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Planetary Crusts: Their Composition, Origin and Evolution

S. Ross Taylor, Scott McLennan - 2008 - Science - No preview available
Planetary Crusts explains how and why solid planets and satellites develop crusts. Extensively referenced and annotated, it presents a geochemical and geological survey of the crusts of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, the asteroid Vesta ...
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Optical Radiometry

2005 - Science - Limited preview
This book deals with the practice of Optical Radiation Measurements with introductory material to introduce the topics discussed. It will be most useful for students, scientists and engineers working in any academic, industrial or governmental ...
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Women and Minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics ...

Ronald J. Burke, Mary C. Mattis - 2007 - Social Science - Limited preview
Scientific and technological advances and innovations are critical to the economic performance of developed countries and the standard of living of the citizens. This book discusses the nature and size of the problem and shows why increasing the ...
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Black Wings: Courageous Stories of African Americans in Aviation and Space ...

Von Hardesty - 2008 - History - Snippet view
A history of African Americans in aviation and space cites the efforts of black men and women to promote integration by entering the military, breaking transcontinental records, joining the space program, and more, in a tribute that describes the ...
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The Inventive Spirit of African Americans: Patented Ingenuity

Patricia Carter Sluby - 2004 - Social Science - Limited preview
The most comprehensive work on African American inventors to date, this book provides information on patent holders in all fields from colonial to modern times.
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Distinguished African Americans in Aviation and Space Science

Betty Kaplan Gubert, Miriam Sawyer, Caroline M. Fannin - 2002 - Biography & Autobiography - Limited preview
A look at the lives and careers of 80 men and 20 women who defied poverty and prejudice to excel in the fields of aviation and space exploration.
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Extrasolar Planets and Astrobiology

Caleb A. Scharf - 2009 - Science - Limited preview
This work offers an advanced introduction to the increasingly robust fields of extrasolar planets and astrobiology. The text is firmly grounded in mathematics and physics and also covers the key issues regarding chemistry, biology and geophysics.
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Eyes on the Skies: 400 Years of Telescopic Discovery

Govert Schilling, Lars Lindberg Christensen - 2009 - Science - No preview available
Chronicles the history of the telescope, from its invention in the early seventeenth century to the present day, along with a discussion of how images drawn from it and technological advances have influenced how people view the universe.
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The Evolving Universe and the Origin of Life: The Search for Our Cosmic Roots

Pekka Teerikorpi, Mauri Valtonen, K. Lehto, Harry Lehto, Gene Byrd, Arthur Chernin - 2008 - Mathematics - Limited preview
This history of science analyzes how we came to be. It starts with life's origins and tracks the universe to present day, covering astronomy, physics, chemistry and biology and offering biographical details of science's greatest thinkers.
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