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nearer the Shau-luy-teen Islands than I intended, for in the morning we made the main land, and coasted along a dreary sandy beach, with nothing to enliven the prospect but an occasional fisherman's hut. About 2, P.m., the higli mountain range which separates Tartary from China made its appearance; we passed within sight of what must be a considerable river, judging from the number of junks at anchor oft' the entrance: about here the dreary sandy beach terminates, and the country appears thickly wooded to the water's edge,—the first trees wo. h.ive seen since leaving Shanghae.

It was a lovely evening, and the sun disappeared behind a magnificent lofty peak, shedding a glorious glow over the surrounding hills.

"The gun had sunk, but lines of gold • -i /'ft -.Hanson the ashen clouds. * *.«,,... While the faint stars were gathering overhead."

The breeze had gradually died away, and ;is the set appeared to l>e drifting us inshore, I anchored for the night.

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Bottle Papers.

Continued from p. 40. For Trucks (lie render is feouiNtetl fo rcfiV to the inmilxr

for November last.

Fntei And—Truck No. 19.

A bottle from the. hrij Freetand, Captain T. Midghy, (from Liverpool to Africa,) in hit. 41° 50' N , b>ng. 14° 28' W„ 11th of February, 1833; p eked up close to the shore, off the Harbour of Vigo, on the 1st of March following; having traversed, in a true E. J N direction, ulwut SO leagues.

William Manning—Truck No. 19 a.

Jamaica, Oct. 28th, 1815. The following has been published by Captain Coulson, late of the ship Port Royal.:'' '•"

'"' This Lottie was thrown overboard from the Willitrm Ma~nnb\g, of London, in lat 35° N., long. 14° 26' W., on Sept. 9, 1810.

"thomas Huskisson. ,',' This is intended to ascertain the current; whoever picks it up is requested to acknowledge it by publication."

Captain Coulson picked up the above bottle on the 19th of the present month,

on the south-east point of |J . (Probably Ilispanioia.— Ed. JV. A/.)-

ICaval Cfiroi,.,\o\. 1335, p. 31.

Baketto, Junior—Tiack IVo. W.

"Captain Marshall, commander, ship Hatre'lo, jun., 9th Dec, 1839, lat. 44° 5C, long. 14" 19', from Portsmouth to Gibraltar, with detachments of the 1st Royals, 81st and 8-2nd regiments. Officers names—Major Pmckney, 83ud; CapL jeffery and Lieut. Powell, hist; Lieut,, Diggle, 82nd; Ensign C. VV. Thompson, 81si; Ensign Isaac and Ensign Lambert, 82nd ; Assistant-Surgr on Atkinson, 82nd regiments. Mis. Atkinson and child. Left Portsmouth vWih November, 1839. At sea—all well.


"Whoever picks up this paper is requested to publish it in the first newspaper, British or Foreign, in cider to show the course of the currents." ,

"Ayez la bonte de puhlier ceci dans le journaux Francais ou Anglais"

"Tenga V. M. la bondad de puhlicar este papel en las gacetas F-spanolas Inglesas 6 Americanas.''—M.&

^Picked up on the 12th of Feb., 1840, near 50 tower, Coast Gua'd Station.

W. R Ashby, Lieut., R.N., Chief Officer.

\v*i,l*ce—-Track No. 21.

The annexed is a copy of a paper found in a bottle which was picked up by a Fiench vessel on the 21st ultimo, about rive miles off Ushant, an island near the extreme west point ot France :—

"April 12,1835.—This is written on board the b-irque Wallace, of Alloa, Captain James Robertson, lat. 52° 13', long. 15°, bound for Van Diemen's Land. All well. A deed calm to-day. Encountered a strong gale of wind in lat. flo°, long. 1 Sa from the westward. Please sen I this to any newspaper office.—John Adamson, Mrs. Eliza Russell, Helm Kinghani, Archibald Rnss*ll, VV. Moira, J. It. Co dou, E. S. Iludepeth, T. Uudepeth, W. Russell."— Time*, September 4, 1835.

Thetis—Track No. 22.

Lkith, April 15.—A bottle, in which a paper containing the following notice was enclosed, was picked up on the shore at Balmore, on the east side of Noilli Uist, on the 3rd inst., by Archibald Macauly, and transmitted through Lloyd's agent lo the agents for the London S. 4' AL G. at Leith; the lat. of the place wheie the bottle was found is 57° 35' N., long. 5° 40* W. :-^

"At sea, in lat. 5J° iff N.. and long. lr>° W., bag Thetis, of Leith, fiom Leith for Sydney, all well, lHth Jin, 1841. Whoever should happen to find the enclosed will greatly oblige Ciptain Bisset by forwarding it to the offices of the S. <V M. Ci., for the purpose of acquainting navii:aturs of llie course of the currents of the Western Ocean, and please to mention the time and place that the same is picked up.

(Signed) "F. G. Uisset."

Mary—Track No. 23.

Custom House, Westport, July 22nd, 1840. Sin,—This day the enclosed paper was handed me by Robert Mealey, who picked it up at Claie Island, and brought it to Westport, a distance of eighteen miles, for the purpose of being transmitted to your office, lie has requested me to bring his claim be'oie you for some remuneration for his trouble. Should the reward sought be a usual thing, I beg to recommend him to your favourable notice.

1 have the honour, he, ., . . Itn ii v K Dowlf.y, Collector.

Secretary of the Admiralty.

"This bottle was thrown overboard from the British barque Mary, of Halifax, James 11. God.rey, Master, in lat. 47° Iff N., and long. 27° 25' W., on a voyage from Savanna to Liverpool, this 22nd day of March, 1840. Wind S.E."

This paper found 11th day of July, 1840, by me at Clare Island Lighthouse in lat. 53° 45' N., and long. 10° 36' VV.

Robert Meaiey.

Tyne—Track No. 24.

Coast Guard Office, March 25th, 1834. Sir,— Enclosed 1 have the honour to tran-mit for the information of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, copies of two letters this day received, from Commander Thomns Edward Cole, R N., Inspecting Coramarder at Dartmouth; and Lieutenant John Bulley, R.N., Ch'ef Officer of the Coast Guard Station at Torrross, together with the document referred to therein, which appears to have been thrown overboard in a bottle on the 4th of January last, from H.M.S. Tyne, in lat. 46° 37' N., long. 16° 53' 15" W., and was picked up by the latier officer at6h. P.m. on the 10th instant, in the surf on the beach at Hallsands, about one mile north of the Start Point.

I have the honour, &c., . William Bowles, Comptroller General.

Dartmouth, March 22nd, 1834. Sib,—I beg leave to enclose a letter from the chief officer at Torcross, with a paper found in a bottle on the beach of that station, and which is directed to b; forwarded to the Admiralty.

1 am, &c, Thomas Edward Cole, I.C.

Comptroller General, Coast Guard, London.

Torcross, Mnrch 17th, 1834. Sir,—The enclosed paper having been found in a bottle picked up in the surf on the beach, at Ilallsands, about one mile nonh of Start Point, at 5h. P.m. yesterday, 16th instant. 1 therefore beg to forward it to you, to be disposed of as therein requested. It has been blowing since the 11th inst., at times strong from the eastward.

I remain, Sir, &c,

John Bulley. To Captain T. E. Cole, R.N., Inspecting Commander, Dartmouth. "This dottle was thrownoverboird from His Britannic Mnjesty's ship Ti/ne, in lat. 46° 37' N., long. 16° 53' 15" W., by mean of three Chronometers on the 4th of January, 1834. Sirong breezes and squally weather at the lime,, wind S.W.b.S.

"As the object is to ascertain the force and direction of the current, it is particularly requested, if it is picked up, that the place and day of the month on which it is found may be communicated to the Secretary of the Admiralty, lxindon, the Captain of any of Ilis Britannic Majesty's ship*, or to the nearest British Consul. "His Britannic Majesiy's ship Tyne, January 4th, 1834.

"Charles Hope, Captain."

Symmetry—Track No. 25. A bottle from the ship Symmetry, of Scarborough, Captain Smith, on her way from Leith to Buenos Ayres, off Madeira, 9th June, 1825. Picked up at Salt Kay, Turk's Island, after a lapse of ten years, 9th June, 1835.

Maitland—Tiack No. 26. "H.M. Transport Maitland sailed from Port Royal, Jamaica, 10th of March, 1838, with the head quarters of the 14th regiment on board. This tiottle was thrown over on the 22nd of April, 1838, in lat. 46° 5' N., long. 18° 19' W.

(Signed) "ciias. Hodgson."

Recent Bottle Papers. The following .iddiliomtl papers have been received, to which we have assigned numbers corresponding with the places of their departure on the chart in our last volume. They are all highly interesting, those that have drifted to the coast of France, as well as those to the coast of Brazil. These papers will i'i no way interfere With the series now in course of appearing, but will be hereafter collected in a table supplementary to that in our November number, accompanied by a copy of the chart with their track".

II.M. Steam Slow Wasf-—Track No. TO a.

S^int-Martin. le 26bre, 1852. Le Maire de la ville de Saim-Martirj. Monsieur,—J'ai I'honneur de vous addresser une note jettee en mer par !e Capn. John Hny, du sloop de S.M.B. Wasp. Elie est venue a tt-rie a la cote sud de cette ile; les vents depuis le moment du jet jusqu'a ce tern ayant (-le con-tamment de la partie du S.S.I >., souvent a tempete.

Veuillez bien agreer, Monsieur, I'nssurance de ma con-idt'ration la plus distinguee. '»

St. Riviullk Dechezeancf., Mair>. Monsieur le Secretaire de I'Amiraute Britannique a Londres.

"H.M. steam sloop Hasp, 3rd of November, 1852, lat. 41° 9' N., long. 10° W., twelve days from Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. Strong breezes from \V. to S.W. Sighted the land about Cape FinUterre the 31st October, and been set to the north-eastward 52 miles since. Observations this day, the first for six days.

"john Hay, Commander.''

IT.M.S. Resistance—Track No. 11 b.

Lloyd's, 2nd February, 18.03. Sin,—I have the honour to transmit to you, by direction of tlie Committee lor managing the affairs of Lloyd's, the enclosed paper, thrown from H.M.S. Resistance, found in a bottle pi< ked up on the coast of Sables D'Olonne, and this day received by the committee from the French Consul General.

I have the honour to be, Sir, your most obedient servant,

Geo. A. IlAi.STrn, Secretary. R. B. Osborne, E*q., M.P., Admiralty.

"H.M.S. Re.sislancr, at noon, 7th of Sep!emb»r, 1852, lat. 42° 59' N., long. 11° 35' W. Wind N.I-., moderate, with showers of rain at time-. Current these 24 hours to the southward 11 miles. Bar.. 3020; therm. 68°; surface water, 66°.

. M. Buadshaw, Commander.

H.M.S. Dfe—Track No. 17 a. Sir,—I have die honour to transmit to you, by direction of the Committee for managing the affairs of Lloyd's, the enclosed paper thrown from H.M.S. Dee, found in a bottle picked up on the coast of Sables D'Olonne, and this day received by the committee from the French Consul General.

I have the honour to be, Sir, your most obedient servant,

Geo. A. tlALSTtn, Secretary. R. B. Osborne, Esq. M.P., Admiralty.

"H.M.S. Dcr, the 11th of November, 1852, in lat. 43° l'N., long. 13" 16' 15" W. A moderate breeze from the south-westward, with a heavy swell.

"geo. T. C. Smith,.Commander."

SCREW Steamer Lady Seai.e—Tlack No. 29 a.

Whitehaven, Dec. 31.—The Huhn Rookfort postman found a bottle on the Drigg shore this morning, which contained a paper, of which the following is an exact copy :—

"Lat. 46° 15 N., long 18° 20' W., screw steamer Jjidi/ Sea/r, Nov. 7, noonEnaines broke down, and the stuffing-box adrift. Able t> keep the ship free with ship's pumps; engine pumps cannot be worked. Laying K.S.E., three knots per hour; trying to reach Kngland ; crew and three passengers all well. — Shipping (lazttte, 3rd Jan., 53." Jons lino in, Master.

W. I. M. Packf.t DEE~Track No. 114 u.

Underwriters' Booms, Liverpool, 4tli Feb., 1853. Sir,—The enclosed paragraph was cut out of the Cfin'teston (So. Carolina) Couthr of the l!Uh January, received to-day per U. S. mail steamer Pacific, and as it may be valuable to your department, I do myself the honour of forwarding it to you. 1 remain, Sir, your most obedient servant,

Thos Court, Secretary. Hear Admiral Beaufort, Admiralty.

Currents Of The Gulf.—The Nueces ValUy of the 1st inst., publishes the following, which was found enclosed in a bottle, eight miles south-west of Arkansas 1'ass, on Mustang Island. It is signed by Captain Newenham, of the British West India mail packet Dee :—

"This makes the fourth bottle which I have thrown overboard from this packet to ascertain when picked up, if ever, the currents of the Gulf, and any other existing stream, For this purpose, I have thrown overboard one oft' Jacmel, St. Domingo; one off the Colorado Reefs, when proceeding for Havana in April; one in the Mona Passag« when going to St. Thomas in May; and this one now when nearly a day out from Jamaica, en route for Havana

and Honduras.* We are all well on board, some souls, and have had

no serious illness during the four months (November 17th) absence from England.

"Wm. Newenham, Lieut., R.N., Adm. Agent."

(To be Continued in our next.J

Local Attraction.

To the Editor of the Nautical Magazine.

Portsmouth, Feb. 21st, 185a.

Sir,—Your review of my labours in the cause of Local Attraction, its effects and obviatioD, happens at a period when I would gladly be silent in defending the principles I have advanced therein, because in my work you have appeared to question my estimation of the high scientific character and practical experience of one whose death we have since so deeply to regret, and that you assert a boldness in the man who would advance reasons in favour of the adoption of his invention, whilst the system "he thus impugns has saved ships from destruction ever since it was first established,"-—this system being "the result of many years' experience of a scientific officer charged by the Government with the important duty of carrying out his own practical conclusions." Before proceeding to comment on this and otlier charges preferred against me, I will venture to offer a heartfelt requiem for him we have lost. In his correspondence with me, and in his kind and courteous manner whilst I luve troubled him on the subject of my instruments and the object I had in view, he gave frequent expressions of the importance to be attached to such could it be successfully obtained, and that he himself had devoted years to the subject. I feel a pleasure in saying that had he been spared amongst us, his generous character towards others scientifically devoted for the benefit of the service, would have prompted me to seek his judgment and experience when in a position to do so.

I have carefully perused the -whole of your comments, and I rest assured that if my own publication had been ns similarly studied throughout, the

* It would have been more satisfactory to have hud the hit. nnd lonp. of the ship wlxrt thrown over; we hope the others contain these particulars;—En. N. il.

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