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thole who constantly attended her. One of the persons who bore her to the grave told me, that the stench made him very sick, and that he was irrrmediately after seized with a flux, which soon relieved him, and carried off this casual disorder.

The cicatrice where the breast waa extirpated,^ continued perfectly smooth and welly to the time of her deaths without the least appearanoe of the disease upon the circumjacent parts.

Many years ago Mr. Layman of Diss znA l were~present, when Mr- Amyas late of Norwich extirpated a cancerous breast, in which we found a considerable quantity of gravel, and some small stones in themiddlft of the glands.


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- -- . The representation of the cancerous gland.

A.A.A.A. The common teguments.

B. B. B.B. The Capsula of the Gland which formed the cyst, containing the bloody fluid.

C. C. C. The colly-flower-like excrescence which sprouted from the body of the gland.

D. The Fimbria which laid loose upon the gland, but was attached to the excrescence.

E. The incision into the body of the gland, which discovered the varicous and ruptured vessels, and the coagula of blood.

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A cancerous disease, which arose from drinking some liquor impregnated with the matter that issued from an ulcerated cancer.

jN the year 1752, I was desired to visit a person of great virtue and veracity in the City os Norwich, near sixty years of age, who had a cancerous tumor upon her breast, with the glands in the Axilla much affected, causing a large ædematous swelling of the whole arm quite to the fingers ends, attended with great pain.

The account she gave me of her very singular case, cqnfirmed by her relations, was as followeth. That her parents were healthy, and that when she was a child about three years old, she went with her mother to visit a friend, who had an ulcerated cancer upon her breast, which had just been dressed'; and some of the liquor, with which it had been washed, standing in a tea-cup upon the table, she drank a little of it. In consequence of this unfortunate accident, an eating ulcer seized her I 2 tongue,

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