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Come (infill wights, did you delight

in glorifying God? Or was the cn-J you did intend

only to Tcape his rod?

The men that (land at the right hind*

joy'd in God's praifes high: And if that they were cait away,

Yet would him glorify.Could you believe you fhould receive

a pardon that was good, When you the part that's cali'd the heart

ne'er fought to have renew'd."'

God looks upon th' effecVion

and temper of the heart; Nat only on the aft ion,

and the extern il part.
Whatever end vain men pretend,

God knows the verity j
And by the end which they intend

their words and deeds doth try.

Without true Faith the Scripture faith;

God cannot fake delight
In any deed that doth proceed

from any finful wight. And without love all -aions prove

but barren empty things; Dead works they he, and vanity,

the which vexation brings.


Nor from true faith, which quencheth,

hath jour obedience flown: Kor i ro.ii crur love which wont to morp

believers hath it grown. Your argument {hews your intent,

in all that you have done: You thought to fcale heav'ns lofcy wall

by ladders of your own.

Your blinded fpirit hoping to merit by your own Righteouinefs,

Needed no Saviour, but your behaviour,; and blamckfs carriages.

You trufted to what you could do, and in no need you ftood:

Your haughty pride laid me afide,

and trampled on my blood.

i AH men hnvc gone adray, and done

that which God's laws condemn: But my purchafe and offered grtce

all men did not contemn.

The Nauvites^ and Sodaaiies,

had 110 luch fin as this: Yet as if all your fins were fmall,

you fay all did amifs.

Again you thought, and mainly fought a name wjth men t* acquire;

Pride bear the bell, that made you fwell ami your cwn fclvcs admire. £

'Means fruit it is, and vile, I rv . that fprings from fuch a root: * Virtue divine and genuine I wonts not from pride to fhoot.

Such deeds as your are worfe than poor;

they are but fin% gilt over
With filver drofs, whole glittering glofs

caa them no longer cover.
The bcft of them would you contemn,
•0 and ruin you alfine,

Although you were irom faults fo clear .that other you had none.

A wondrous crouM then "gan aloud

thus for themfclves to lay,
We did intend, Lord, to amend,

and to reform our way.
Our true intent was to rt-pent,

and our peace with thec;
But fudden death flopping our breath,

left us no liberty.

Lft our good will to turn from ill,

and fin to have forfaken, Accepted be O Lord, by thee, v and in good part be taken. To whom the Judge, Where you alledge

the (hjrtnels of the fpace, That from your binh you liv'd on cart'i,

to coinpafs faving grace: It


-•(*»•" : }•

It was free grace that any fpace

was given you at all, To turn from evil, defy- the Devil,

and upon God to call. You had a fcafon, what was your reafon

fuch precious hours to wifl? What could you and, what cnuld you mind,

that was of greater hfft?

Could -you find time for vain paftime,

for loofe licentious mirth? For fruitleis toys, and fading joys . >

that per-lh in the birth? Had you good Irifure for carnal pleafure,

in days or' health and youth? And yet no fp?.ce to leek God's face,

and turn to him in truth?

In younger years beyond your fears,

what if you were furprifed ^ You put away the evil day,

and of long life devifed. You oft were told, and mi^.ht behold

that Death no age doch ipure; . .

W•hy then did you your time: foreQow,'

and .flight your fouls welfare?

Had your intent been to rfpent,

and had you it dcfir'd, There would have been endeavors feen

before your time cxpir'd. G «


r -r-)^^

God makes no treafvre, nor hath he pic a fu re * in idle purpofes:'

, Such fair pretences .are foul offences^

and cloaks for wickednefs.

CtJ.ers argue, and not a few,

is not God gracious?
His equity and clemency

are tney not marvellous?
Thus we btlicv'd i arc we deciv'd?

canrot h:$ mercy great,
fr| (As hath been tcld to *us of old)

afiwage his anger's heat i

Unto thy name .more glorious fame

would not fuch mercy bring? Would not it raife thine ehdlcfs praife

more than our fuffc ring? . '• With that they ccafe, holding their peace^

but ceafe not (till to weep; Gritf -ninifters a flood of tears,

in which their words do deep.

i But all too late, griefs out of date,

. when life is at an end.
The gbrious King thus anfwering,

all to his voice attend:
With cords of love God often ftrore

your ftubborn hearts to tame,
Nevertheless your. wickednefs,

did (till refift the fame. You r


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