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Astrophysics Through Computation: With MathematicaŽ Support

Brian Koberlein, David Meisel - 2013 - Computers - Limited preview
This new astrophysics text integrates analytical and computational methods to explore a broad range of topics in astrophysics.
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Rotating Relativistic Stars

John L. Friedman, Nikolaos Stergioulas - 2013 - Science - Limited preview
This volume pulls together more than forty years of research to provide graduate students and researchers in astrophysics, gravitational physics, and astronomy with the first self-contained treatment of the structure, stability, and oscillations ...
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Weird Life: The Search for Life That Is Very, Very Different from Our Own

David Toomey - 2013 - Science - Limited preview
Introduces unusual life-forms and the scientists who search for them and traces the discoveries of unfamiliar life forms in extreme areas of the solar system.
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Planetary Climates

Andrew P. Ingersoll - 2013 - Science - No preview available
"Explains the global physical and chemical processes that determine climate on any planet or major planetary satellite. ... Along the way, readers learn the equations that describe how climate processes work, including atmospheric escape ...
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Introduction to Programming Concepts with Case Studies in Python

Gokturk Ucoluk, Sinan Kalkan - 2012 - Computers - No preview available
The current text provides a clear introduction to Computer Science concepts in a programming environment. It is designed as suitable use in freshman- or introductory level coursework in CS and provides the fundamental concepts as well as abstract ...
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The Oxford Handbook of Diversity and Work

Quinetta M. Roberson - 2013 - Medical - Limited preview
Greater workforce diversity and business trends make the management of such diversity an important challenge for organizational leaders. The Oxford Handbook of Diversity and Work offers a comprehensive review of current theory and research and ...
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Alien Life Imagined: Communicating the Science and Culture of Astrobiology

Mark Brake - 2012 - Science - Limited preview
Compelling account of how ideas of alien life have evolved for general readers, amateur astronomers and undergraduate students studying astrobiology.
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Exploring the Solar System: The History and Science of Planetary Exploration

Roger D. Launius - 2013 - History - No preview available
From the beginning of the Space Age the United States, followed soon by other nations, began an impressive effort to learn about the planets of the solar system. The data collected and analyzed by scientists has revolutionized understanding of ...
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Origin of the Moon, New Concept: Geochemistry and Dynamics

Ėrik Mikhaĭlovich Galimov, Anton M. Krivtsov - 2012 - Science - No preview available
Biographical note: Professor Erik M. Galimov, Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Russia; Professor Anton M. Krivtsov, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Russia.
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Feeding Compact Objects (IAU S290): Accretion on All Scales

Chengmin Zhang, Tomaso Belloni, Mariano Méndez, Shuangnan Zhang - 2013 - Science - No preview available
This decade has seen a large number of high-energy space missions, which, alongside ground-based optical and radio telescopes, have enabled the detailed study of accreting compact objects. IAU S290 addresses the state-of-the-art research on ...
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