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and all such property and money shall be particularly registered by said Property Clerk in a book kept for that purpose, which shall contain also a record of the names of the persons from whom such property or money was taken, the names of all claimants thereto, the time of the seizure, and any final disposition of such property and money.

2. Whenever property or money shall be taken from persons arrested, and shall be alleged to have been feloniously obtained, or to be the proceeds of crime, and whenever so broughtwith such claimant and the person arrested before some magistrate for adjudication, and the magistrate shall be then and there satisfied from evidence that the person arrested is innocent of the offense alleged, and that the property rightfully belongs to him, the said magistrate may thereupon, in writing, order such property or money to be returned, and the Property Clerk, if he have it, to deliver such property or money to the accused person himself, and not to any attorney, agent, or clerk of such accused person.

3. If any claim to the ownership of such property or money shall be made on oath before the magistrate, by or in behalf of any other persons than the persons arrested, and the said accused person shall be held for trial or examination, such property or money shall remain in the custody of the Property Clerk until the discharge or conviction of the persons accused.

4. All property or money taken on suspicion of having been feloniously obtained, or of being the proceeds of crime, and for which there is no other claimant than the person from whom such property was taken, and all lost property coming into the possession of any member of the said Metropolitan Police force, and all property and money taken from pawnbrokers as the proceeds of crime, or by any such member from persons supposed to be insane, intoxicated, or otherwise incapable of taking care of themselves, shall be transmitted, as soon as practicable, to the Property Clerk of the Metropolitan Police District, to be duly registered and advertised for the benefit of all persons and parties interested, and for the information of the public, as to the amount and disposition of the property so taken into custody by the police.

5. All property and money that shall remain in the custody of the Property Clerk for the period of six months without any lawful claimant thereto, after having been three times advertised in public newspapers, shall be sold at public auction, and the proceeds of such sale shall be paid into the Police Life Insurance Fund.

6. If any property or money placed in the custody of the Property Clerk shall be desired as evidence in any police or other criminal court, such property shall be delivered to any officer who shall present an order to that effect from such court; such property, however, shall not be retained in said court, but shall be returned to said Property Clerk, to be disposed of according to the previous provisions ot this act.

§ 69. The persons in the respective offices of Superintendent, Inspectors, Captains, Sergeants, and Patrolmen of the Metropolitan Police District, at the time of the passage of this amended act, and who have taken and subscribed au oath of office, and the Surgeons of Police, are hereby constituted members of said Metropolitan Police force, and are hereby continued in office during good behavior, subject to such promotion as may have been provided by previous sections hereof, and to removal from office only according to the provisions of this act.

§ 70. The Board of Police shall, at all times, cause the ordinances of the cities of New York and Brooklyn, not in conflict with the provisions of this act, to be properly enforced. And it shall be the duty of said Board at all times, whenever consistent with the rules and regulations of the Board, and with the requirements of this act, to furnish all information desired.

§ 71. This act shall take effect immediately.

The act amending the foregoing, see "Session Laws, 1866."


The following sections confer the authority upon Sheriffs and Mayors which is by the Police Law transferred to "The Board of Metropolitan Police," by Section 24 of the Police Law of 1864. Revised Statutes, Part 1, Chapter 10, Title 5, Article 4.

"Section 64. In case of aoy breach of the peace, tumult, riot, or resistance to "process of this State, or apprehension of imminent danger of the same, it "shall bo lawful for the Sheriff of any county, or the Mayor of any city, to 11 call for aid from any brigade, regiment, battalion, or company j and it "shall be the duty of the commanding officer of such brigade, regiment, "battalion, or company, to whom such order is given, to order out, in "aid of the civil authorities, the military force, or ai y part thereof, under "his command."—(Laws of 1854, Oh. 398, Til. 6, Sec. 7.) "Section 65. In such cases it shall not be necessary for commandants of com"panies to issue written orders or notices for calling out their men, but "verbal orders or notices shall be sufficient."—(Same litle, Sec. 7.) u Section 66. It shall be the duty of the commanding officer of any division, "brigade, regiment, battalion, or company, in all cases when so called into service, to provide the men of his command so -ordered out with at "least twenty-four rounds of ball-cartridge, and arms in complete order "for actual service."—(Same Title, Sec. 9.)

Thomas C. Acton, President,
John G. Bergen, Treasurer,
Joseph S. Bosworth,
Benj. P. Manierre, J

Board of Commissioners.

Deputy Clerks.

Thomas C. Acton, President.
Seth Hawley, Jr., President's Secretary.

J. G. Bryan, Treasurer.
George P. Gott, Treasurer's Book-keeper.
David Griffiths, Assistant Book-keeper.
Edward Sanford,"

Seth C. Hawley, Chief Clerk.
Daniel B. Hasbrouck, First Deputy Clerk.
Humphrey Bower, Deputy Clerk.
Wm. McV. Williamson,
Ira Dubois,
Vincent Clark,
David Groesbeck,
Charles P. Bosworth,
Matthew O. Hallenbeck, j
David B. Mellish, Stenographer.
George H. Mellish, Assistant Stenographer.
John H. Allcot, )

John H. Peacock, \ 3etai3ed ***** aerkS-
Joseph Strauss, Interpreter.


Joseph W. Bouck, Property Clerk.

John P. Conklin, Sergt., 1 _ . „ ,
». i u Tiri.-» f Detailed Clerks.

Manual H. White, J

Tennis Barkeloo.

John A. Kennedy, Superintendent.
George Hopcraft, Clerk to Superintendent.

Daniel Carpenter, Office of Inspector, New York.
John S. Folk, " "Brooklyn.

James Leonard, Xew York.

George W. Dilks,"
Horace A. Bliss, Clerk to Inspector.
Wm. H. Folk," " Brooklyn.
Geo. H. Sheldon, Inspector of Boats.

James Crowley. Superintendent Police Telegraph.
Eldred Polhamus, Assistant Superintendent.
Wm. H. Corsa, Operator.
John A. K. Duvall,"
James A. Lucas,"
George Flanley,"
James W. Corsa,"
Thomas J. Cox, Lineman.

Inspector James Leonard, Instructor.
Theron 8. Copeland, Drill Captain.
William H. Simmons, Military Instructor.

Alanson S. Jones, President.
William Sutton, Secretary.
Jeremiah P. Bliven, 445 Grand street. Seventh and Thirteenth Pre-

Robert P. Gibson, 23 West Fourth street. Fifth, Fifteenth, and Twenty-eighth Precincts.

Alanson S. Jones, 147 West Twenty-sixth street. Ninth and Sixteenth Precincts.

James Kennedy, 186 Duane street. Third, Twenty-fourth, and Twentyseventh Precincts.

E. K. Kimbark, 165 East Nineteenth street. Eighteenth Precinct and House of Detention. .

Alexander B. Mott, 209 Tenth street. Tenth, Eleventh, and Seventeenth Precincts.

Patrick W. McDonnell, 205 East Fifty-fifth street. Twelfth, Twentythird, and Thirtieth Precincts.

Fessenden N. Otis, 108 West Thirty-fourth street. Twentieth and Twenty-second Precincts.

Lafayette Ranney, 14 West Thirty-second street. Twenty-first and Twenty-ninth Precincts.

William Sutton, 118 Fifth avenue. Fourteenth Precinct and Court Squad.

Jarvis M. Andrews, 1 Broadway. First and Second Precincts. Martin Freleigh, 128 Ninth street. Eighth Precinct and Detective Force.

Christopher Kiersted, US West Thirtieth street. Twenty-fifth and Thirty-second Precincts.

A. E. M. Purdy, 232 Malison avenue. Nineteenth Precinct and Sanitary Squad.

Peter Van Beuren, 142 West Twenty-second street. Twenty-sixth and Thirty-first Precincts.

Sigismund Waterman, 267 Broome street. Fourth and Sixth Precincts.

George Cochran, 298 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Forty-first, Fortysecond, Forty-third, Forty-eighth, Forty-ninth, and Fiftieth Precincts.

Nelson L. North, 39 Bedford avenue, Brooklyn. Forty-fourth, Fortyfifth, Forty-sixth, and Forty-seventh Precincts.

Thomas J. Folger, Sergeant.

Captain John S. Young, Chief.

Station-house, 29 Broad street.

Captain Jacob B. Wallow.

Sergeant James A. Matthew.

do Thomas Cherry.

do David W. Noyes.

do Lemuel S. Slater.

Roundsman William B. Sminck.

do. Herman A. Helmholtz.

Station-honse, 49 Beekman street.

Captain Morris De Camp.

Sergeant William M. Wadd.

do Richard Latty.

do Henry Hutchinson.

do William Blair.

Roundsman Reuben P. Rogers.

do Samuel W. Christie.

Station-house, 160 Chambers street.

Captain James Greer.

Sergeant George Washbnrn.

do James Finney.

do Theodore Bumstead.

do Richard Lush.

Roundsman John S. Gillespie.

do. Henry D. Hooker.

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