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Boardman on Election. No. 615.

The Doctrine of Election neither Derogatory to God nor Discouraging to Man. By the Rev. Henry A. Boardman, D. D. 18mo. (Cong. Lib.)

The lucid and impressive statements of this excellent little work cannot fail, wherever it is read, to mollify the common prejudices against the important doctrine of election.

Mackerel Will. N0. 6i6.

Mackerel Will. By the author of " Gilbert Gresham,"

"Stories for School-boys," etc. 18mo. (S. S. Lib.)

An instructive book for young readers, presenting the life, temptations, struggles and final history of a fisher boy in England.

Boys of Wyoming Valley. No. 617.

Boys of Wyoming Valley: One of Life's True Tales. By Mrs. Sarah S. T. Wallace, author of "Julia's Visit," "Rosalie's Lessons," etc. 18mo. (S. S. Lib.)

A true tale of the times of Indian warfare, and of the adventures and after-history of two boys whose father was killed in the Wyoming

The Child's Mission. No. m.

Child's Mission. By Mrs. Sarah S. T. Wallace.

18mo. (S. S. Lib.)

A story of a foundling who became a blessing to the family that took it in.

Mother's Prayers Answered. No. 619.

A Mother's Prayers Answered. 18mo. (S. S. Lib.)

A touching sketch of the lives of six young persons whose hopeful conversion could be traced to the earnest prayers, the faithful instructions and the holy example of their mother.

Child's Pilgrim's Progress. No. 620.

The Child's Pilgrim's Progress. Part First. 32mo. The Child's Pilgrim's Progress. Part Second. Christiana and her Children. 32mo. (S. S. Lib.)

A simplification of the Pilgrim's Progress for the use of little children. The quaint, simple language of the incomparable Bunyan is fot the most part retained.

Marion Leslie. N0.621.

Marion Leslie; or, The Light at Home. With an Introduction by the Rev. H. A. Boardman, D. D. 18mo. (S. S. Lib.)

A story of a young lady, rich, gifted and beautiful, who became a Christian and made a profession of religion while at boarding-school, but on her return home was sadly tempted by her own parents, who were worldly people and wished her to shine in fashionable life.

Henry Burney. No. 622.

Henry Burney; or, A Talk about Angels. By Mrs. C. A. Bradshaw. 18mo. (S. S. Lib.)

Rich and precious instruction carefully drawn from the word of God, and so communicated as to make it eminently attractive to children.

The Exiles of Madeira. N0. 623.

The Exiles of Madeira. By the Rev. W. M. BlackBurn. 12mo. (Cong. Lib.) A history of the work of God in Madeira, The facts are of thrilling interest and are admirably related.

White on Gospel Ministry. No. 624.

The Gospel Ministry. In a Series of Letters from a Father to his Sons. By the Rev. Wm, S. White, D. D., Lexington, Va. 18mo. (Mm. Lib.)

This little work abounds in fatherly, affectionate, pious and judicious counsels, given by one who had a long, useful and unusually successful experience in the pastoral office.

Life Pictures from the Bible. No. 625.

Life Pictures from the Bible; or, Illustrations of Scripture Character. By the Rev. Le Roy J. Halsey, D. D., author of "The Literary Attractions of the Bible," etc. 12mo. (Cong. Lib.) The object of this volume is to commend the Book of God to the favorable attention of all those, both parents and teachers, who are charged with the education of youth, and especially to the attention of the young themselves, as a book of permanent historic and biographic interest, and as such furnishing the richest storehouse of example and the surest guide in the formation of character.

Beauty of Immanuel. No. 626.

The Beauty of Immanuel: His Name shall be called Wonderful. By Le Roy J. Halsey, D. D. 12mo. (Cong. Lib.)

This is a most sweet and precious volume. It contains thirteen chapters, of which the subjects are as follows : I. The life and character of Jesus Christ. II. His birth and early history. III. His baptism and public ministry. IV. His mighty miracles. V. His matchless instructions. VI. His immaculate virtues. VII. The manifestations of his glory. VIII. His sufferings and death. IX. His resurrection and ascension. X. His mediatorial offices and work. XI. His second and glorious appearing. XII. The saving power of his gospel. XIII. Recapitulation and conclusion.

Heavenly Watchwords. No. 627.

Heavenly Watchwords ; or, Promises and Countersigns. By L. B. J. 12mo. (Cong. Lib.)

A precious little book for devotional study. It consists of scriptural questions, interspersed with devotional poetry. It presents what the author styles promises, countersigns and proofs from Scripture on a variety of topics.

The Wonderful Lamp. No. 028.

The Wonderful Lamp; or, Light for the Darkest Path. 18mo. (S. S. Lib.)

The "Wonderful Lamp" is God's blessed word, and the author's aim is to lead the young to prize it and love it more highly.

Adam and his Times. No. 629.

Adam and his Times. By the Kev. John M. Lowrie, D. D., author of "Estherand her Times." 12mo. (Cong. Lib.)

A volume rich in theological instruction in a style fitted to the comprehension of the unlearned reader. The author discourses ably and impressively upon such themes as the relation of the Old Testament to the New, Adam in Paradise, the institution of marriage, the origin and perpetuity of the Sabbath, the origin of evil, the temptation and fall, labor, death, the second Adam, and a variety of kindred topics.

The Lost Key, No. 630.

The Lost Key. By the author of "The Little WaterCress Sellers." 18mo. (S. S. Lib.)

A story of two dishonest boys, one of whom confessed and repented, and grew up an honest Christian man; the other confessed only in part and without real repentanoe, and went on to a convict's fate.

Life of Dr. J. J. Janeway. No. 63i.

Memoir of the Rev. Jacob J. Janeway, D. D. By the Rev. Thomas L. Janeway, D. D. With a portrait. 12mo. (Cong. Lib.) Dr. Janeway was one of the best and most useful men of his generation. In the preparation of this volume his son has drawn largely from the copious diaries kept by his eminent father, and is thus able to exhibit more of the growth and workings of grace in his soul.

Alice Rosedale. N0. 633.

Alice Rosedale; or, The Power of a Constant Christian Life. By Mrs. Caroline L Blake. 18mo. (S. S. Lib.)

The story of a young girl at school who maintains a consistent Christian character amid the jeers of her school-mates. Her subsequent

lifo is checkered with a great variety of incidents, all showing the power of a consistent Christian life.

Life and Sermons of W. Neill, D. D, No. 635.

Autobiography of the Rev. William Neill, D. D. With a Selection of his Sermons, by the Rev. Joseph H. Jones, D. D. With a portrait 12mo. (Cong. Lib.)

This autobiography will interest very many readers. The sermons contained in the volume are plain, direct and eminently evangelical.

The Lost Bracelet. No. 636.

The Lost Bracelet By the author of "Little Flora," "James Harwell," etc. 18mo. (S. S. Lib.)

A story of a little Swiss peasant girl showing singular beauty of character, the result of her religious training, and containing scenes of romantic interest.

Emma Allen, No. 637.

Emma Allen; or, The Lord's Prayer in Daily Life. 18mo. (S. S.Lib.) A truly beautiful and instructive little volume. The spirit of our Lord's Prayer is admirably exhibited in the narrative, which is well written and adapted to make a happy impression on young minds.

Walking with God. No. 638.

Walking with God; or, The Practical Christian Life. By James B. Rankin. 18mo. (Cong. Lib.)

An excellent work on practical religion. Its fourteen chapters contain important hints in regard to Sabbath observance, the reading of the Scriptures, prayer, liberality, self-examination, domestic and other duties, considered as parts of the great work of walking with God and aids thereto.

Johnny Wright. N0.639.

Johnny Wright; or, The Boy who Tried to do Right. By the author of "Little Bob True," "Stories on the Petitions," "Little Words," etc. 18mo. (S. S. Lib.)

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