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see Agriculture, Department of. Agricultural
Research Service. Northeastern Region

to movement of the physically handicapped; workmen's compensation; transportation of the physically disabled; rehabilitation and public relations; insurance aspects of employing the handicapped; organizing volunteers and community efforts. PUBLICATIONS: Performance: The Story of the Handicapped (monthly); newsletter, pamphlets. INFORMATION SERVICES: Answers inquiries; provides advisory services; makes referrals.


see United States Postal Service


see General Services Administration. National Archives and Records Service



0985 1900 E St. NW.

Washington, D.C. 20415

Tel: (202) 382-4661 The Commission, which was established by Executive Order in 1964, conducts an annual national competition from which it selects 15 to 20 outstanding young men and women to become White House Fellows. Fellows serve for one year, usually as special assistants to senior members of the White House staff and members of the Cabinet, and receive a government salary. The Commission also plans and coordinates an education program for the Fellows during their tenure. AREAS OF INTEREST: The White House Fellows program. PUBLICATIONS: Annual brochure, directory of former Fellows. INFORMATION SERVICES: The Commission answers inquiries about the White House Fellows program and provides advisory services regarding applications and nominations for White House Fellowships.

0987 Regional Office Bldg. 3, Room 2614

Seventh and D Sts. SW.
Washington, D.C. 20201

Tel: (202) 963-7851 This Committee advises the President on mental retardation programming and needs, acts as a liaison among organizations serving in the mental retardation field, and promotes public understanding of mental retardation and citizen action to combat it. AREAS OF INTEREST: All aspects of the prevention and amelioration of mental retardation; mental retardation programs. The aim is to fulfill the two Presidential goals of reduction of mental retardation by one-half by 1980 and reduction of the number of persons in institutions by one-third. PUBLICATIONS: Newsletter, news releases of general interest, annual report, reports on areas of particular significance in the field of mental retardation. INFORMATION SERVICES: Answers inquiries; makes referrals; promotes and conducts national information campaigns and conferences, disseminates information to the general public.



0986 Vanguard Bldg.

1111 20th St. NW.
Washington, D.C. 20210

Tel: (202) 961-3401 The Committee seeks to develop a climate of acceptance and maximum opportunities for employment of the handicapped. AREAS OF INTEREST: Employment of persons with physical or mental handicaps; architectural barriers

0988 400 Sixth St. SW., Room 3030

Washington, D.C. 20201

Tel: (202) 755-7478 The Council's mission is to develop, implement, and coordinate a national program for physical fitness and sports. AREAS OF INTEREST: Health and physical fitness appraisals of children, youth, and adults; physical education in schools and colleges; adult physical fitness programs; Federal services and programs relating to physical fitness and sports; facilities and equipment for programs; community and quasi-public recreation programs; research; cooperative medical symposia on physical fitness.

PUBLICATIONS: Research Digest (quarterly); physical fitness bulletins, brochures, and newsletters. INFORMATION SERVICES: Articles alerting the public to the need for physical fitness are supplied to scholastic, sports, and health journals and to major magazines.

PRIMATE AND PESTICIDES EFFECTS LABORATORY see Environmental Protection Agency. Office of Research and Development. National Environmental Research Center (Research Triangle Park)

PUBLICATIONS: Annual Report; Statistical Supplement to the Annual Report; Quarterly Review; Monthly Benefit Statistics; Service and Taxable Compensation of Railroad Employees; informational leaflets and pamphlets. INFORMATION SERVICES: Distributes periodicals and news releases regularly; conducts a series of annual informational conferences designed to explain the provisions to the laws administered by the Board to representatives of covered employees; answers inquiries about the Board's retirement, unemployment, and health insurance activities and about its free employment service for qualified railroad workers. Inquiries may be directed to any of the Railroad Retirement Board regional offices at the following addresses:

see Commerce, Department of. National Bureau of

Federal Bldg., Room 18043
450 Golden Gate Ave., Box 36043
San Francisco, Calif. 94102
Tel: (415) 556-2584

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see Navy, Department of the. Office of Naval
Research. Naval Research Laboratory

An independent agency of the Federal Government, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) administers several laws designed to protect the investing public. AREAS OF INTEREST: Securities; disclosure of financial and other information about companies whose securities are offered for public sale, traded on exchanges, or over the counter; enforcement of prohibitions against fraudulent acts or practices in the purchase and sale of securities; regulation of stock exchanges, broker-dealer and investment-adviser firms, investment companies, and companies comprising electric and gas public utility holding company systems. PUBLICATIONS: SEC News Digest (daily summary of SEC activities); SEC Docket (weekly containing full text of SEC releases); SEC Statistical Bulletin (weekly); Official Summary of Security Transactions and Holdings. INFORMATION SERVICES: Answers inquiries; makes referrals.

SMALL ARMS TECHNICAL INFORMATION NETWORK see Army, Department of the. Army Materiel Command. U.S. Army Small Arms Systems Agency


The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides varied services to small business firms and their communities. It makes loans to such firms directly and in participation with commercial banks; helps them strengthen management; assists them in obtaining Government contracts; and provides them with a source of equity capital through federally-licensed Small Business Investment Companies (SBICS).

Office of Public Information


The Selective Service System registers, classifies, and selects men to train and serve in the Armed Forces of the United States.

Office of Legislation and Liaison

0993 Small Business Administration

1441 L St. NW.
Washington, D.C. 20416

Tel: (202) 382-1891 AREAS OF INTEREST: Small Business Administration programs and policies, and their impact on the small business economy, the media, and general public. PUBLICATIONS: Booklets and pamphlets describing the SBA's programs and services available to small firms; news releases, speeches, articles, slides, movies. INFORMATION SERVICES: Answers inquiries; makes referrals; distributes pamphlets, articles, and speeches.

Office of Financial Assistance

0992 Selective Service System

1724 F St. NW., Room 607
Washington, D.C. 20435

Tel: (202) 343-8025 AREAS OF INTEREST: Military training and service; military manpower resources; emergency planning; conscientious objectors. HOLDINGS: Data on more than 33 million men registered under current Selective Service legislation. PUBLICATIONS: Perspective on the Draft (booklet that reviews basic draft facts); The Lottery and Class 1-H; Conscientious Objectors; Hardship Deferment; Doctors Draft; Aliens (explains the legal obligations to Selective Service of aliens residing in the U.S.); The Draft, Past, Present and Future; It's Your Choice (a brochure that outlines enlistment opportunities, including required education and periods of enlistments, in the armed services); Director's Semiannual Report to the Congress. Publications are available free from Selective Service headquarters or local board offices. INFORMATION SERVICES: Answers inquiries; makes referrals.

0994 Small Business Administration

1441 L St. NW.
Washington, D.C. 20416

Tel: (202) 382-5395 AREAS OF INTEREST: Financial assistance to small business firms; loans for business construction, conversion, or expansion, for purchase of machinery, equipment, facilities, supplies, or materials, or for working capital; bank participation in loans; guarantees to banks making loans to small firms. INFORMATION SERVICES: Information and guidance is provided to small firms seeking loans from the SBA.

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