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there. They had no children. 2. PameliJ (twin), born April 21, 1791, in Windsor; married John Crary, a native of Vermont, about 1808, in Green county, O.; and she died in 1810. 3. Mary' (twin), born April 21, 1791, in Windsor; married Josiah, son of David and Susannah (Craig) Bradbury of Warren county, O., in 1809; he was born in Essex county, N. J., Dec. 9, 1785; she died in Wabash county, Ind., Aug. 15, 1871, aged eighty; and he died there June 20, 1872, aged eighty-six. They had thirteen children, one of whom is Rev. John Lord Bradbury of Grant county, Ind. 4. Joseph Tilden', born April 14, 1793, in Windsor; married Maria, daughter of William and Winnifred 'Rector) Ross April 16, 1811, in Urbana, O.; she was born in Kentucky Jan. 13, 1793; he died in Cooper, Ill., July 24, 1845, aged fifty-two; and she died there Oct. 17, 1852, aged fifty-nine. They had nine children. 5. John (twin), born Oct. 30, 1795, in Windsor; married, first, Mary, daughter of Oliver and Jane Bogart in Ohio Nov. 9, 1819; she died in Cincinnati, O., in 1828; he married, second, Verlinda, daughter of Richard and Cynthia Ann Otwell in Danville, Ill., about 1832; and he died in Ottawa, Ill., Oct. 20, 1860, aged sixty-four. He had eight children. 6. Alice' (twin), born Oct. 30, 1795, in Windsor; married, first, James Berryman in 1815; he died in Cincinnati about 1819; she married, second, Samuel, son of Adonijah and Abigail (Havens) Harrison Oct. 19, 1822, in Cincinnati; he was born in Newark, N. J., July 20, 1794; she died in Cincinnati Nov. n, 1842; and he was living in Elenor, O, in 1877. She had five children. 7. Ruth', born July 25, 1797, in Windsor; married, first, Aaron, son of William and Mary Bennett in 1815; he was born near Richmond, Va., in 1793; he died in St. Louis, Mo., Nov. —, 1817; she married, second, John Lewis, a native of Scotland, in Cincinnati in 1819; he died in New Orleans, La., in 1821; she married, third, Rev. William Fraser; she married, fourth, Rev. John Kemp; she married, fifth, John Stout; she died in Evansport, O., Oct. 31, 1873, having had two children. 8. David' (twin), born Jan. 5, 1800, in Windsor; died unmarried. 9. Jonathan* (twin), born Jan. 5, 1800, in Windsor; married, first, Sarah, daughter of Alexander and Sarah (McKibbin) Stewart Jan. 22, 1824, in Newtown, O.; she died at Newtown about 1833; he married, second, Margaret, daughter of William and Nancy (Craig) Hatfield, and widow of Jones, Dec. 25, 1834; she was born in Virginia Nov. 13, 1802; he died in Newtown, O., in 1850; and his widow Margaret died in Newtown Aug. 26, 1862, at the age of fifty-nine. He had nine children. 10. Abiel Hovey', born April 26, 1802, in Windsor; was a physician in Bellefontaine, O.; was three times elected treasurer of Logan county; married Letitia, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Boswell) McCloud May 27, 1824, in Bellefontaine; she was born in Green county, O, Feb. 14, 1805; and she died in Bellefontaine Aug. 22, 1875. Doctor Lord was living and in active practice at Bellefontaine in 1879. They had four children. 11. Rhoda' , born in 1804; died in 1808. 12. Rebecca', born Jan. 10, 1807, in Hamilton county, O.; married John, son of Rev. Josiah Hoskinson Sept. 20, 1827, in Cincinnati, O.; and she died at Portsmouth, O., Sept. 15, 1829, aged twenty-two, having one child. 13. AbigaiF, born April 30, 1811, in Hamilton county; married Protus, son of Joseph and Clara (Wyman) Hackenger Jan. 16, 1828, in Cincinnati; he was born in Baden, Germany, June 9, 1806; farmer; and they lived, in 1879, at Sedamsville, 0. They had eleven children, all of whom were baptized into the Roman Catholic church.

+28—1v. Rufus Cleveland", born Aug. 29, 1770, in Canterbury. See family numbered "428."

429—V. Rebecca*, born Sept. 6, 1772, in Canterbury; married James, son of James and Sarah (Powers) Sanderson Dec. 25, 1794, in Lyme, N. H.; he was born in Woodstock, Vt., June 6, 1772; removed to Huron county, O., in 1828; and died in Sherman (now Weaver's Corners), O., Sept. 2, 1828, aged fifty-six; she died in Newton county, Ind., Aug. 14, 1853, at the age of eighty. Their children were as follows: 1. Lola', born Dec. 21, 1795, in Woodstock, Vt.; married Gurdon, son of Samuel and Prudence Lincoln Jan. 1, 1815, in Chelsea, Vt.; he was born in Windham, Vt., Jan. 25, 1787; and died in Madison, O., July 5, 1864; she died in Osakis, Minn., May 19, 1875. They had ten children. 2. Electa', born July 16, 1797, in Woodstock; married Joshua, son of Daniel and Edith (Bakeman) Luce Dec. 26, 1822, in Williamstown, Vt.; he was born in Williamstown Dec. 7, 1796; and died in Lower Sandusky (now Fremont), O., Feb. 10, 1842; farmer. She died there Oct. 3, 1846, aged forty-nine. They had six children. 3. Melissa , born Feb. 21, 1799, in Brookfield, Vt.; and died, unmarried, at Waterville, O., July 23, 1854, at the age of fifty-five. 4. Rebecca', born Oct. 11, 1800, in Brookfield; married Brigham, son of Robert and Rachel (Lovell) McCrillis Nov. 1, 1818, in Brookfield; he was born in Corinth, Vt., April 18, 1796; and died in Sherman, O., June 17, 1864; farmer. She survived him; and was living at Weaver's Corners, O., in 1878. They had ten children. 5. Minerva', born Aug. 4, 1802, in Brookfield; married Jeremiah, son of Israel and Hannah (Brown) Arling Aug. 4, 1826, in Williamstown, Vt.; he was born at Portsmouth, N. H., April 15, 1805; and died in Columbia City, Ind., Sept. 1, 1878. She was living in Columbia City in 1878. They had ten children. 6. James', born April 13, 1804, in Morristown, Vt.; married, first, Sally Ann, daughter of Thomas and Sally (Worthington) Miller Sept. 28, 1830, in Berlin, O.; she was born in Michigan Oct. 10, 1808; and died in Hunt's Corners, Huron county, O., April 29, 1841; he married, second, Almira, daughter of Richard and Lucinda (Spaulding) Pattee July 4, 1841, in Lyme, O.; she was born in Derby, Vt., Jan. 21, 1814; he was a farmer; and lived in Pilot Grove, Newton county, O. He had five children, all being by his first wife. 7. Sarah', born Feb. 19, 1806, in Morristown; and died, unmarried, in 1828. 8. AsenatW, born Aug. 16, 1808, in Morristown; married, first, Capt. Harvey Horton, son of Jesse and Annie (Horton) Hollister May 24, 1829, in Vermillion, O.; he was born in Vermont March 17, 1806; he was a shoemaker by trade, but followed the lakes during the season of navigation, being at one time commander of the Louisa Jenkins; and died, of cholera, at his home in Vermillion, Aug. 20, 1834, after an illness of ten hours. She married, second, Rev. Oliver, son of James and Elizabeth (McAllister) Atwood July 5, 1835, in Oxford, O.; he was born in Vermont in 1808; was a Methodist minister; he removed, in July, 1837, to Iowa, to make a home and preach in that section of the then far west. In the latter part of August, 1838, he left home to be gone four weeks, and not then returning the neighbors went in search of him, as the last trace was of his return about ten miles away, having stopped at a store to make some purchases. His body was found, bearing the mark of tomahawk and scalping knife, and torn by beasts of prey. The date of his death was Sept. 20, 1838. His widow returned to Ohio; and married, third, her second husband's brother, Hiram Atwood, Aug. 21, 1839, at Sherman, O. He was a tailor; was born in New Hampshire Jan. 30, 1816; and died, of cancer in the stomach, in Bradford, Mass., April 20, 1873. She lived in Portland, Me., in 1878, having had eight children. 9. Benjamin', born July 30, 1810, in Morristown; married Mary Rose, daughter of Thomas and Rebecca (Rose) Clay Aug. 30, 1835, in Vermillion, O.; she was born in Sparta, N. J., Dec. 19, 1816; and removed with her parents to Ohio in 1834; he died in Camden, O., oi typhoid fever, June 8, 1851, aged forty; and she married, secondly, John Bassett, and was living in Vermillion in 1878. Mr. Sanderson had seven children. 10. JoeT, born Dec. 26, 1816, in Brookfield, Vt.; farmer; lived in Lima, Ind.; married Mary Ann, daughter of Thomas and Ann (Purchas) Legg Aug. 7, 1842, in Sherman, O.; she was born in Somersetsh1re, England, Aug. 1t, 1816. They had eight children.

430— Vt. Samuel*, born Oct. 20, 1774, in Lyme, N. H. See family num

bered "430"

431— v11. Ab1el", born Oct . 30, 1776, in Lyme. See family numbered


432— v111. Alva1t, born March 3, 1779, in Lyme. See family numbered

433— 1x. Ab1ga1l, born Dec. 25, 1780, in Lyme; married Oliver, son of

Roger and Sarah (Davison) Hibbard Jan. 1, 1805, in Brookfield, Vt. He was born in Lebanon, N. H., Sept. 27, 1780; and was a farmer, living on a small place in Brookfield in its pioneer settlement . Religious services were held in the schoolhouse; and at first they traveled on horseback, but as the children increased in number and size they went in a common farm-cart, drawn by a yoke of oxen. She was a large woman physically, quick and sensitive in her feelings, and resembled her father more than her mother in features and mental characteristics. She was a neat and diligent housekeeper. Mr. Hibbard died, of dropsy, in East Brookfield July 29, 1833, at the age of fifty-two. She survived him, and died there, of bilious typhus fever, his widow, Oct. 11, 1851, at the age of seventy. Their children were born in Brookfield, as follows: 1. Polly', born Oct. 13, 1805; married William Caldwell Clark, adopted son of Edmund Clark, Nov. 7, 1826, in Brookfield. He was born in Barre, Mass., in 1803; and died in Manchester, N. H., Nov. —, 1859. She died in Philadelphia, Pa., at the residence of her son, Daniel W. Clark, Jan. —, 1869, at the age of sixtythree, having had five children. 2. Amanda', born Aug. 14, 1807; married John Alden. son of Jesse and Elizabeth (Wills) Wright Jan. 28, 1828, in Brookfield. He was born in Chelsea, Vt., Aug. 14, 1804; was a farmer; and lived in East Brookfield. They had three children. 3. Oliver Davison', born Oct. 12, 1809; was a clergyman of the Presbyterian denomination; resided at Wyandotte, Mich.; married, first, Maria Cornelia, daughter of Caleb and Polly (Bradley) Curtiss Nov. 27, 1837, at Evans, N. Y.; she was born in Evans May 1, 1819; and died there Feb. 23, 1840, at the age of twenty; he married, second, Catherine, daughter of John and Sarah (McFall) Barr, and widow of Jeremiah Piatt Jolls; she was born in Ireland April 25, 1810. Mr. Hibbard was chaplain of the Sixty-fourth New York regiment in the Civil war. He had two children. 4. Lewis',

born Sept. 10, 1811; died in 1811. 5. * (son), born

Jan. 12, 1813; died in 1813. 6. * (son), born May

20, 1814; died in 1814. 7. William Lewis', born Aug. 6, 1816; teacher, and subsequently engaged in commercial pursuits; married Harriet Atwood, daughter of Edward and Asenath (Corliss) Sprague Sept. 23, 1836, in Brookfield; she was born in Randolph, Vt., Jan. 24, 1818; and he died, of bilious typhus fever, at Montpelier, Vt., Sept. 20, 1851, at the age of thirty-five. She died in North Stratford, N. H., Feb. 16, 1861, aged forty-three. 8. Abigail Cleveland', born Dec. 31. 1818; died Feb. 16, 1835, at the age of sixteen. 9. Almira, born Jan. 13, 1821; married Amos, son of Jonathan and Nancy A. (Eaton) Emery March 7, 1843, Brookfield. He was born in Chester, N. H., March 27, 1820; was a farmer; and lived in Chelsea, Vt., in 1878. She died in Brookfield Nov. 24, 1856, at the age of thirty-five, having had two children. 10. Sarah Marinda', born Sept. 23, 1826; married, as his second wife, her sister Almira s husband, Amos Emery, Oct . 9, 1859, in Brookfield; she lived in Chelsea, Vt., and had two children. 434—x. El1zabeth", born April 15, 1783, in Lyme. She went to school in Brookfield, Vt., in the little log schoolhouse, which was afterwards burned. When young, it was supposed that she would die of consumption, but she became well and strong, being tall and weighing, at the time of her marriage, one hundred and sixty. She had deep blue eyes, dark brown hair, full forehead, and was fair. She was a beautiful singer. She married, after an engagement of seven years, Gurdon Hibbard, brother of her sister Abigail's husband, Dec. 25, 1808, in Brookfield. He was born in Lebanon, N. H., July 12, 1782. By constant labor as a carpenter, his health was injuriously affected; and his physician pronounced him a hopeless consumptive. He took a journey to Saratoga Springs, N. Y., against the wishes of his family; but there his racking cough and violent night sweats disappeared. After his recovery, he bought fifty acres of land near her father's house, built a barn, and set out an orchard. He then married; and lived in a part of her father's house until he could build a house. Her_ furniture consisted of two tables, two chests of drawers, six kitchen chairs, rocking chair, two bedsteads, large wheel, linen wheel, quill wheel, reel and swifts, made by her father, a looking glass and some necessary crockery. She had devoted some years to sewing, being a fine needlewoman, and making men's clothing. This was a lucrative employment for young women at that time. She was thus able to furnish beds with bedding, sheets and pillow cases, as well as beautiful table cloths and towels of her own handiwork. Her weddining cloak was very long and of scarlet broadcloth, being trimmed with silk velvet ribbon, nearly three inches wide. Her bonnet was of black velvet, with very little trimming. By economy, they were enabled to add to their farm from time to time until it contained between two and three hundred acres, and to build two additional barns and a convenient farmhouse. Mr. Hibbard introduced the first Spanish merinoes into the town, having bought a pair of lambs, for one hundred dollars, of the consul from the United States to Spain. Two spinners were hired two or three months in the summer, and, some years as many as two hundred pounds of wool were manufactured into cloth, Mrs. Hibbard doing the weaving; the cloth, when dressed, compared favorably with imported broadcloth, and brought from a dollar and a half to two dollars a yard. These spinners worked in the room where she and her little daughter performed the household work; and while the work went on beautiful hymns were sung. As the girls grew to womanhood, they took the place of the hired laborers. Mrs. Hibbard, after one day's sickness, folded her tired hands, gently closed her eyes, and slept the eternal sleep. This was in Brookfield March 6, 1864, at the age of eighty. Her husband survived her, and was unconsoled in his loss of her companionship. He died in Brookfield Sept. 27. 1871, at the age of eighty-nine. Their children were born in Brookfield, as follows: 1. Mary', born Oct . 24, 1809; married Ezra, son of Joel and Lois (Perigo) Wills Dec. 23, 1828, in Brookfield; he was born in Tunbridge, Vt., Oct. 1, 1808; and she died in Tunbridge May 27, 1859, at the age of forty-nine. He was living there in 1878. They had nine children. 2. Gurdon Plummet*, born April 27, 1811; farmer; lived in East Brookfield, Vt.; married Isabella, daughter of Jonathan Wilder and Sylvia (Hastings) Hemenway Jan. 1, 1839, in Chelsea, Vt.; she was born in Chelsea Aug. 21, 1814. They had five children, the eldest of whom, Edwin Smiley Hibbard, married Amy Phyletta Hovey (860) Aug. 4, 1864. 3. Ruth Hovey', born Jan. 26, 1813; married John, son of Edward and Asenath (Corliss) Sprague Nov. 5, 1837, in Brookfield; he was born in Randolph, Vt., April 6, 1815; was a farmer; and lived in East Brookfield, Vt . They had two children. 4. Eliza Matilda', born May 28, 1815; and lived in Brookfield. 5. Sarah Davison*, born Oct . 4, 1817; married Joseph, son of Joseph and Weltha (Strong) Newell Feb. 11, 1841; he was born in Oxford, N. H., Aug. 9, 1811; farmer, and lived in Brookfield. They had seven children, one of whom, Everett Clifton Newell, married Ida Amelia, daughter of Mary Ann (Hovey) Bixby ( ). 6. Fanny Burn- ham', born Sept. 10, 1819; married Nathan, son of Nathan and Lydia (Wentworth) Davis Sept. 10, 1844; he was born in Boston, Mass., Nov. 23, 1819; and she died in Washington, N. J., May 23, 1872, aged fifty-two. They had five children. 7. Elisabeth Perkins, born Sept. 5, 1821; married Solomon, son of Solomon and Mary (Buckland) Stoddard April 25, 1847; he was born in Washington, Vt., Dec . 27, 1801; ?nd d1ed in Methuen, Mass., Aug. 13, 1874, aged seventy-two. She was living in Methuen in 1878. They had three children, all born in Brookfield.

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