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1 A BAD Jack may have as bad a Jill. f\ z Abad Padlock invites a Picklock. •

3 A bad thing never dies. y 4 A bad Shift is better than no Shift.

5 A bad Workman never gets a good Tool.

6 A Barber learneth to shave, by shaving of Fools.

7 A Barley-corn is better than a Diamond to a Cock.

8 A Basket-Justice will do Justice, right or wrong.

9 A Bean in Liberty is better than a Comfit in Prison. 1o A Beggar fiayethn Benefit with a Louse.

11 A bellyful is a bellyful, whether it be Meat or Drink. -i z A Bird is known by its Note, and a Man by 4iis Talk- 13 A Bird may be .caught with a Snare, that will not be shot.

14 A Bit and a Knock, as Men feed Apes.

15 A black Hen will lay a white Egg.

16 A black Man is a Jewel in a fair Woman's Eye.

17 A blind Man will be glad to see k.

'r8 A blind Man will not thank you for a Looking-Glass: 19 A blunt Wedge will do it, where sometimes a sharp \ Ax will not.

20 A Blow with a Reed makes a Noise, but hurts not.

21 A Boaster and a Lyar are Cousin-Germans.

22 A bold Fellow is the Jest of wise Men, and the Idol of Fools.

23 A Book that is shut, is but a Block.

24 A brave Retreat is a brave Exploit.

25 A Bridle for the Tongue is a necessary Piece of Fur- - - niture.

v. A 6 26 A


- 26 A broad Hat does not always cover a venerable Head.

27 A broken Friendship may be soder'd, but will never be found.

28 A broken Glass can't be hurt.

29 A Burst on-Hoik, and a Cambridge-MiUer of Arts will give the way to nobody.

30 A Bushel of March-Dust, on the Leaves, is worth a King's Ransom.

31 A Calm is most welcome after a Storm.

32 A careless Watch invites the vigilant Foe.

33 A Carper can cavil at any thing.

34 A Cat has nine Lives, and a Woman has nine Cats Lives, .) .

'3.5 A Cat may look upon a King. \ .,

36 A charitable Man is the true Lover of God.

37 A Child's Birds, and a Boy's Wife are well usedi ,38 A civil Denial is better than a rude Grant.

39 A clean Hand wants no washing. ,

40 A clear Conscience can bear any Trouble.

41 A clear Conscience is a sure Card.

42 A clear Conscience laughs at false Accusations.

43 A close Mouth catcheth no Flies.

44 A College of Wit-Crackers.

45 A Colt you may break, but an old Horse you never


« 46 A common Blot is held no Stain.

47 A common Jeerer may have Wit, but not Wisdom..

48 A constant Guest is never welcome.

49 A constrained Will seeketh e.very Opportunity to slip

its Head out of the Collar.

50 A Cook is known by his Knife.

51 A covetous Man does nothing that he should do, till '-. he, dies.

^ 52 A covetous Man is a Dog in a Wheel, that, roaste'th ; - Mfcat for others.. £2 A> 55 A covetous Man is good to none, but worst to himself. 54 A Cough will stick longer by a Horse, than a Peck of

Oats. . . . * ;:

5-5 A Countryman may be as warm in Kersey, as a King in Velvet. . /:

56 A courageous Foe is better than a cowardly Friend.

57 A Courtesy much entreated is half recompensed.

58 A Coward's Fear can make a Coward valiant.

59 A crafty Fellow never has any Peace.

60 A Cripple may possibly catch an Hare.

61 A crooked Stick will have a crooked Shadow.

62 A Crowd is not Company.

63 A Crown in Pocket doth you more Credit than an

Angel spent. i

64 A curs'd Cow has short Horns.

65 A curs'd Curr should be short ty'd.

66 A customary Railer is the Devil's Bagpipe, which the

World danceth after. 67 A Danger foreseen is half avoided.

68 A Day to come shews longer than a Year that's gone.

69 A Day will come, when fair Dealing will be found a


70 A debauched Son of a noble Family, is a foul Stream

from a clear .Spring. ...;

71 A deformed Body may have a beautiful Soul.

72 A Deluge of Words, and a Drop of. Sense.

73 A Detractor is his own Foe, and the World's Enemy.

74 A Diamond is valuable, tho' it lie on a Dunghill.

75 A Disease known is half cured.

76 A dishonest Woman cannot be. kept in, and an honest

one will not.

77 A dogmatical Tone, a pragmatical Pate.

78 A Dog's Life, Hunger and Ease.

79 A Dog will not cry, if you beat him. with a Bone.

go A drowning Man wHl catch at a Rush. . •' • Si A drunken Night makes a cloudy Morning. .'. 82 A Duck will not always dabble in the same Gutter.

s fig A dull Ass near Home needs no Spur.

v 84 A dumb Man never gets Land.

85 A Dwarf threatens Hercules.

86 A fair Booty makes many a Thief. v 87 A fair Face, and a foul Bargain.

88 A fair Face, and a foul Heart. . 89 A fair Face is half a Portion. 90 A fair -Gamester, among Rooks, must he heat.

- 91 A fair Wife without a Fortune, is a fine House with

out Furniture.

- 92 A Father is a Treasure, a Brother* Comfort ; but a Friend is both.

- 93 A Fault, once -denied, is twice commuted.

•94 A Fault, wilfully committed, deserveth no Pardon.

95 A Favour ill-placed is Profusion.

96 A Feast is not made of Mushrooms onb/. v .97 A fine Diamond may be ill-set.

98 A Fool and his Money are soon parted. 99 A Fool can dance without a Fiddle. . 100 A Fool demands much; but he'sa greater that gives it

101 A Fool is better than an obstinate Man.

102 A Fool is happier in thinking well of himself, than a

wise Man in other's thinking well of him.

103 A Fool knows more in his own House, than a wise

Man in another's.

104 A Fool loseth his Estate, before he finds his Folly.

• 105 A Fool may chance to put something into a wise Man's Head.

106 A Foors' Bok is soon shot.

107 A Fool's Bolt may sometimes hit the White.

108 A Fool's Tongue -is long enough to cut his own - Throat. 109 A 109 A Fool's Speech is a Bubble of Air. j 1 o A Fool wants his Cloke in a rainy Day. 111 A Fool, when he hath spoke, hath done all. ; 12 A Fop of Fashion is the Mercer's Frierrd, the Taylor's Fool, and his own Foe.

113 A forced Kindness deserves no Thanks.

114 A fortunate Man may be any where. K 115 A foul Morn may turn to a fair Day.

116 A Fox should not be of the Jury at a Goose's Trial. %- 117 A Friend in Court is as good as a Penny in Pocket.

118 A Friend is never known till needed.

119 A Friend in the Market is better than Money in the

Chest. ''- •

t• 120 A Friend to all, is a Friend to none.

121 A Friend, that you buy with Presents.will be bought

from you.

122 A full Cup must be carried steadily.

^ 123 A full Purse makes the Month run over.

124 A gallant Man needs no Trumpets and Drums to rouse him.

• 125 A gallant Man rather despises Death than hates Life. •» 126 A generous Confession disarms Slander.

- .A27 Ja Gentleman ought to travel abroad, but dwell at home.

* 128 A Gentleman should have more in his Pocket than;

on his Back.

129 A Gentleman without an Estate, is a Pudding without Suet.

^ 130 A Gift long waited for is sold, not given. ^ 131 A Gift,with a kind Countenances a double Present.

132 A golden Dart kills where it pleases.

133 A golden Shield is of great Defence. 334 A gold Ring does not cure a Felon.

^135 A good Archer is not known- by his Arrows, but his Aim. 13.6 A

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