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"A muster Roll ofCapt. John Ford's Company of Volunteers in Col. Jona. Reed's Regiment of militia, who were engaged Sept. 30, 1777, to reinforce the northern army, at the request of the General Court pf the Massachusetts Bay."


John Ford, Capt.
Temple Kendall, Lieut
Jona. Bancroft, Serg't
Willard Parker, Serg't
Azariah Proctor, Corp,
.Silas Pierce, Corp. •
Caleb Coburn, Corp.
Sim'n Cummings, Corp.

Oliver Barron, Esq.
Jona. Shed,
Wm. Chambers,
Jona. Woodard,
Willard Howard,
David Putman,
Joseph Adams,
Sam'l Adams,
Jeduthan Warren,
Sam'l Perham,
Josiah Fletcher,
Henry Fletcher,
Joel Spalding,
David Danforth,
David Marshall,
Aaron Chamberlin,
Azariah Spalding,
Timothy Adams,
Jona. Robins,
Ephraim Robins,
Supply Reed,
Wm, Spalding,
• Stephen Peirce,
Benj. Butterfield,
Levi Fletcher,
Benj. Hayward)

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£171 19 3

"Capt. Ford allowed for extra services, - . - - 46 9 4

Chelmsford, March 28, 1778. £218 08 7

Captain John Ford, is among the few veteran survivers of the revolutionary war. Though more fortunate, he is not less worthy of the honors of his country, than his fellow-townsmen and compatriots, the brave and intrepid Parker and Walker, whose claims to public grr titude and honor were sealed by their blood in the memorable battle of Bunker Hill.— From a recent account pf that battle, written by Col. Samuel Sweet, A. M. the i'oll ivving hj lorable testimony of the military prowess of Capt. John Ford, ii selected.

The enemy were by this time organized anew, and were again advancing to the attack. , Putnam's duty called him to the lines. At this time Capt. Ford appeared with his company. He served in a regiment under the veteran Lt. Col. Parker and Maj. Brooks. Of them he had learned the duties of a Soldier. He had already signalized himself at Lexington battle, by killing five of the enemy. His orders were to pro. ceed to the lines and reinforce the troops. He obeyed, marched unconcerned across the neck and was proceeding down Bunker Hill, when Putnam was delighted with an aid so opportune. Calender's deserted cannon were at the foot of the hill. He ordered Capt. Ford with his company to draw them into the lines. The Captain remonstrated, " that his company were totally ignorant of the discipline and employment of artillery, (' many of whom had never aeen a cannon before.') But the ( General peremptorily persisting in his order, ht obeyed. Hi« company moved with the cannon, auri the general himself to the rail fence."'

Captain Ford on the day preceeding the battle, volunteered his service to Gen. Ward, to carry orders from Cambridge to Bunker hill, particularly to Callender, who was wasting the little amunition he had by an ineffectual fire at the distant enemy. He passed and repassed th

Aug. 1778, six men were draughted from the Militia, to go to Rhode Island, viz:— Oliver Bowers' Josiah Fletcher Jesse Haywood John Dunn Levi Fletcher Wm. Spalding,

Dr. John Betty went as a volunteer, and was chosen Clerk of the company commanded by Joseph B. Varnum. The above were draughted for six weeks, were in an engagement on Bhode island—in which from Capt. J. B. Varnum's company, one was killed, two wounded, one missing.

1779—16 men were engaged to go to Rhode Island for three months, viz:—James Marshall, Simon Parker, Ashbel Spalding, Josiah Parkhurst, Benja. Butterfield, John Byam, Joseph Haywood, Luke Bowers, Joseph Chambers, Wm. Chambers, John Keys, Simeon Spalding, Abel Chamberhn^, Peter Farror.

1780—The militia officers were empowered bj the town to hire 15 men for the continental service, and the selectmen instructed to raise money and produce, to pay them for 9 months service; and,

Phineas Kidder, Peter Farror, Jacob Marshall, Robert Spalding, JSoah Foster, Henry Fletcher, Samuel W ilson, Jr. Pelatiah Adams, Thomas Hutchens, Jesse Stevens, John Keyes, Leonard Parker, Benja. Spalding, Joseph Warren, Jr. Robert Jttich-. ardson, were engaged.

neck on horse-back, amidst the enemy on each side ; though his orders from the general were to leave his horse and walk over the neck to escape the notice of the enemy. On the hill he spent some time iu observing the motions of the enemy in Boston, and having read their intention from their movement, he firt>t called Col. Frescott's attention t« them, pointed out to him the design of the enemy, the certdint, of their advance to the Hill, and the necessity of preparing to meet them by castr ing up breast works, redoubts, &c. Col. Prescott, who had red himself that the enemy would not leave Boston, was now tuJiy convinced of his error, and immediately set his troops to work C apt. r ord returned to Gen. \Vardat Cambridge, communicated his convictions. and impressions. Ths next morning realized to him his fears, vv hile the tioops were tardy in preparing to march on to the hill, Capt. Ford obtained permission from the General, to withdraw his company private.. ly and march directly to the scene of action, to reinforce the troops.— He arrived in season to take an active part in the achitvu.uub of that. brio us day, Appendix to the life of Putnam—puge 23

A list of those, who were detached from the militia and formed a part of the army of General Lincoln, in the memorable expedition through the counties of Worcester and Berkshire, to suppress the insurrection in 1786, commonly known by the name of the Shays insurrection. The company formed from this and the neighboring towns, was commanded by Capt. (now Col.) James Varnum, of Dracut.

1 Lt. Daniel Procter Jphn Butterficld

2 Lt. Abel Adams Joseph Emerson, Jr.' Benj. Butterfield, Jr. Timothy Howard Oliver Perham Jesse Stevens

Silas Parker Henry Spalding, Jr.

Oliver Cory Thomas Chamberlin

Jeremiah Warren Samuel Stevens

Zebulon Spalding, Jr. James Parkhurst

Oliver Adams John Farmer

Benja. Adams Willard Marshall

Reuben Goold, Jr. Abel Marshall

John Me Clenny Amost Prescotf

Aaron Spalding Levi Spalding

In the " fourth Indian war, commonly called the three years war, or Lovell's war," snow shoe companies were raised in all the towns lying upon MerT irnack river. These companies were minute men, cquipt Avith snow shoes and fire arms &c. holding themselves in readiness to go Ob scouting parties in pursuit of the Indians at the moment of alarm.

The following eonstiluted the snow shoe company in Chelmsford in 1724; under the command of Capt. Robert Richardson and Lieut. Robert Park.. «r, in one of the years during Lovell's war.* Paul Fletcher Nathan Proctor

Sanrl Fletcher Matthias Cowdrey

Joseph Keyes John Proctor jun.

Henry Stevens Benj. Robbins

Robert Peirce John Butterfield

Josiah Spalding James Burn

Zacharias Richardson Benj. Chambcrljn

f §ie Belknap's Hi?, of $. Ham. Vol. 2—p. 43.

Benj. Goold Edward Foster'

Moses Graves Benj. Parker

Timothy Spaulding John Spaulding

Fhineas Spaulding John Cory

Joseph Underwood Jona. Ilildreth

Jacob Blodgct Josiah Birge

Ebenezcr Parker Simon Rummery

Joseph Warren, jun. Daniel Blodget

Jonathan Parker Henry Spaulding

Joseph Fletcher Jona. Cummings

Jonathan Spalding Thomas Reed

James Kidder Joseph Foster.
Ezekiel Keyes

Williani Dummer, Esq. Lieut. Governor and Commtnder in Chief in and over his Majesty's province of Massachusetts Bay in New-England.

To Joseph Parker, Gent.greeting.

By virtue of the power and authority in and by his Majesty's commission to me granted? to be Lieutenant Governor, &c. I do by these presents, reposing especial trust and confidence in your loyalty, courage and good conduct, constitute and appoint you the said Joseph Parker to be Lieutenant of a company of snow-shoe-men, and of those that are appointed to be in readiness to issue out against the Indian enemy and rebels upon any alarm or attack;' whereof Robert Richardson is Captain, in the regiment of Militia in the county of Middlesex, whereof Eleazer Tyng, Esq. is Colonel. You are therefore diligently and faithfully to discharge the duties of a. Lieutenant, &c.

Given under my hand and seal at arms at Boston, 5th day Feb. in the Eleventh year of the reign of his Majesty, King George A. D. 1724.


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