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To dream that your hair is white, portends care and affliction, but also presages honour and elevation.

Achhet Seikim, C. 20-21.

Sunny locks of brightest hue
Once around my temples grew,—
Laugh not, Lady! for 'tis true;
Laugh not, Lady! for with thee
Time may deal despitefully.

Careful days and wakeful nights
Early trenched on young delights;
Then of ills an endless train,
Wasting languor, wearying pain,
Feverish thought that racks the brain,
Crowding all on summer's prime,
Make me old before my time.

So a sad unlovely hue
O'er the sunny tresses grew,
Thinned their rich abundance too,
Not a thread of golden light
In the sunshine glancing bright.

Silent warming, silvery streak!
Not unheeded dost thou speak;
Not with feelings light and vain,
Not with fond regretful pain,
Look I on the token sent
To announce the day far spent.


Bind me but to thee with thine hair,

And quickly I shall be
Made, by that fetter or that snare,

A bondman unto thee.

Or if thou tak'st that bond away,

Then bore me through the ear,
And by the law I ought to stay

For ever with thee here.



A raised or uplifted hand, signifies, in dreams, that you will be summoned from your sorrows.

NicIPHOBUB The Patriarch.

A Hand !—a hand! I see it now,
A skinny hand upon the prow;
A skinny hand and a demon's eye
A wailing blast sweeps wildly by;
Seems burthened with a deep-drawn sigh,
And rising from the groaning sea,
A laugh of hollow mockery,
As of a fiend in dev'lish glee—

A gush of waves around me sweep;
And struggling in the raging deep,
No time for prayers, no time for fears,
Strange voices ringing in my ears,
Unearthly visions flitting near,

A horrid clang—and I awoke;

Awoke to find it fantasy.

New York. Knickerbocker.

I hear a voice you cannot hear,
That cries, I must not stay;

I see a hand you cannot see,
That beckons me away.


—And white hands in the distance,

Are beckoning to the unknown country, far away.

And he drew off Abdaldar's ring,

And cast it in the gulf;

A skinny hand came up,

And caught it as it fell,
And peals of devilish laughter shook the cave.

Southey, Thalaba, Book V.

A sweet vision rises,

Though dimly defined,
And a hand on my forehead

Lies cold as the wind.

Alice Carey. Harp.

To dream of a harp, is an omen of consolation for the afflicted, and of joy to all.

German Dream Book.

Go, leave that harp !—Twined round its strings

There's many a magic spell:
Leave that untouched,—the strain it brings

This heart remembers well.

Let that remain !—all else beside

Go scatter to the wind!
The chords that won my home a bride

No other home shall find.

It hath no price since that sweet hour

She tuned it first and played
Love's evening hymn, within the bower

Her youthful fingers made.

A spirit like the summer's night

Hangs o'er that cherished lyre,
And whispers of the calm moonlight

Are trembling from the wire.

Still on my ear her young voice falls,

Still floats that melody—
On each loved haunt its music calls;

Go! leave that harp and me.

James T. Fields. 12 * (187)

Profoundly dreamt a youth on Norland waste;
But no,—it is not waste where fairy rings
Reflect the past as well as future things,
When love and woe in boding tones are drest.

They greeted him, they kissed him, and retreated;
They left for him an instrument of sound,
Whose forceful strings with highest deeds could bound,
And yet with childish frolics be entreated.

He wakes—the gift he seizes, comprehending
Its sweet mysterious pleasures how to prove,
And pours it forth in pure harmonious blending.

0 mayst thou ever victor, joyful move,

Thou Norland sailor, on life's voyage wending,

Conscious of God within thee and above.



If you dream of catching hawks, you will obtain your wish.


"Now out alacke! sayd our comlye queene,

My heart with griefe will brast.
I had thought that dreames had never been true;

I have proved them true at last.

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