Rhode Island; Raleigh, North Carolina; Fall River, Massachusetts; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Boston, Massachusetts; Herkimer, New York; and Binghamton, New York.

Member: Harvard Club of Boston, University Club, and Chamber of Commerce of Binghamton.


Born at Chelsea, Mass., March 29,1893.

Parents: Isaac, Sarah (Finberg) Watchmaker.

School: Chelsea High School, Chelsea, Mass.

Years in College: 1909-12.

Degrees: A.B. 1913 (1912); LL.B. 1915.


Occupation: Lawyer.

Address: (home) 183 Walnut Ave., Roxbury, Mass.; (business) 73 Journal Bldg., Boston, Mass.

ENTERED Harvard Law School in September, 1912, and graduated June, 1915. Entered the law firm of Swift, Friedman and Atherton in August, 1915, and stayed there until August, 1916. Since then I have been practicing law for myself at 73 Journal Building, Boston.

Member: Harvard Club of Boston.

Born at Milton, Mass., May 6, 1889.

Parents: Robert Clifford, Susan Grinnell ( Holdrege) Watson.
School: Milton Academy, Milton, Mass.
Years in College: 1909-12.

Married: Lorna K. lankea, Honolulu, Hawaii, Sept. 25, 1913.
Children: Francis Sedgwick, 2d, Dec. 26,1914; Edward Bowditch, Jr.,

Dec. 3O, 1915. Occupation: Bonds.

Address: (home) 487 Adams St., Milton, Mass.; (business) 35 Federal St., Boston, Mass.

IWAS with the Morse Twist Drill and Machine Company until October, 1914. I then moved from New Bedford to Hingham. Was with Waldo Brothers, Boston, until June, 1916. I have been with Harris, Forbes and Company since July, 1916. I am a director of the Merrill Process Company, 70 Devonshire Street, and Treasurer and Director of the Neponset Investment Company, 84 State Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

I moved my place of residence from Hingham to Milton in September, 1915.

Member: Harvard Club of Boston, B. P. O. Elks.

CHARLES THOMAS WEBB Born at East Tawas, Mich., Sept. 17,1889.

Parents: Richard Thomas William, Mary Martha Maria (Lewis) Webb.

School: Eastern High School, Detroit, Mich.

Years in College: 1909-13.

Degree: A.B. 1913.


Occupation: Episcopal Minister.

Address: (home) 1052 Concord Ave., Detroit, Mich.; (business) 505 West Fourth St., Royal Oak, Mich.

T^NTERED the General Theological Seminary, New York, in autumn of 1913 and graduated in June, 1916. Was elected President of the graduating class of 1916. Was ordained deacon of the Episcopal Church June 20, 1916, and priest February 18, 1917, both at Detroit, Michigan. Appointed, in June, 1916, missionary at St. John's Mission, Royal Oak; St. Philip's Mission, Rochester; and St. Paul's Mission, Rome; (all Michigan), by Bishop C. D. Williams of the diocese of Michigan, which position I now hold.


Born at Riverdale, N. Y., Aug. 13, 1890.
Parents: Henry Walter, Leila (Howard) Webb.
School: Groton School, Groton, Mass.
Years in College: 1909-13.
Degree: A.B. 1913 (19U).

Married: Anne P. Rogers, Hyde Park, N. Y., May 16,19U.
Child: John Griswold, Jr., Dec. 3,1915.
Occupation: Agriculture.
Address: Clinton Corners, N. Y.

DURING the year of 1912 I was war correspondent of Boston
Herald in Mexico; 1914-1915, spent in Cornell University,
College of Agriculture. Since 1915 I have been owner and General
Manager of "Webb Farms," Clinton Corners, New York.

Member: Harvard, Racquet and Tennis, and Knickerbocker Clubs of New York City; and Automobile Club of America.

* teup Cranston Wttka

Born near Clarksville, Clinton Co., 0., July S3, 1877.

Parents: William WUkerson, Ruth (Creal) Weeks.

Schools: National University; and Ohio State University, Columbus, 0.

Years in College: 1911-13.

Degree: A.B. 1913 (19U).


Died at New York, N. Y., Oct. 4, 1915.


Born at Boston, Mass., Nov. 30, 1890.

Parents: William Joseph, Annie Adeline (Williams) Welch.

School: Roxbury Latin School, Roxbury, Mass.

Years in College: 1909-13.

Degree: A.B. 1913 (1915).


Occupation: Foreman.

Address: (home) 133 Blue Hill Ave., Roxbury, Mass.; (business) Center and Bickford Sts., Boston, Mass.

ON June 19, 1913, I faced the cru-el world without a degree, (due to failure in passing an entrance examination in plane geometry), all dressed up in my cap and gown, and no place to go. This deficiency, by the way, has long since been made up, and I have received from Terry, I mean the faculty, my degree for four short years of residence in Cambridge.

With farsightedness, born of a college education, I had not made any definite arrangements about my future work, and the following week resumed my duties of the previous summer at City Hall, Boston. This served as a gradual step-down to real work.

In the fall I gave up my lucrative, short-hours, position to take up a job with the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, Manchester, New Hampshire, cotton and worsted manufacturers. I experienced many thrills heretofore denied me. I never had had occasion to arise and greet the morn at six A.m. On several occasions in the past I had found myself headed for home at that hour, but this other was wholly a new experience.

Diversions in this lazy and indolent life were varied. I have indulged myself with reckless abandon, accompanied by two other 1913 castaways, in many Young Men's Christian Association orgies and debauches.

The following September I came up for air, and it effected me in such a manner as to suffer a complete lapse of memory. Finding it impossible to recollect my former place of employment, I sought another position.

My second venture was in the purchasing department of the Thomas G. Plant Company, Boston. I have since been in their employ.

From June 19, last year, to November 8, I was with the Ninth Massachusetts mounted orderly section, at El Paso, Texas. I participated to some extent in the social life, being elected a member (along with other members of the Class) of the Del Norte Bar Club. I am patiently waiting for the exodus of winter, in order that I may be able once more to take a few swings at the old pill.


Born at Brookline, Mass., Dec. 6, 1890.

Parents: JosephHiller, Martha Parker (Tappan) Wellman.

School: Newton High School, Newton, Mass.

Years in College: 1909-13.

Degree: A.B. 1913.


Occupation: Cashier.

Address: (home) 15 Saxon Terrace, Newton Highlands, Mass.; (business) American Felt Co., 100 Summer St., Boston, Mass.

HAVE been with the American Felt Company since 1913; from July, 1913, to March, 1914, in their New York office, and since the latter date in their Boston office.

Member: Harvard Club of Boston.


Born at Roxbury, Mass., July 16, 1889.

Parents: Frank Thaxter, Helen (Staniford) Wendell.

School: Roxbury Latin School, Boston, Mass.

Years in College: 1909-13.

Degree: S.B. 1913.


Occupation: Systematizer.

Address: (home) 31 Massachusetts Ave.. Boston, Mass.; (business) 115 Essex St., Haverhill, Mass.

TWO years in Medical School; nine months making paper cups and bags; three months in the export business; six months with the Bradley Shoe Company with Everett Bradley, '13, as Manager.


Born at Davenport, la., March 3,1891.

Parents: John, Dora (Albrecht) Wendt.

School: High School Davenport, la.

Years in College: 1909-12.

Degrees: A.B. 1913; A.M. 19U; Ph.D. 1916.

Married: Elsie Paula Lerch, Davenport, la., Sept. 5, 1916.

Occupation: Instructor in Chemistry.

Address: The Kent Chemical Laboratory, The University of Chicago, Chicago, III.

FROM September, 1912, to June, 1914,1 held an Austin Teaching Fellowship in chemistry in the Harvard Graduate School, and received the degree of A.M. in June, 1914. I spent the summer of that year at the Laboratoire d'Essais des Substances Radioactives conducted by Professeur Jacques Danne at Gif, Seine-et-Oise, France. The succeeding two years I spent in the department of physics of Harvard and received the degree of Ph.D. in chemistry in 1916. The summer of that year I spent in the laboratory of the United States Bureau of Mines, at Denver, Colorado, with the rank of Junior Chemist in Radioactivity. In September, 1916,1 became instructor in chemistry at the Rice Institute of Houston. I am now instructor of chemistry at the University of Chicago.

Publications: "The Constants of Radioactivity," in The Physical Review, March, 1916; "A Chemically Active Modification of Hydrogen Produced by Alpha Rays," (with Wm. Duane), in The Physical Review, June, 1916; "Radium and Its Contributions to Chemistry," in the Fifty-fifth Annual Report of the New England Association of Chemistry Teachers, February, 1916.


Born at Cambridge, Mass.. Sept. 25, 1891.
Parents: Robert Dickson, Anstiss (Walcott) Weston.
School: Noble and Greenough's School, Boston, Mass.
Years in College: 1909-13.
Degree: A.B. 1913 (19U).

Occupation: Cotton Broker.

Address: (home) 6 Fayerweather St., Cambridge, Mass.; (business) 4 Liberty Sq., Boston, Mass.

AFTER graduation I spent six months in Cornell University, after which I entered the cotton business, spending a year and a half in New Bedford, followed by a study of cotton condi

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