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shall violate the rules of the Association, or deviate from the orthodox principles of religion after due measures are taken to reclaim such a church or churches, and they remain incorrigible.

8. To admit any of the distant brethren in the ministry as assistants, who may be present at the time of their sitting.

9. To adjourn themselves to any future time and place they may think most convenient to the churches, provided it be holden, interchangeably, one year on the east of Chowan river, and the next year on the west side.

In 1811, the 5th article was expunged, and the following adopted in its place, which shall be considered the 5th and 6th articles of the constitution:

Art. 5. The Association shall have a Moderator, who shall be chosen by the suffrage of the members present, but only hold his office during the session, and may be eligible to the same appointment at any future meeting.

Art. 6. The Association shall have a Clerk, appointed by the suffrage of the members present in session; he may hold his office during the pleasure of the Association: Provided, always, that he may have liberty to resign when circumstances may render it necessary.

Rules Of Decorum.

1. The Association shall be opened and closed by prayer.

2. A Moderator and Clerk shall be chosen according to the rules prescribed in the Constitution.

3. Only one person shall speak at a time, who shall arise from his seat and address the Moderator, while he makes his speech.

4. The person thus speaking shall not be interrupted in his speech by any except the Moderator, till he has done speaking.

5. He shall strictly adhere to the subject, and in no wise reflect on the person who spoke before, so as to make remarks on his slips, failings or imperfections, but shall fairly state the case and matter as nearly as he can, so as to convey his light or ideas.

6. No person shall abruptly break off, and absent himself from the business of the Association, without liberty obtained from it.

7. No person shall rise and speak more than three times to one subject, without liberty from the Association.

8. No person shall have liberty to be whispering or laughing, or pass between the person speaking and the Moderator, in time of a public speech.

9. No member of the Association shall address another member in any other terms or appellations but the title of Brother.

10. The Moderator shall not interrupt any member in, nor prohibit him from speaking, until he give his light on the subject, except he break the rules of this Decorum.

11. The names of the several members shall be enrolled by the Clerk, and called over as often as the Association requires.

12. When the committees are to be appointed, the Moderator shall be entitled to the first nomination, and if the nomination be not satisfactory, then any other member may nominate.

13. The Moderator shall not be entitled to a vote in the decision of any matter, except the Association be equally divided.

14. The Moderator shall have equal liberty of speech, provided he nominate another member to fill his seat during the time he makes his speech.

15. Any member who shall knowingly and willingly break the rules of this Association, shall be reproved by the Association, at their discretion.

Addeess To The President Of The United States, 1806, May 20.

To the President of the United States:

Sir :—Under Divine protection, the Ministers and Messengers of the several Baptist churches of the North Carolina Chowan Association, held at Salem, on Newbiggin creek, in Pasquotank county, in the District of Edenton, and State of North Carolina, having met by appointment to offer up the sacrifices of a broken and contrite heart to the great Author of their Being, for the unbounded display of goodness and of tender mercies bestowed upon the children of men; and while rendering adoration, prayer and thanksgiving, with deep humility for the great and unspeakable gift which brought life and immortality to light through the gospel, they feel a profound sense of the bounty received by the hands of the Supreme towards the several churches in our connection by the overpowering of the Spirit upon them; not only in effecting a great increase in numbers, but in the substantial interest of the churches, being supported and strengthened by a very great and uncommon measure of Christian love, union and harmony among the Brethren. While we have great cause of thankfulness for all these bounties and mercies, we have felt the deepest gratitude to be due for the civil and religious liberties we enjoy under the administration of the government over which you, Sir, at present preside: for which liberties our fathers have, in times past, suffered at the stake and have bled and died.

The sense of contrast between the present moment and a late period when we were feelingly alarmed at the threatened invasion upon the general toleration of a free conscience in the worship of the God of our Fathers; we have now great reason to shout with loud acclamations of joy and praise that we now live under our own vine and under our own fig-tree in peace. And while we pray that the sons of liberty may be long held at the helm of government, to rule and govern these United States, we feel the strongest emotions to be thankful that under your patronage and administration, there is none shall make us afraid.

Living under a government of our own choice where the rights of men feel an equal and impartial distribution, how much ought we to rejoice at the envied happiness and freedom of our fellow-citizens throughout these States unrivalled and unequalled by any nation on this terrestrial globe, and in the midst of national wealth, prosperity and peace, added to extent of empire under the wise policy of your administration, we feel no danger of your violating your trust or attempting to endanger the happiness of the people who have chosen you as their Chief and Head. And while our prayers and praises are due to the Sovereign Ruler1 of the Universe, who has made you an instrument in his hands to give such blessings to such a people, we pray that the God of Battles may be your sun and shield; that he may give you grace and glory; and that he may withhold no good thing from you. And may we devoutly be permitted to add our prayers to the great Disposer of events, if it is His will, that that life devoted to public good from the commencement of our glorious Revolution to the present day, may be prolonged with blessings to yourself and common country.

Signed by order of the Association.

Geo. Outlaw, Moderator.
Lemuel Burkitt, Clerk

May 20th, 1806.

The original answer to the aforesaid address failing to come to hand, the President was pleased to send forward a duplicate of the answer, in a letter to the Moderator, of which the following is a copy:

Washington, June 24, 1806.

Sir:—I have duly received the Address signed by yourself on behalf of the Ministers and Messengers of the several Baptist churches of the North Carolina Chowan Association held at Salem, and I proffer my thanks for the favorable sentiments which it expresses towards myself personally.

The happiness which our country enjoys in the pursuits of peace and industry ought to endear that cause to all its citizens, and to kindle their hearts with gratitude

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