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The Emotion Machine: Commonsense Thinking, Artificial Intelligence, and the ...

Marvin Minsky - 2007 - Science - Limited preview
In this mind-expanding book, scientific pioneer Marvin Minsky continues his groundbreaking research, offering a fascinating new model for how our minds work. He argues persuasively that emotions, intuitions, and feelings are not distinct things ...
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Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games: An Introduction

John David Funge - 2004 - Computers - No preview available
Learn to make games that are more fun and engaging! Building on fundamental principles of Artificial Intelligence, Funge explains how to create Non-Player Characters (NPCs) with progressively more sophisticated capabilities. Starting with the ...
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Logic-Based Artificial Intelligence

Jack Minker - 2000 - Computers - Limited preview
This landmark volume represents the culmination of over 40 years of research in the use of logic as a basis for representing and manipulating problems in the field of artificial intelligence. The use of logic as a basis for commonsense reasoning ...
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Encyclopedia of artificial intelligence, Volume 2

Stuart Charles Shapiro, David Eckroth - 1987 - Computers - No preview available
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Computers and Thought

Edward A. Feigenbaum, Julian Feldman, Paul Armer - 1995 - Computers - Snippet view
Computers and Thought showcases the work of the scientists who not only defined the field of Artificial Intelligence, but who are responsible for having developed it into what it is today. Originally published in 1963, this collection includes ...
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Artificial Intelligence Programming

Eugene Charniak - 1987 - Computers - Limited preview
Artificial intelligence research has thrived in the years since this best-selling AI classic was first published. The revision encompasses these advances by adapting its coding to Common Lisp, the well-documented language standard, and by ...
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Model Checking

E. M. Clarke, Orna Grumberg, Doron Peled - 1999 - Computers - Limited preview
This presentation of the theory and practice of model checking includes basic as well as state-of-the-art techniques, algorithms and tools, and can be used as an introduction to the subject or a reference for researchers.
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Mathematical Logic

Willard QUINE - 1981 - Philosophy - Limited preview
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Automated Theorem Proving: After 25 Years

W. W. Bledsoe, Donald W. Loveland - 1984 - Mathematics - No preview available
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Automated theorem proving

W. Bibel - 1982 - Automatic theorem proving - Snippet view
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