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Four Eternal Women: Toni Wolff Revisited: a Study in Opposites

Mary Dian Molton, Lucy Anne Sikes - 2011 - Psychology - Limited preview
Toni Wolff was at first the patient, and later the friend, mistress for a time, long-term colleague and personal analyst of Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung. In addition to her work as the founder, leader and teacher for the Psychological Society in ...
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The Promiscuity Papers

Matjaž Regovec - 2011 - Psychology - Limited preview
In The Promiscuity Papers, archetypal roots of promiscuity are explored. In classical Greek and Roman mythology some promiscuous father figures may be found viz. Chronos (Saturn), and Zeus (Jupiter). Another form of Saturnian promiscuous dynamic ...
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The Father Quest: Rediscovering an Elemental Force

Bud Harris - 2009 - Family & Relationships - Limited preview
A New Understanding of Fatherhood that Surprises, Heals and Inspires. Fatherhood itself is a life of its own. It carries the great responsibility of raising children with the right values, giving them the best education and implementing a code of ...
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Like Gold Through Fire: Understanding the Transforming Power of Suffering

Massimilla Harris, Bud Harris - 2009 - Body, Mind & Spirit - Limited preview
"A Herculean work . . . whose purpose is to help us fathom the depth of this mystery in our own hearts. The Harrises, in this marvelous book, help us begin this holy work." -Robert Sardello, Ph.D., Author of Love and the Soul: Creating a Future ...
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The Creative Soul: Art and the Quest for Wholeness

Lawrence H. Staples - 2009 - Psychology - Limited preview
Who we most deeply are is mirrored in our artistic work. Our need for mirroring simultaneously attracts us to and repels us from our creative callings and relationships. It is one of life's great dilemmas. Artist's block and lover's block flow ...
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The Sister from Below: When the Muse Gets Her Way

Naomi Ruth Lowinsky - 2009 - Psychology - Limited preview
Who is She, this Sister from Below? She's certainly not about the ordinary business of life: work, shopping, making dinner. She speaks from other realms. If you'll allow, She'll whisper in your ear, lead your thoughts astray, fill you with ...
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Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation

Patricia Damery - 2010 - Nature - No preview available
A psychological and spiritual reckoning, Farming Soul questions theories and assumptions that date back to the early 1900's and the days of Freud, assumptions which have too often separated spirituality from psychology. Suffering the trials of ...
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Divine Madness: Archetypes of Romantic Love

John R. Haule - 2010 - Psychology - Limited preview
'Divine Madness: Archetypes of Romantic Love' examines the transforming experience of romantic love in literature, myth, religion, and everyday life. A series of psychological meditations on the nature of romantic love and human relationship ...
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