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felling in, and illuminated with lamp perpetually; and "when compleated will be the msll amazing piece of work in all Europe.

Gen. Elliot, with some other officers of extinction, from our army in Germany, arr.ved on Tuesday night from Holland.

Daring last year 56-2 children were born, and 6jio persons d:ed at Vienna; 479 more were born than in die year before, and 10 jets have died.

They write from Copenhagen, of the 15th nit. that during last year 2749 children were born, and 2593 persona, died, in that metropolis; and in the whole province of Sealand, 6831 children were baptised, 5588 persons died, and 1914 ciuple were married; so that 1400 persons more were born than died there.

Private letters from Paris bring an account of the death of the Rev. Mr. Sterne, author of Tristram Shandy. Yesterday the remains of Mr. R^ocque, toographer to his- Majesty, were interred at acdington.

Yesterday Sir Simeon Stuart, Bart, kissed his Maiesty's hand, on being appointed one of the Chamberlains of the Exchequer, in the room of his father lately deceased.

Yesterday a dispensation passed the Seal for the Rev. John Erikine, M. A. late of ChristChurch College, Cambric'g2, and chaplain to the Right Hon. Mary Cuuntess Dowager of Pembroke, to hold the rectory of Wickham St. Paul, worth 120I. per ann. to which he was lately presented, wiih the vicarage of Gnsrield in the county of Essex.

Yesterday came on the election for the place of vestry-clerk for the parish of St. James, Clerkenwell; the contest lay between Mr. Wright, distiller in Cold - bath - fields, and Mr. Raikr.n, attorney; when the former was chose by a very great majority.

Yesterday at the general quarter sessions of the peace holden fpt .the city of London, one Jean DtÆbcq,' ^Frenchman, was convicted on nis own conic-Hion, of aiding some French prisoners of war to escape, and was ordered to be imprisoned two months in Newgate. The reason why the Court passed so mild a sentence for so high a misdemeanor, was the fcngth of the imprisonment he had before fcsiained in Newgate in irons, upon a charge of high treason tor the fame offence, and of nhich he was acquitted.

Yesterday Samuel Harris, late of Devereux-coort, Taylor, was executed at Tyburn :ot robbing Mr. Vincent Durand of Hamrierfmith. When under sentence of death, le acknowledged the many robberies he had .-Knitted, by which means several persons ecovered their watches, which he had •wned and sold at different places. At the lice of execution he strongly recommended tiue&y and* industry to the spectators of Irs iametul fate; and sincerely wished that his simple ni'ght deter others from such pracices as must keep them in constant terror, nd sooner or later bring them to an untimely B'i. His body was delivered to his friends. LordClive has made a present of hio tine rger to his Grace theDukeos Marlbcnough, 'ho proposes, it is said, to send it to his niengerie at Blenheim.

N o a T H E a :.' Circuit. herd Mansfield, Mr. Baron Smythe. Its of York, Saturday, March 6. ■irkhire, the some day, at the Castle. encajbire, Saturday, March ic, at tilt Castle.

Home Circuit. Mr. Justice Derii/on, Mr. Justice Foster. rtrtford. Monday, March 17, at Hertford. sex, Monday 22, at Chelmsfcrd. eat, M,onday a?, at Rochester.

Sustex, Mondav, April S, at East-Grinslead. Surry, Thursday 8, at Kingston. Western Circuit.

Mr. Baron Adams, Mr. Baron Could. Southampton, Tuesdav, March 2. Wilts, Saturday 6, at New Sarum. Dor/et, Thursday 11, at Dorchester. Devon, Monday j, at the Castle of Exeter. City of Exeter, the fame day. Corwitsall, Saturday 10, at Launceflon. Somerset, Saturday 27, at Taunton Castle.

Field Marshal Lord Viscount Ligonier, Commander in Chief of all hjs Majesty's forces, Master-General of the Ordnance, &c. &c. orders, as the King has been pleased to make an addit on to the salary of Mr. Samuel Lee, Surgeon, as Surgeon to the army for the relief ot all loldiers afflicted with ruptures, the regiments of the army and militia are to send to him all such soldiers as now are, or hereafter may be, afflicted with that disorder; and when they are recovered sit for duty, he^s to return them to their respective corps, without any fee or reward from the regiments to which they belong; And for the future soldiers are to be sent to him with a letter in the following form. To Mr. Samuel Lee, Surgeon, in Arundcl - Street, London. Sir,

Please to admit into your hospital A. B. of

regiment, and company,

whois ruptured; and when he is fit forduty,

to return him to his corps.* I am, &c.

O. L. (Before the King and Queen) Florizeland Per

dtta, with Catherine and Petruchio. C. G. The Jovul Crew, and Apollo and Daphne.

London, February 3,' 1762.

W: IE R E A S a Report hath been villainously spread lint i w>s going fur London with a Design to deiraud my Creditors (the sarre heirg falie) 1 do here declare, That 1 neither hid Intention nor Occasion to do any Thini" of that Sort, my business in London being chit fly to disprove a Report which has for a considerable Time prevailed, that J aai married in London, which having now accomplilhcd, I do hereby affirm that I am tree, At Witness my Hand,

JOHN OYSTON, WestaukUnd, County os Durham.

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To the DftuUMiii or Hawnted House »;

GccflstoneJ by tie Cock-lane Apparition. IVrittenantt'/toienhjMr.Smith, at Covent.

Garden Theatre. 1 F in this credulous, believing age, We bring a harmless Ghost upon the»Stage,,

Seme will perhaps conclude in hopes of

Gain, [iane;;

We've hir'd the Knocking Spirit from Cock--
For all mult know, she (ted the dreadful spell,
That threaten'd her so hard—at Clerkenwell.
Hither she, then, might fly for liberty,
To 'scape the dangers of the deep Red Sea.
Yet no alliance with such Ghosts is her*,
As are not free of speech, and won't appear..
(But sure, 'tis wonderful, a Female Sprite,
That's still all day,—should hold her tongue

at night.
Few wives, I fear, this silent gift possess;
Their husbands wiso—they'd prattle some-
what lest.)
We'll prove the story ofour Phantom true,,
And fairly bring him out to publick view;
Nay, make him speak like any modern blade,,
And goslip freely with my Lady's maid;
Nor keep you up all night to see his tricks,.
Ladies—Our Ghost begins to walk at six:
His martial musick, and a Soldier's air,
We hope, will recommend him .to the Fair.
All dread of airy Visions then subdue,
Nor start, nor tremble, if the lights turn.biuc.
'Tho' wiih a Ghost our comedy isheighten'ci,
Ladies, upon my word, you shan't be frigh-

ten'd: Our's is a Ghost that's faithful, fond and true,. Madeup of flesh and blood—as well as you:: Then every evening come, in crowds- undaunted; We never think this House is too much haunted. * The list six Knes arc in the Protague to • the Drummer.

This Day •was published, Price 3 s. 6 d. sewed,.

THE INVESTIGATOR. Containing the following Tracts: 1. On Ridicule. 1. On E izabeth Canning. 3. On Naturalization. 4. On. Ta' e.

Printed for T. Becket and P. A. de Hondt, at Tully's Head in the Strand.

N. B. The last two Tracts may be had alone. Price One Shilling and Sixpence,

This Day luas published,

At the Crwss Keys Tavern, in Henrietta Street,


On the first Day of March next,

A Freehold Estate in the Paricti of Dley, in the County of Gloucester, adjoining to the t-ar'lh of Durfley; consisting of the Particulars following, viz.

A Mefiuage or Farm House, twe Cottages, 1. 1. with proper Convenience*, and divert Inclos res of Pa 'ure and AraMe Land, now let to V.r. Cornelius Harrit, at per AnniTm, - 83

Ais'. A Cottage, and divert Lands, chitSy Mevidow and Pasture, al inclosed, late in the Polseflion of Mr. Samuel Sou's and Mr. John Andrews, but now of Mr. Cornelius 1 lams, at per Ann' m, ...

1.ikcuiso a small Here «f Ground, bring a Wlth»-hed, let to Jacob Willy, at per Annum

T he Premises lie si:f Miles from Minch in Tamp ton, eight from Trjhiirv, two from V.'ootton L'ndcrc'gc, and one from Durflcr, four very £ood Market Towns, five Miles from the Kivcr Severn, fourteen fp>m Gloucester, End tvfcnty-five from Bn'tol.

7 he Lands arc capaMc of £re.!t Improvement*, are veil v.accrcd and tinr.xied, and let only from Year to Year.

Any one inclined to trfat fi>r tin; above, Fy private Contract, may applv to Mr. WiLiun Vizard, .4ttn-t. neyat !.aw, in ijursl.y, vl o wiil ihe-/ t!»e Premises; or to Mr. [jrors Lucst, Attorney, in Tump Court, Midd1* Terrpt?, London.

Cralogies to be had, gratis, at-Mr- i'ervill'f, in Hj)-:t:.«, Covcot-Gajtdcn.

- xG 10


In Two Volumes, Octavo,

■ The Second Edition, illustrated with Copper-plates,

Describing at large the Spanish Cities, Towns,^
Provinces, &c. on that extensive Continent, and the.
Manners of their respective Inhabitants. Together'
with the Natural as well as Commercial History os''
the Country, and an Account of the Gold and Silver'
Mines. Undertaken by Command of the King of.
Spain, by Don GEORGE JUAN, and Don
ANTONIO DE ULLO*. both Captains of' the
Spanish Navy, K. R.S. fee. &c.

*,* This entertaining Voyage alTirds th'e best. Hist -ry ever yet given of that Part of the Glebe, from whence the Spaniards no* only draw the Sinews, of VS'ar, but "ren their verv i'xistence. South-America c nee lo.'t, "pjin inevitably becomes a Province to t1 e first rVwer that arracks her. Itweresuperft ou< to mefitioB the accurate >.rcocnts-of rur enemy's fortified Plat-es, their Harbourt artd' lncl'natiuns, latitude, Lcngrtnje, Calms, Wh.ds, and; ( orrf-nts. Trie N'omes ot the Authors wiil le a siifficect Recnm-rerKjVfbn to all Jdaiitinic Gentlemen; and thcr methodical anal. exaO Descriptions (\vhicrv from the N'atnre of the SpItniirr'Oiovers'.nieiit uecoufd' never expect to obtain) it it hi pe.*, may, in the pres it W ar, of greit and lasting AdTantagc to Great Britain.

Printed for L. Davi< and C. Rcymers 3;ain»i Gray'*-. Inn, JcUi't C»rTec, t-trniilit. •

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This Day tuas published, Price Is.

The London Register;

O R,
Historical Notes of the present Times.

Tor JANUARY lypa.

As this new periodical Work will be cuntinued no

longer than it is encouraged, no Apology tor adding

to our presert numerous Monthly puM'cations will

be necessary. If we (hill convey, at a small Expencc,

• that Knowledge, which, in Times of Commectiun,

• 'every Kan's Interest or Curiosity makes necessary 'or pleasing;' if we (ball give the moll full and authentic Account that can be procured of remarkable Occurrences at home and abroad, particularly the Operations ef the British Fleets and Armies; with Copies or Extracts of the most important Treaties and other public Papers; adding such Explanations ai (hall enable the Reader to judge of the true State of foreign and domestic Affairs; if we shall collect into this one Monthly Pamphlet all that shall be judged voith preserving ot the many uselul Hints, and Pieces of Wit and Humour, which almost daily ifluefiotn the Press; with a candid Summary of the best Things published on both Sides of every interesting Question ; and ocvasional Extras; s or Specimens of new Books and Pamphlets pubiilhcd either at home or abroad; ' we hope that oar Labours will not be

* overlooked. This we promise to endeavour: and, 'if this Promise snail obtain the Favour of an early ■ Attention, we delire that savour to be continued

* only as it is deserved.' The EdiTors.

This Number contains, I. The Rife of the War between Great Britain and Spain, wi;h the Von.-hers.

II. Political lisljjs selected trem all the periodical Papers.

III. Miscellaneous Productions of Genius that have appeared this Month.

. IV. Memoirs and Characters, i. of Charles Haves, Sub-Governor of the African Company, i. J. Macnaughton, 3. Dr. Sherlock, Bp. of London.

V. Medical Hirers. 1. For relieving Deafness. 1. A fasti.ions fait, Bath. Next follows, A Recipe for four Wines.

VI. Account of Books. 1. A Chinese Novel. •». Thoughts on antient and modern Travel. With the following foreign one*. 1. Traiti Anatr.mique de la Cbentlle qui ron^c le Boh it Saule. 1. Dijscrlazione fifra la Villa i\ Orazio Hecco. 3. Lcitcrr. id Signer Ct Francesco Ahurclti. 4. fcflamcnt Peliliquc de M. ie Belleisie.

VII. t-oetical s%s.

VIIf. Anecdotes political, historical, and literary, first pubiilhcd in (his Work.

IX. :hree Medical Kfleys by Dr. Taylor, the "King's PhyStian; never before printed.

X. The prcCnt political State of ire Courts of Teterstmrjh. Srocr.hulm, Copenhagen, Vienia. Berlin, Munic!). Naples,. Komc, Genoa, Turin, Madrid, and Versailles.

XI. Naval Occurrences: C aptures by the King's Ships; Storms, Shipwreck 1; Kcrredy for the Discouragements to privatcei ing; Produce of Captures how to be applied.

XII. Domcllic Occurrences, Marrkgrs of Perkins cf Hillincti'.n, births, Lca'.hs, Ptoisotions, 1 rices of Stocks, and Grain, &c.

Printed for T. Becket and P. A.'de Hondt, in the Strand; and to be had of all foci. £.iler».

PkmtHth Barracks, Ian. 18, 17*1.

DESERTED from the Queen's Regiment of Royal Volunteers, commanded by Major

Wr.DDXRi! t R N.

DANIEL TKUBY, alias MOORE, nineteen Years of A$e, f.- e Kect two Inches high, by Trade a Weaver, born in the Pansh of Christ Church, Middlesex, ctark lompltxiori, and sfe.rl e'aik brown Hiir; deserted the iSih of December 1761.

tDWAUD WATFORD, ihtrty Ye-rs of Age, five Feet lour Ir.cleshigh, by Trade a Taylcr, horn at Aylesb;iry in bucks, short dark brown ] air, deterred the 10 h of lar.uary 1161.

JOHN HL'TLFR, twenty-eight Years of Age, five Feet five Inches high, a Labourer, born in Ireland, brow n Complexion, 3nd short dark i: air; deserted the 13d os January 176*. ■

JOSEPH M'F.NN IS, iwcntvfour Years of Age,

five Feet two Inches and a Half high, a Labourer,

born in Ireland, brown Complexion, pitted with the

Smallpox, short brown Hair; deserted the 13d of

a:.uary 1761.

JOHN VINCENT, twenty-one Years of Age, five Feet iive Inches high, by Trade a Caliico Printer, born at Mitcliam in Surry, fair Complexion, light brown Hair ; deserted the 17th of January I7cia.

THOMAS SMITH, thirty Years of Age, 6ve Feet ten Inches high, a Labourer, bom at Gloucester, dark Visile, and dark brown Hair; deserted the ajtfc of January I7<J».

RICHARD REYNOLDS, thirty fix Years of Age, five Feet three Inches high, swarthy Complexion, thin Visage, lank black Hair.

Whoever apprehends and secures any of the above Deserters, ib as they may be committed to any of his Majesty's Gapls, shall, by applying to the commanding Officer at Plymouth, or to Mr. Henry Davidson, Agent to the Regiment, in Conduit Street, London, receive Twenty Shillings for each of them, over and above the Reward given by Act of Parliament.

Addressed to his Majesty, by Permiffion

"PhiJ Day -was published, Prxe 6 d. (illustrated *ith a Map of England, and a curiou5

Copper plate Print of Mr. Kobins's Machine for

Experiments of G unnery)

T'HE GENERAL MAGAZINE of ARTS andSCIENCES, Ihilosophical, philological, Mathematical, and Mechanical. Numukr XCH. For January 176a. By BENJAMIN MARTIN.

Printed for W. Owen, at Homer's Head, near Temple-Bar.

This Day itias published.

In One Volume, Octavo, Price 4 s. in Boards,

!'illustrated with fourteen Copper plates)

MILITARY INSTRUCTIONS, written by the King of PRUSSIA, for the Generals of his Army; being his Majesty's own Commentaries on Iris former Campaign. Together with short Instructions for she Use of his Light Troops. Translated bv an O F F I C F. R. Printed for T. Becket and P. A. Ec Hondt, at Tully's Head, in the Strand.

N. B. For the Conveniency of Officers cither on a March, or in the Field, there are some covered w;'li Leather, and done in such a Manner that the Bfcok may be rolled up for the Pocket.

Tuesday next •will be published,

In Two Volumes, Twelves, Price « s. bound,

The THIRD E D I T I O N, of

C H R Y S A L:

O R,

The Adventures of a GUINEA. Wherein are exhibited Views of several striking Scenes, with curious and interesting Anecdotes of the most noted Persons in every Rai k of Life, whose Hands it pasted through, in America, England, Holland, Germany, and Pus.


Pv an A D E P T.

P*tatcd sot T. Becket an! P. A. de Hondt, at Tally's

Head in the Strand.

AT JAMES ASHLEY'S House, Vswb, Cellars, on Ludgate Hill, London; a km Parcel cf very fine flavoured JAMAICA RUM ich« best chosen that came in the last Fleet) as also sanr Thousand Gallons of curious old CON!AC BRANDY, such as scarcely can be had elsewhere a anyPrices, by the Pipe or Puncheon n os. 3 d. it le Iter Quart hies at os. od. per Gallon. Ukcatii the 1-rii-BATAVJ.A ARRACK and TRAKCE $HRU;3, delivered (carriage sice) to any Part ot the Town, a G-illcm and upwards; and are retailed in icj snuil Q11 .ntirics that may be sent for.

»T HE Works of JAMES THOMSON, Jt with his lali Corrections and lmpro-.rrf.entc; to »hich is prefixed, an Account of hi« Lift, lit P. MURDOCH; with i« Copper Plates, esej-ai, printed in Two Volumes, Quarto, are compieuii finished, except the Lilt of Fneonragers, which is delayed at the particular Request of force Friends, tb: these who intend to subscribe rnsv send in their Nam aid subscription of Tao Guineas to A. MILUR in the Strand (where aCopy of theWork may beftet; on or before the 1 jth cf February, when the List ail certainly be given to be primed.

This Day rvd{ publifad,

In One Large, Octavo,

Price bound j«. or 6 s. in Boards.

ESSAY on the A R T of WAR: In which the general Prii.riples of all the Operations cf War, in the Field, eScc. are fully explaun-i in sixty-two Chapters. T he Whole o-llected from the Opinions of the lest Authors, by an OFFICER. Printed for A. MLlar in the Strand.

This Day <wat published,

Price sewed x s. bound 1 s. 6 d.

In One Volume, Twelves,

SOLYMANar.dALMENA. A Tile. 'Dedicated to the QJU E. E N. Ey J. LANGHORNE, Printed for H. Pajne and W. Cropky in Paternoster row.

This Day tuas published,

Finely F-ngravod, and elegantly Primed.

Frice Ten Shillings, and Sixpence in Beards,

THE ART of SHORT-HAND IMPROVLD: Being an Universal CharxTer adapted to the English Language; whereby every Kiri of Subject may be expresied or taken down in a vers easy, compendious, and lejjible Manrer, either ia public or private. By D AV i D LY L E, A. M. Printed for A. heillar in the Strand.

This Day •was published,

In One Volume Folio, Price 11. 10s. bonne?.

The Fifth and only Edition to be had of

One of his Majesty's Justices as the Peace for the
Cousty of Westmorland.
Printed for A. Millar in the Strand.
Where r>-sy he had, Price »s. wd.
Mr. BURN's'Digest of the Militia Lsv.i

This Day -was pnhlijhed. Price 6 A. Inscribed to her Royal Highness the Princess Augusta, No. VII. of the Third Volume of

Or, Polite Companion for the F A IR SEX.
For January 176a. [To be continued MonthW.1
Printed for I. Conke brhind theChapter-hoase ia
St. Paul's Churchyard; where Letters for the Astchtr
are received. And Sold by all PookscUcrs.

Of whom may be had the first Volume compicat, or any of the f receding Numbers,


Votes of the House of Commons of Ireland. Luna, 11 Die Januarii, 176*. Mr. Le Hume presented to the House (according to order) heads of a bill, to prevent the counterfeiting of gold and silver lace, and for settling and adjusting the proportions ot silver and silk, and for the better making of gold and silver threads, which were received, read, ar.d committed.

Marth, 11 Die Januarii, 1761. Mr.Pery presented to the House (according to order) heads of a bill, ' for declaring 'what persons shall be privileged and pro't;csed from arrests of civil actions, during 't::e:r attendance as jurors or witnesses upon 'tryals, or during their attendance at elec'ti'oas of members to serve in parliament;' which were received, read, and committed.

Orient, That the proper officer do lay before this House, a distinct account of the now in th:s kingdom, the number ofmenineach, and also the number hecesfary to complete them severally, according to their respective: establishments. As also an account of the number of regiments and men. now abroad, paid by this country. Jevit, 14 Die Januarii, 1762. The House proceeded to take into consideration the report from the Committee to whom it was referred to enquire into the causes of the exctÆv-e price of coals. The resolution of the Committee are as follow: Re/ehed, That it appears to this committee: 1. That one of the principal causes of the excessive price of coals in this city is, that several persons called Lumpers, or Purlers, make a practice of buying up intire cargoes from the -masters of ships on their a rival, and before they come up to the quays, zr.d retail the fame at exorbitant prices.

i. That the said persons are mostly coalf.ctors, who are thereby, and by a collusion between them and the masters of the cc-al-ships, encouraged and enabled to impose on the Public, by railing the price of coals.

3. That it appears that the several persons herein after named, to wit [here follow the names of eight persons] have been principally concerned in tne said fraudulent practices, & have thereby gained immoderate profits, to the great distress of the inhabitants ofthiscity. 4. That some further regulations arc necessary to prevent the several frauds practised in the coal-trade in this city.

j. That it would be a great means of presenting the ra sing the price of coals in this dry, if the Lord Mayor was impowered to direct any (hip, lighter, or gabbard, laden svith coals, or the said coals to be brought up from any part of the river or harbour of this city to the Quay., or public landing place, and to'cause the laid coals to be there puhlickly sold at a reasonable price, to be fixed by the said Lord Mayor or Recorder, and any sour Aldermen, not under 16 s. the tun, and that no one person shall buy more than the quantity oi is tun of said cargo, unless by pernaifijon 0/ the said Lord Mayor or Recorder, ind four Aldermen, in case a sufficient number of buyers lhould not appear.

6. That the buying of coals en board any (b'ip, eabbard, or boa*, not |y;ng at the time of such sale at some Quay in the city of Dubl n, should be prohibited under a severe penalty; ar.d all coals, unless bought there, W in some licenced yard, to be forfeited.

7. That it sliall and may be lawful for tne Lord Mayor, with any sour Aldermen, to

enter into any yard, cellar, house or place, where coals are laid up for sale, end to order the same to be sold out at such prices as they shall think tit, but not under eighteen shillings the tun.

is. That if any person (hall think himself aggrieved, by the determination of the Lord Mayor and Aldermen, touching the price of coals, that I'uch person may within six days after appeal to the chief Governor or chief Governors and Privy Council, who shall have power to affirm, vary, or reverse the said sentence.

9. That where any person has laid up a quantity of coals, exceeding one hundred tuns, it shall and may be lawful for the Loid Mayor tc« examine such person, his clerks or agents, upon oath, as to the purposes for which the said coals were laid up, or are intended, and if the Lord Mayor shall have reason, on luch examination, to suspect that the said coals were bought or laid up for the purpose of enhanciog the price of coal,-, tliat he may order the same to be sold at such price as his Lordship shall think reasonable, provided the (ame sliall not be sold under eighteen siiillings the tun.

10. That no coals (hall at any time hereafter be fold in this city at a higher rate than twenty siiillings the tun, at any time, or under any pretence whatever, under a severe penalty, on any person who shall presume to sell at a higher rate.

j 1. That no person shall hereafter be allowed to purchase coals for sale, or to keep any yard for that purpose, or to act as a factor, purser or agent, in any respect whatever for buying or selling coals in this city, without having a licence for that purpose from the_ Lord Mayor or Recorder of this city, which licence, in the case of persons purchasing coals for sale, sliall mention particularly the street and parish where the yards or cellars lie where the said persons intend to sell coals; and no licence lhall be granted unless the person desiring such licence, dial! first enter into bond, with sufficient securities of the penalty of five hundred pounds conditioned for such persons not beirg in any sort concerned in engrossing, forestalling, or regratirg, or in raising the price of csals; for which licence, and also for filling up the said bond, the said factor or seller, sliall pay one (hilling, and no more.

n. That the said factors should never exceed the number of forty, and should never buy any coals to sell again, and not to exceed in any one year the quantity of twenty tun.

13. That the (aid factors should take an oath to be administered ly the Lord Mayor, that they will not, during rhe time of their being factors, buy any coals to fell a^rdi., and that they will exercise the said office faithfully, diligently, and impartially, between the persons who buy, and those who sell coals.

14 That the buying or selling coak at any place, except a licensed coal-yard, or on lone publick quay, or on board1 ships, lighters, gabbards or boats, lying at Or adjoining to some publick quay at the time of such sale, should be prohibited, under a severe penalty against such buyers and fellers.

rj. That no person who sliall keep a cealyard, or be concerned as a factor, should keep any boat or gabbard for the purpose of carrying coal.', and that no person shall keep such boat cr gabbard without having a licence for that purpose from the Lord Mayor or Recorder ot this City, for which licence, three shillings and no more shall be paid.

16. That the master of every vessel should be obliged immediately on his arrival at any

of the quays to hang at the mast of hit vessel, or of the lighter, gabbard,' or boat, in which coals shall be brought to "the said quays, a board with the true name of-the place from whence the said cods were brought, written thereupon in large legible. < characters, and that every person who (hall keep a coal-yard (hall hang at the door of the said yard such a beard, with the tn;e denomination of such coals as (hall be then in: the laid yard, written in like manner, and no sum os money sliall be charged or taken by any person whatever for hanging out such board, and that no person shall at the same time keep in his posiession tor sale coals of different kinds.

17. That any master, factor, porter, or any person keeping a coal-yarn,' or any person whatever, who sliall knowingly aiid wilfully sell coals by a false denomination, or impose or be any ways aiding or instrumental in imposing upon any buyer of coals, touching the denominations or kinds ot the said coals, should be subject to a severe penalty.

iff. That it would be a means of preventing the excessive price of coals in this City, if yards were taken at the expence of the Publick, for the purpose of laying in a'fufficient quantity of coals for supplying the journeymen, tradesmen and manufacturers, and rbe poor of this City with coals at moderate prices. ,

19. That the said coals should be bought in at the publick expence, when coals are under sixteen (h'!li.ig< the tun, ar.d sold out at a profit of one shilling the tun when coals are fold at a higher price than eighteen, (hilling* the tun.

ao. That the said coals should be sold out to such journeymen, tradesmen, and manufacturers, and to such poor of this City, as shall produce certificates from the ministers and church-wardens of their respective parishe:, or from the Lord Mayor, Recorder,, or any two Aldermen of this City, setting forth the name, trade or occupation of such person, and the street where he or she reside?, and the quantity of half a barrel, and no more, (lull be sold to any one person in one day.

ai. That the profits arising from the sale of the said coals, shall be applied towards paying the yearly rent of the said coal yards. and the expences of carrying the said ichem* into execution.

_aa. That for providing a-fund for buying the said coals, and for defraying the expeuces attending the execution ot the said scheme, a sum ot money will be necessary.

'13. Th: t thesum necessary for the aforesaid purposes will be a sum nut exceeding the sum of ten thousand pounds.

i/\. That when coals bought in„ . for supplying the said public coal-yard, (lie person buying the-fidd coals shall give a draft on the treasury for the amojslt of the laid coals, aril that the money arising by sale or' said trrl.s out of said yard, shall oi;ce in every month be pa:d into the treasury.

ij. That the most effectual means of supplying :his kingdom with our own coal*, would be to:pp'.-.intCcmmiflioner.- sorfuy-r-., intending and directing ilie coai r?d>- of kingdom, and to appiopriate certain Junds . encouraging tne {ame.

26. That tie laid Coir.rnislioi'.:ss ihould not exceed the number of twt •:., r..rl tfeud be appointed by the Chief Go- c-mor or Governors for the lin'C bung, a;:d should act without let or rewarc.

-77. That ii:c Loid Ma><;r, Rcdider. ar.J Board of Aldermen, shouldkave^o.ver, fiem :time to time, to n>ake such rules and" by-laws for fixing the wages, and regulating the conduct of measurers, porters, and carmen, employed in the carriage or measurement ol eoals, as the said Lord Mayor, Recorder, and Board of Aldermen, or the majority of them, shall think proper.

The four first resolutions being read a second time, were agreed unto by the House.

Resolved, That this House will, next Tuesjiay inorning> take the said report into further consideration.


This day a grand Council was held at St. James's on affairs of great importance.

We hear, that all thoughts of recalling *Aur troops from Germany this season are now .^id aside; that a sufficient number of horses are ready to embark to remount the cavalry; ''but that no steps are yet taken to recruit the infantry.

Extract if a private letter from the Hague* January «6v

'" The Duke of Brunswick received last ■night a courier with the important news of the death of the Empress of Russia, and also •with an account of the Grand Duke's having tieen proclaimed Emperor by the army in Pomerania. This event will undoubtedly be attended with great consequences; and it is presumed upon good grounds that, if the .disputes concerning Holstein and Sleswick, can be happily terminated between the King ■of Denmark and_ the new Emperor, the Russian army will immediately change sides, and prevent the ruin of that monarch, whom it only has been ableto hurt effectually. The people here, whom with the greatest injustice some of your correspondents affect to represent as highly Frenchified, received this news an a manner that (hews their attachment to the good cause, an attachment they have shewn uniformly throughout the whole course •of this long war. It is certainly not equitable •to cast a general reproach upon a people on .account of the grumbling of a few selfish merchahtj, or the irresolution of a part of their regents, occasioned by a situation truely perplexing. There are bad men and bad citizens in all countries, and here as well as elsewhere; but will equity permit any thinking person to draw the picture of a whole nation with the colours that belong to a .handful of its inhabitants? They can be no friends to the protestant interest, and the liberties of Europe, who foment a spirit of animosity, suspicion and hatred between two nations, whose union affords the best security for the support of both, as well as for their own mutual preservation. There arc several circumstances that prevent Holland at this time from being a vigorous dly. But what T\ is not now, it may be scon; much sooner •than many think. They are but shortsighted politicians who est mare things only with a view to the present moment. A iew years (humanly speaking) will render this government both respectable and viperous. The promising genius and princely virtues of him who is one day to unite our strength, compose our differences,'and animate our counsels, exhibit a prospect, which ought to influence more or less all the pioceedings of Great Britain towards this Republics These reflexions, which I throw out in haste at present, are the rest's, however, of long, attentive, and impartial observation. They sbw spontaneously into my

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pen in consequence of some exasperating paragraphs 1 have read in your paper."

_ Amongst the numberless instances of partiality to the French, and cruelty to the English, which the Spaniards have shewn, the following must not be forgot!

The privateer Admiral Durell of Jersey, commanded by Captain Thomas Blampied, sailed on a cruize the 6th of June last; and on the 13d ditto, being near Cape Pinas, chaced a snow, which was then about three or four miles from the coast of Spain. During the chace they saw two or three launches, supposed to be Spaniards, going to the said vessel, who being got on board, a«d there being very little wind, towed her into shoal water, where she took ground; the privateer then sent his boat armed to examine, and take possession of said snow, which, thereupon, sired a gun at the boat; but finding the boat still rowed on, they abandoned the vessel, and got afi on shore in their boats or launches: the officer in the boat then boarded the snow, which had no colours out, nr.r any body on board, and found her to be the Enterprizc of Southampton, bound to Quebec, with a cargo worth abcut three thousand icunds sterling, that had been taken by a Bayonne privateer. In the mean time the Durell being ceme up, got the prize off, and took her in tow; but in the night they found that her rudder was broke, which obiiged them to put into a Spanish port called Luarca, to repair the damage: bothvesseh had English colons out, till the Spaniards came on board, who turned those of the snow union downwards, and those of the privateer they twisted round the ensign staff. Captain Blampied then wer.t en more in order to apply to the British Consul at Suchon, a town about two leagues off. When he was gone, all his crew (except a Lieutenant ana two boys) were seized by a party of Spanish soldiers, commanded by an off.ctr, beating, abusing, cutting, and wounding the said privateer's crew, tying their hands behind them, and, in that manner, were conveyed to prison: there they were put, some in the stocks, others in irons, without any reason being alledged to them for soch ii.liumanity! To compleat their unhappy situation, they had the news of their pcor Captain being found murdered en the Toad, wiih his har.dkerthitf round his neck, twisted so hard with a stick as to throttle him to death. _ The Lieutenant aforesaid was then asked if the privateer had a legal commission; which he producing, the crew wasset at libertv, and told they might go again on board their privateer, provided the guns were unloaded, and all tneir powder brought on shore, to which they submitted; and applying to the Spanish Mag;strate for the Captain's papers and effects, he made answer, srem day to day, that they should be restored, as did also the French Consul; but they sound no manner of truth or \ ir oimance in their promise: Whereupon the Lieutenant having no credit, and his provisions running short, he determined, with the consent of his officers and crew, to fail from thence, which he did on the 4th of July, at four o'clrck in the morning, leaving the retaken snow in custody osthe Span'.irds, who had seized iui under pretence it did not appear to what nation or power she belonged, whether Kr.glisii, Spanist., or French. In their passege frem Spain to Jersey the private<r saw a jjrrat many vessels, which they did r.ot chale or examine, for want of ihcir powder aforesaid;

and on their arrival they made the above declaration upon oath before the Royal Court of Jersey.

Thus has the island of Jersey been deprmd of a worthy subject, and a brave commander, who had greatly signalized himself in thii, and last war. This was the man who, tvj or three years ago, boarded a French vessel, and made 66 prisoners, $1 of whom were soldiers completely armed, and above 14 rounds each, when he commanded only 1 shallop with 17 men, and three boys. He was just married, and left his wife with child, now ready to lie in. It is supposed some of the Spanish sailors, belonging to t>e French privateer, way-laid and murdered him; and yet no enquiry was made alter them, for, being an hereticr they looked upoi him as a dead dog!

The Antigua Factor, Weden, from Afi-'< cant to Bristol, is put inte Castlehaven, wiii the loss of her rudder.

We hear Capt. M'Kenzie, who broken? the nest of French at Eaychalcurs, is of Montgomery's Highlanders, commanding it Fo-1 Cumberland.

Half-pay to sea officers, from the ift of tin, to the 30th of June, I?6i_, will begin to be, paid on Monday the 15th inst.

The approaching season brings to mini. that cruel, barbarous, and cowardly diverfioa of cock-throwing, the first step to every thing that is bad. It has been particularly remarked, that the magistrates of Windsor* have taken an infinite deal of pains: thereused to be_ hundreds thrown at fix weeks' before the time, and now not one to be seen even on Shrove Tuesday, owing" to Mr.HaKh,jJ who was Mayor in the year 1759, and hiij ever since been indefatigable in fuppi-effingiS horrid a crime; a thing so odious to all ouief; rations. It is to be hoped that all Jasticrs^ throughout this kingdom will lend a nclpiw hand for the honour of their King ar.L Country, especially at this time; as alfthofe^ who set up or throw at cocks, may be deeraei fit person* for his Majesty's service, whether men or beys, either for sea or land.

The Universal Museum, which the Public waited so impatiently for, was publislied hi Monday, by T. Durham, at the Golden* Bali in the Strand, Price sixpence.

Deal, Fel. 3. Wind E. N. E. Arrived front a cruize his Majesty's ssip Melampe, and rel main with the Prince, Unicorn, Maidstcre. Solekay, Dealcastle, and Siren, Pomona an* Hazard sloops, and Anne victualler.

Bank Stock, 91 i India Stock, —— South S. Stock, —

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,OND0N: Sold by J, W i L C I E, at the BibU, in St. Pau£s Cbwc^-7'ard, where Advertisements, and Letters to Js Aethors.are taken in: And where all Persons who choose to be regular;? served with this Paper ire denied to apply.


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From THURSDAY, February A, to "SATURDAY, Febb Oary 6, 1762.

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At St. Pete i' urgh in the Christmas holidays, fiune of :iifir politicians amused themsclwswith forming a prospect of the future Hate of the Empn e when the projects supposed to be now upon the carpet (hall be brought to bear, la that case it is thought net at all improbable that as Peteriburgh fnpptanted Moscow, so Kiel may possibly, 111 a fatnre reign share the imperial presence withPeterlburgh. In that event there will be only the dutchy of Courland f.rxi the little territory of Dantzick interposed between the territories of this august Monarch; and it is not altogether impeffib'e that even these fouHjnqyiUsWuus may be removed by some rotare grand alliance.

It is whispered at Florence that the Marqais Botta Adorno long ago suspected the scheme that is on the point of being executed in Italy, and gave notice of it at the Court of. Vienna; but some foreign ministers having greater credit there, his representations were over-looked; upon which he has defired leave to resign, which it is believed he will obtain; but it is very much doubted whether he will think proper to pass the remainder of his days, as he once proposed, in a private retreat, in the^erritories of the fate of Genoa.

They write from Vienna, that certain foreign ministers seem not quite so well received at Court as formerly; that a change will be made in the command of the imperial 'armies the next campaign; that Baron Laurjoha has acquired a visible ascendancy; and t'nat if the negotiation, carrying on at Vetike, fnt borrowing some millions of ducats, .Proves successful, the-imperial Court will have three armies in the field next spring, One of which, it is supposed, will not act in Germany.

According to private letters from Le'pfic, mcÆ of the magistrates of that city'are withdrawn to Augsoourg, Rat'fcon, and other places. His Prussian Majesty's forces are every where in motion, and he is on the point of quits ng Freslau with a great body of horse and a train of artillery. Some fay h; will certainly inarch into Pomerania, when iatn Saxony. It is in the mean time , certain, that the Royal and Electoral Prince 1

and his consort have fixed the first of Feb. for malting their public entry into Dresden.

The last letters from Spain, by way of Holland, mertion, that the embargo that was laid on all shipping in that kingdom had been taken off".

The Rippon man of war is arrived at Portsmouth, from Plymouth; the Edgar sailed with her, but is not arrived, but hourly expected. These two ships are to convoy the trade to the West-Indies, 'and are to be joined off Plymouth by another 60 gun (hip.

His Majesty's ship Postillion failed from Portsmouth the 2d inst, with the trade under her cenvoy bound to Portugal. Extras} os a Litter from on hoard the Adventure Frigate off Havre de Grace, Feb. 1. 'The day before we are arrived here a fifty 'gun ship, without her lower deck guns, • and three 36 gun frigate, got out here: 'We saw four square rigged vessels close un'des Cape La Hogue yesterday: We judged 'them to be neutral ihips working^own the 'channel in shore: However, 3cartel strip 'out or Havre to-day informs as of theie 'four having sail&i; and as the winds have 'been since, they were certainly those we saw 'yesterday. We had only a twenty gun ship 'with us, which we have sent to acquaint 'them of it at Spithead. We are working 'towards La Hogue to wtteh their motions: 1 If the -.wind lhould favour them to get 1 down the channel, we intend to keep in sight of them, until we fall in with some of our ships to intercept them.' j _ They write from Portsmouth, of the 3d inst, that Adm. Hoi bourn had struck his j slag, and set out for London, in order to go j to Bath for the recovery of his health. Upon which Adm. Geary hoisted his flag on board the Royal Sovereign.

We hear that Col. Draper, and the others, who went down to Plymouth, in order to examine into the identity of the Count d'Estai*c;e, have declared him to be the person who broke his parole with them, and has since committed so many acts of cruelty and depredation in the East-Indies, and that in consequence thereof he is ordered to be very closely confined.

Yesterday was held a Court ess Common Council at Guildhall, when the following Aldeimen and Gentlemen were elected to sill up the vacancies of the several Committees for the ye«r ensuing.

For the Irish Society.

1 <

Mr. A'd.Alfop, Governor
Mr.Sam.Eeard, DepGoY.
Mr. Timothy Htlmlley
Vatthew Howard, Fill.
Mr. Richard Bri.'gmau
Mr. Thomas R :i >cns

Mr. John pasllion

The Hon. Tho. Karley

A ldeiman
Mr. Alderman Chailenor
Mr. Riunt
Mr. .Deputy Joseph R.-sc | Mr. Thomas Srmfh

[Price Twopence Halfpenny.]

Mr. Thomas Thnrne
Mr. Hep. i-Vmy Kent
Mr. Thomas Getve
Mr. Stracey Till
Mr. \v'i;!'am lioihim
Mr. ingham Foster
Mr. Vtttr Moulson.

Land S.

I Mr. Groves \Vhee!er
Mr. Julio Nicholson
Mr. Stt'phra Tyers
Henrv Hall, V. 4

Gresham Committee.

The Right. Hon. Sir Sam. Fludyer, Knt. and Bart.

Lord r/a?or.
Mr. Alderrmn Blunt j Mr. William Reeves

Mr. Dep. John Moorey | Mr. Stracey Till.

Mansion House.
Mr. Alderman Blunt | Mr. John Cotterell.

Lamp Committee.
Mr. Deputy Ellis, EaUilhaw.
Committee for prosecuting Sheriffs EL(l
and Refusing.
Alderman Hurley.
London Bridce Committee.
Mr. Alierman Challoner
Mr. Ajldcrman B'unt I Mr. Kichol.s Vixon
Mr<*Win White | Mr. Thomas Hai.itax.

New Bridge Committee.
Mr. Charles CLvey
Mr. Thomas Bromwich j Mr. Thomas Thome
Commissioners if Sewers.
Aldtrsgate Within Mr. Samuel Bates

Mr. George Lewis Carr

Mr. Christopher Fulligcr

Mr. Fd*ard Fleylyn

Mr. Thomas Merr;ck

Mr. Abraham Daking

Mr. Richard Muridiy

Mr. 1 hotnas Skyrmcr

Mr. Thomas florae

Mr. Francis Magnus

Mr. J-irhes Roffcter

Mr. Jnhn Wilson

Mr. Philip Cooke

Mr. William Bishop

Mr. John Guy

Mr. Thomas Cogan

Mr. Peter Moulson

Mr. Ed *ard Farmer

Mr, Christopher Robinson*

Mr. Charles Ciavty

Farring<son Without (?Jr- *{*« G*mon . .
(. Mr. Thomas Hromwica

Mr. Thomas Griffin
Mr. George Harris
Mr- l'hilip Grat'tort
Mr- Levy Perry
Mr. Br;si Ciosoy
Mr. Moses Allnutt
Mr.'Wiiliim Whipham.
A petition to Pailiament was agreed to,-
and ordered to be presented to trie Hon.
House of Commons, by the Sheriffs, pray-
ing leave to open a way, for foot passengers,
from London Bridge through the West end
of St. Magnus church, under the steeple.

Another petition was ordered to be presented to Parliament, for leave to bring in a pill to oblige the bu chers to expose their goods to sole in publick markets only.

A third petition was ordered to be presented to Parliament, for leave to bring in a bill to prevent the mischiefs arifirrg from the driving of homed cattle through the streets of this city; and to enable the citizens of London to give evidence in the courts.of law, in behalf »l the corporation, without the trouble Mid expe'ncc cf their being disfranchized, which is now thecase.

The Hon, Cant. To>»n£hend is preferred to be Colonel of a company in the third ivgijnent of foci guards.

Alder/gate without




Hlhcpsoate Within

Biftopsg-Jte without

Eread street


Bread- streat

Ca-d ewick



C.K man-street

Cordwainer • •'


Ct.pplegate WitrVn

Crippiegaie Without


Farringdon Within


l-ime- street






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