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One highlands travailed when their son was born.

0/7i/ was the welcome to the lad no wild:

öhrice-charged with passion, brother to the storm,

ohe prince of singers, tender as a child.

foaming wiïh life from the eternal hills

torrent marked with auiet pools is he;

tfl man, a comrade, one whose presence fills

'Уhe soul with courage and with harmony.

Уlie lash of priest-craft was the threat of hell:

He turned the stroketheir own hearts felt the thong

Шо sat in judgment, frowning as he fell.

best loved soul that ever sung a song, He tuned the heart-strings of a canny race snowed1 the glory in the lowly place.


Sreat to aclv'eve and greater to endure, tPs his rude sires broke the stubborn soil, He vanquished miseries with purpose sure tfind hardy spirit bor n of steady toil. &he faith serene that pointed to Ihe goal, Síhe glory of the vision in his heartöhese were me stay and coinfort of his soul; <yhe inspiration of creating tfirt. One message of his life comes as a call ßorne from the tflngelus to those who wait: "Ghildren of earth! who suffer and who fall, .Jvift up your heads, nor fear to meet your fate." "though heavy day give place to creeping night, Rejoice'at even-tide it shall be light.'

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