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Three Ballads

on the Armada Fight

(August, 1588)
By T. D.

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a topfull nets BallaD,

Declaring the happie obtaining of the great Galeazzo,

wherein Don Pedro de Valdez was the Chiefe, through the

mightie Power and Prouidence of God ; being a fpeciall

token of his gracious and fatherly goodnefle towards

vs: to the great encouragement of all thofe that

willingly fight in defence of his Gofpell, and

our good Queene of England.

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A joyful new Ballad declaring the happy obtaining of the great Galleazzo, wherein Don PEDRO DE VALDEZ was the chief; through the mighty power and providence of GOD; being a special token of His gracious and fatherly goodness towards us: to the great encouragement of all those that willingly fight in the

defence of His Gospel and our good
Queen of England.

To the tune of Monsieur's Almoin.

O NOBLE England, fall down upon thy knee! And praise thy GOD, with thankful heart, which still maintaineth thee! The foreign forces

that seek thy utter spoil, Shall then, through His especial grace,

be brought to shameful foil. With mighty power,

they come unto our coast;

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