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Come sinful wights, did you delight in glorifying God

Or was the end you did intend only to 'scape his rod

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Without true Faith the Scripture saith God cannot take delight In any dred that doth proceed from any sinful wight. And without love all zétions prove but barren empty things ; Dead works they be, and vanity, the which vexation brings. Nor

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Nor from true faith, which quencheth wrath,
hath your obedience flown :
Nor from true love which wont to move
believers hath it grown.
Your argument shews your intent,
in all that you have done:
You thought to scale heav'ns lofty wall
by ladders of your own.

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Again you thought, and mainly sought
a name with men to acquire ;

Pride, bear the bell, that made you swell
and your own selves admire. S.


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A wondrous crou’d then 'gan aloud # thus for themselves to say, We did intend, Lord, to amend, and to reform our way. Our true intent was to repent, and our peace with thee : But sudden death flopping our breath,

left us no liberty. *

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In younger years beyond your fears,
what if you were surprised
You put away the evil day,
and of long life devised.
You oft were told, and micht behold
that Death no age doth spare ;
Why then did you your time foreflow,
and slight your souls welfare 2
Had your intent been to repent,
and had you it desir'd,
There would have been endeavors seen
before your time cxpir’d. G

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Cthers argue, and not a few,
is not God gracious 2
His equity and clemency
are they not marvellous 2
Thus we believ'd : are we deciv'd 2
cannot his mercy great,
(As hath been told to ‘us of old)
asswage his anger's heat

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