting) models, that new ideas are born. Emotion lead debate sums up everything that is wrong with the scientific community at large and does nothing to further the cause of rational science and the search for a unified model of the world about us.
Do yourself a favour and read this fascinating insight into the nature of reality. But remember to keep an open mind (not so open that your brain falls out. (I love that phrase! Don't know who first came up with it but they are wise words to live by..))

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