The Works of Joel Chandler Harris: Told by uncle Remus

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McKinlay, Stone & MacKenzie, 1905 - American fiction
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Page 194 - say it wuz a trap, but not befo'. I ain't blamin' 'im," Uncle Remus went on," kaze 'tain't eve'y chap dat kin tell a trap time he see it, an' mo dan dat, traps don' allers ketch what dey er sot fer." He paused, looked all around, and up in the
Page 202 - Who?' Mr. Man laugh twel he can't sca'cely talk, an' still Brer Wolf say,' Who ? Who you think you got ?' Mr. Man 'low,' I don't think, I knows. Youer ol' Brer Rabbit, dat 's who you is.' Brer Wolf say, 'Turn me outer here, an* I 'll show you who
Page 197 - Dis make Brer Wolf open his eyes wide. He say,' Dis de fus time I ever is hear you talk dat a-way, Brer Rabbit; take yo' time an' tell me 'bout it. I ain't had my brekkus yit, but dat don't make no diffunce, long ez youer in trouble. I
Page 195 - a&' dish yer trap what I'm tellin' you 'bout wuz a great big contraption. Big ez Brer Rabbit wuz, it wuz lots too big fer him. "Now, whiles Mr. Man wuz fixin' up dis trap, Mr. Rabbit wa' n't so mighty fur off. He hear de saw — er-rash! er-rash! — an
Page 211 - I ain't 'sputin' what you say, honey/' said Uncle Remus, "but de creetur what you seed mought 'a' been a frog an' you not know it. One thing I does know is dat in times gone by de bullfrog had a tail, kaze I hear de ol
Page 197 - Trouble, Brer Wolf? You ain't never see no trouble twel you git whar I 'm at. Maybe you would n't min' it like I does, kaze I ain't usen ter it. But I boun' you done seed me light-minded fer de las' time. I 'm done — I 'm plum wo' out,
Page 201 - roun', but bimeby he walk in de cradle, sprung de trigger, an* dar he wuz! Brer Rabbit, he Aoller out, ' Come on, Brer Wolf; des hump yo'se'f, an* I 'll be wid you.' But try ez he will an' grunt ez he may, Brer Wolf can't budge dat trap.
Page 62 - won't be pestered by de balance er creation. He say he kin go dar an' laugh his fill, an' den go on 'bout his business, ef he got any business, an' ef he ain't got none, he kin go ter play. " De yuther creeturs ain't know what ter make er all dis, an' dey wonder an
Page 201 - hear it rustlin' roun' an' kickin* fer ter git out. " Mr. Man look thoo de crack, an* he see Brer Wolf, which he wuz so skeerd twel his eye look right green. Mr. Man say,
Page 212 - water des like he do now. De bad col' dat he had in dem days, he 's got it yit — de same popeyes, an' de same bal ' head. Den, ez now, dey wa' n'ta bunch er ha'r on it dat you could pull out wid a pa'r er tweezers. Ez he bellers now, des dat

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