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of wrath! O day of mourning! See fulfilled the prophets' warning, Heaven and earth in ashes burning!


2 O what fear man's bosom rendeth, When from heaven the Judge descendeth, On whose sentence all dependeth.

3 Wondrous sound the trumpet flingeth; Through earth's sepulchres it ringeth; All before the throne it bringeth.

4 Death is struck, and nature quaking; All creation is awaking,

To its Judge an answer making.

5 Lo, the book, exactly worded, Wherein all hath been recorded: Thence shall judgment be awarded.

6 When the Judge His seat attaineth,
And each hidden deed arraigneth,
Nothing unavenged remaineth.

7 What shall I, frail man, be pleading,
Who for me be interceding,
When the just are mercy needing?

8 King of Majesty tremendous,
Who dost free salvation send us,
Fount of pity, then befriend us.

9 Think, kind Jesus, my salvation
Cost Thy wondrous Incarnation;
Leave me not to reprobation.

10 Faint and weary Thou hast sought me, On the cross of suffering bought me; Shall such grace be vainly brought me?

11 Righteous Judge of retribution, Grant Thy gift of absolution

Ere that reckoning-day's conclusion.

12 Guilty, now I pour my moaning,

All my shame with anguish owning;
Spare, O God, Thy suppliant groaning.

13 Thou the sinful woman savedst;
Thou the dying thief forgavest;
And to me a hope vouchsafest.

14 Worthless are my prayers and sighing; Yet, good Lord, in grace complying, Rescue me from fires undying.

15 With Thy favored sheep O place me; Nor among the goats abase me;

But to Thy right hand upraise me.

16 While the wicked are confounded, Doomed to flames of woe unbounded, Call me, with Thy saints surrounded.

17 Low I kneel with heart-submission;
See, like ashes, my contrition;
Help me in my last condition.

18 Ah, that day of tears and mourning!
From the dust of earth returning,

Man for judgment must prepare him;
Spare, O God, in mercy spare him:

19 Lord, all pitying, Jesus blest,
Grant us Thine eternal rest.


THOU art coming, O my Saviour,
Thou art coming, O my King,
In Thy beauty all resplendent,
In Thy glory all transcendent;

Well may we rejoice and sing:
Coming! in the opening east

Herald brightness slowly swells;
- Coming! O my glorious Priest,
Hear we not Thy golden bells?

2 Thou art coming, Thou art coming;

We shall meet Thee on Thy way,
We shall see Thee, we shall know Thee,
We shall bless Thee, we shall show Thee

All our hearts could never say:
What an anthem that will be,

Ringing out our love to Thee,
Pouring out our rapture sweet

At Thine own all-glorious feet.

3 Thou art coming; at Thy Table

We are witnesses for this;
While remembering hearts Thou meetest
In communion clearest, sweetest,

Earnest of our coming bliss;

Showing not Thy death alone,
And Thy love exceeding great,

But Thy coming and Thy throne,
All for which we long and wait.

4 Thou art coming; we are waiting

With a hope that cannot fail;
Asking not the day or hour,
Resting on Thy word of power,

Anchored safe within the veil:
Time appointed may be long,

But the vision must be sure;
Certainty shall make us strong,

Joyful patience can endure.

5 O the joy to see Thee reigning,

Thee, my own beloved Lord!
Every tongue Thy Name confessing,
Worship, honor, glory, blessing

Brought to Thee with glad accord;
Thee, my Master and my Friend,

Vindicated and enthroned;
Unto earth's remotest end

Glorified, adored, and owned.


I IFT up your heads, rejoice,
A—« Redemption draweth nigh;
Now breathes a softer air,

Now shines a milder sky;
The early trees put forth

Their new and tender leaf;
Hushed is the moaning wind

That told of winter's grief.

2 Lift up your heads, rejoice,

Redemption draweth nigh;
Now mount the laden clouds,

Now flames the darkening sky;
The early scattered drops

Descend with heavy fall,
And to the waiting earth

The hidden thunders call.

3 Lift up your heads, rejoice,

Redemption draweth nigh;
O note the varying signs

Of earth, and air, and sky;
The God of glory comes

In gentleness and might,
To comfort and alarm,

To succor and to smite.

4 He comes, the wide world's King,

He comes, the true heart's Friend,
New gladness to begin,

And ancient wrong to end;
He comes, to fill with light

The weary waiting eye:
Lift up your heads, rejoice,

Redemption draweth nigh.


GREAT God, what do I see and hear!
The end of things created!
The Judge of mankind doth appear

On clouds of glory seated!
The trumpet sounds; the graves restore
The dead which they contained before:
Prepare, my soul, to meet Him.

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