By Arthur M. Aloer, of Boston.

AMONG the early inhabitants of Boston were several families bearing the name of Langdon. The relationship, if any, existing between them we have failed to discover. John Langdon, a sailmaker, was the first comer, his name appearing in Boston as early as 1648. He married Sarah, daughter of the widow Alice Vermaes, of Salem, and had issue. Next came three brothers, Edward, Philip and John Langdon, and to them this sketch will be confined. Edward Langdon was a mariner, probably unmarried. His estate was settled by his brother John in 1704.

1. Philip1 Langdon, who was also a mariner, and whose old oaken sea chest is still in the possession of his descendants, died Dec. 11, 1697. Mary, his wife, died Feb. 14, 1716. They had the following children:—

i. Philip, an innkeeper.*

ii. Susanna, b. Oct. 23, 1677: m. Samuel Gray.

iii. John, b. Aug. 27, 1682. Probably the J. L. who m. Eliz. Indecot, March 8, 1713. Oct. 6, 1725, an inventory was taken of the goods of Eliz. Langdon, widow of John Langdon, mariner, deceased.

iv. James, b. Aug. 15, 1685; d. young.

2. v. Samuel, b. Dec. 22, 1687; m. Esther Osgood, Aug. 8, 1712.
vi. Mary, b. March 24, 1689; m. John Thwing, Sept. 2, 1713.

3. vii. Paul, b. Sept. 12,1693; m. Mary Stacy, Aug. 18, 1718.

2. Samuel* Langdon (Philip1), a housewright, m. Esther Osgood, Aug. 8, 1712. He d. June 15, 1723, and she m. John Barnes, Nov. 30, 1725. "The children of Samuel and Esther Langdon were:

i. Samuel, b. June 16, 1713; d. Oct. 23, 1721.

ii. Esther, b. May 12, 1715; m. John Ciold, Nov. 4, 1736.

iii. Mart, b. March 15, 1716.

iv. Hannah, b. Aug. 8, 1719; d. June 5, 1721.

v. Philip, b. June 9, 1721; d. Oct. 24, 1721.

4. vi. Samuel, b. Jan. 12, 1722; m. Elizabeth Brown.

3. Lt. Paul* Langdon (Philip1), a carpenter, millwright and farmer, m. Mary Stacy, Aug. 18, 1718. He removed to Salem, and thence to "VVilbraham, where he d. Dec. 3, 1761. He was a man of great energy and enterprise. His children were:—

i. Mart, b. Aug. 20, 1719; m. Henry Badger.

5. ii. Lewis, b. May 16, 1721; m a Cooley.

iii. Hannah, b. Feb. 22. 1723; m. a Meacham.

6. iv. Paul, b. Dec. 16, 1725; m. Thankful Stebbins.

7. v. John, b. June 1, 1728; m. Sarah Stebhins.
vi. Elizabeth, b. July 1. 1730; d. Sept. 23, 1740.
vii. Anna, b. Sept. 21, 1732; d. Sept. 12, 1710.

4. Rev. Samuel Langdon, D.D., A.AS. (Samuel* Philip'), m. Elizabeth, dau. of the Rev. Richard Brown, of Reading, Mass. He graduated at H. U. 1740, taught school for a short time in Ipswich, Mass., and then went to Portsmouth, N. H., where he had charge of the grammar

June 25,1GS9, Paul Simmons, being bound to sea, appoints his trusty and well loved cousin, Philip Langdon, his attorney.

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school, and was assistant to Mr. Fitch, minister of the First Church. He was a chaplain at the capture of Louishurg in 1745. Feb. 4, 1747, he wai ordained as the successor of Mr. Fitch, and remained in'that position unti his appointment to the presidency of Harvard University, Oct. 14, 1774 Lacking the firmness and dignity necessary for the maintenance of discipline among the students, he resigned Aug. 30, 1780. In 1781, he was installec over the church at Hampton Falls, N. H., where he d. Nov. 29, 1797, hi: extensive knowledge, hospitality, patriotism and piety having secured t( him the affection and respect of his people. In politics he was an ardent; whig, and distinguished himself as a member of the New-Hampshire con vention which adopted the federal constitution. He published a number o essays, sermons, &c.

Dr. Langdon had by his wife Elizabeth nine children, four of whom diet in infancy. The other five were:—

Samuel Had a family.

Paul. Graduated at U.G. 1770. Was the first preceptor of the acndem;

in Fryeburg, Me., where Daniel Webster afterward taught. Mar

ried, had children, and removed to New-York.
Richard. Had a family.

Elizabeth, m, the Hon. David Sewall, LL.D., of York, Me.
Mart, m. the Hon. John Goddard, of Portsmouth.

5. Lewis3 Langdon (Paul,1 Philip1), m. a Cooley, of Monson. H< erected the first saw-mill in Wilbraham, and invented a machine for turning cider-mill screws. Children :—

i. Lewis, ii. John. iii. Philip, iv. Christopher, m. Polly Walker v. Rachel, vi. Sarah.

6. Capt. Paul* Langdon (Paul* Philip'), m. Thankful Stebbins May 5, 1757, and d. June 23, 1804. He was a sergeant in the Frencl war, and commanded a company from Wilbraham in the war of the revo lution. Children:—

i. Samuel, b. May 10, 1758; d. Feb. 20, 1822.

ii. Thankful, b. July 4, 1760; m. a Burt.

iii. Paul, b. Aug. 18, 1764; m. Azubah Ring.

iv. Lovisa, b. Nov. 13, 1768; m. (1) Abdiel Loomis; (2) Joseph Wood.

v. Mary, b. Oct. 12, 1770; m. Jacob Wood.

vi. Walter, b. June 22, 1779; m. Sophia Badger.

7. JonN3 Langdon (Paul? Philip1), of Wilbraham, m. (1) Sarah Stebbins, Feb. 1755; (2) Eunice Torrey, Dec. 29, 1757. He d. Oct. 10 1822. Said to have been a man of great energy. He served as a sergeant in the revolutionary war. By first wife he had:—

i. Sarah, b. July 12, 1755; m. Ebenezer Crocker, of Kinderhook, N. Y.

By second wife he had:—

ii. John-wilson, b. March 11, 1759; m. an Ashley.

iii. Artemas, b. May 25, 1760; d. Oct. 2, 1760.

iv. James, b. March 27, 1762; m. Esther Stebbins.

v. Josiah, b. Jan. 12, 1765; m. Sully Hall.

vi. Joanna, b. June 21, 1767; m. Preserved Leonard.

vii. Oliver, b. Oct. 9, 1769.

viii. Eunice, b. March 7, 1772; m. Asa Merritt.

ix. Solomon, b. July 19, 1777.

Of these five brothers, three were methodist preachers, John W., Oliver and Solomon; and one was an "exhorter," James. Their descendant, reside in Cincinnati, Ohio, and vicinity. The other brother, Josiah, was i man of literary taste, and wrote considerable poetry in his day. His " Song of the Hoe " is the best known.

For further information concerning the Langdon family in Wilbraham, see Dr. Stebbins's History of that town.

1. John1 Langdon, in the year 1672, lay sick in the Island of Barbadoes. Thinking, perhaps, that his end was near, he executed a will, bequeathing to his brother, Philip Langdon, of Boston, all his property, to wit: money, wearing apparel, sea instruments, one barrel of sugar, and two hogsheads of molasses, in the ship " John and Sarah of Boston;" the master of the ship promising to deliver them, if it pleased God to send him well to Boston. But the sick man recovered, returned to Boston, married, and settled down as an innkeeper. He died, Dec. 6, 1732, aged 82. By Elizabeth, his wife, he had the following children:—

i: Elizabeth, b. 1686; m. Pitman, whom she survived. He may

have been her second husband; for an Eliz. Langdon m. William Symmes, June 13, 1706.

2. ii. Josiah, b. Jan. 28, 1687; m. Elizabeth Saxton, Sept. 2, 1708.

iii. Ephraw, b. Jan. 25,1689; m. Sarah , had Josiah, and d. before


iv. Mary, bapt. Nov. 15, 1691 ; m. Samuel Hunt, April 24, 1712.

v. Joanna, b. Oct. 22, 1693; m. in Salem, March 14, 1711, Grafton Feveryear, a wealthy baker, of Boston.

3. vi. Nathaniel, b. Sept. 14, 1695; m. Abigail Harris, Nov. 23, 1738.

4. vii. Edward, bapt. Oct. 23, 1698; m. Susanna Wadsworth. viii. Margaret, b. Oct. 23, 1697; d. young.

is. John, b. Oct. 17, 1696. John Langdon (No. 1) and John Hunt were sureties on a bond given Jane 14, 1722, by Mary Langdon, a- administratrix of the estate of her husband, John Langdon, mariner, deceased.

x. Michael, d. Aug. 26, 1701.

xi. Margaret, b. Aug. 10,1703; m. Benj. Proctor, a tanner, Feb. 28,1721.

2. Deacon Josiah* Langdon (John1), an innkeeper, married Elizabeth Saxton, Sept. 2, 1708, and died Nov. 5, 1742, leaving an estate which was inventoried at £5488. 18. 4J. He was one of the building committee for, and in 1737 was ordained deacon of the New North Church. He resided in Fish street. Children :—

i. Elizabeth, b. July 1, 1721; m. Oct. 5, 1742, the Rev. Andrew Eliot, D.D., who for thirty years was pastor of the New North Church. They were the parents of, inter alios, the Rev. Andrew Eliot, minister at Fairfield, Conn., graduated at H. U. in 1762; Ephraim Eliot, who graduated at H. U. 1780; and the Rev. John Eliot, S. T. D., who graduated at H. U. in 1772, and in 1778 succeeded his father as pastor of the New North Church.

ii. Ephraim, b. Aug. 7, 1733; graduated at H. U. 1752, studied divinity, and was a decided Socinian, but insuperable constitutional timidity prevented him from preaching. For a number of years he was assistant master of the north latin grammar school, when Mr. Wiswall, the principal, was laboring under the infirmities of age. He was a rigid disciplinarian. He was unmarried, and died Nov. 21, 1765, aged 33.

3. Nathaniel* Langdon (John1), an innkeeper, married Abigail Harris, Nov. 23, 1738. He died Dec. 27, 1757, aged 63, and was buried on Copp's Hill. His estate was inventoried at £3354. 5. 10$. Children:—

i. Nathaniel, b. March 2, 1741; d. unmarried, about 1819.

ii. Abigail, b. Aug. 9, 1743; m. Thomas Bumstead, Nov. 17, 1767.

iii. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 17, 1744; d. young.

5. iv. Josiah, b. March 3, 1746; m. Dorothy Brintnall, Jan. 18, 1775.

6. v. John, b. July 28, 1747; m. Mary Walley, June 2, 1771.

vi. Mary, b. July 11, 1748; m. Stephen Williams, Dee. 12, 1771.

vii. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 8, 1749; d. unmarried, aged about 30.

viii. William, b. Sept. 28, 1750; privateer—lost—never heard from.

ix. Samcel, b. Oct. 6, 1752; d. young.

z. EriiRMM, b. Dec. 29, 1754; shipwrecked.

xi. Joanna, b. March 28,1755; m. Ebenezer Frothingham, March 9,1779 and was mother, inter alios, of the Rev. Nathaniel Langdon Frothingham, D.D.; and of Ephraim Langdon Frothingham, who was joint author with his son Arthur of a work on "Philosophy as Absolute Science," Ac.

xii. Priscilla, b. July 28, 1756; d. unra. at a good old age.

4. Deacon Edward* Langdon (John1), a tallow chandler, married Susanna Wadsworth, who died Sept. 3, 1760, aged 65. He was a deacon of the Second Church. He died May 25, 1766, and was buried on Copp'e Hill. Children:—

7. i. John, b. Jan. 17, 1722; m. Mary •

8. ii. Edward, b. June 10, 1724; m. Mary Parkman.

iii. Susanna, b. May 3, 1727; ) t_vi_ A „»

iv. Toothy, b. Feb. 17,1732; \ PTM1*1^ d" youn«

5. Dr. Josiah' Langdon (Nathaniel,* John1), graduated at H. U. 1764. and succeeded Mr. Wiswall as principal of the north latin grammar school; but did not remain long, being deficient in the spirit of government. He married Dorothy, dau. of Paul Brintnall, of Sudbury, Jan. 18, 1775, and, having studied medicine, settled in that town as a practising physician. There he died in or about 1779. His widow, perhaps, married again; for Dorothy Langdon and Daniel Eaton were published in Weston, Sept. 8,1788.

Josiah and Dorothy Langdon had one child, viz.:—

i. Josiah, d. July 23, 1793, a. 15 yrs. 5 mos. 3 days.

6. Captain John* Langdon (Nathaniel* John1), married June 2, 1771, Mary, dau. of Thomas "Walley, one of the wealthiest merchants of Boston. He served an apprenticeship with Wharton & Bowes, booksellers (the firm in which Henry Knox, afterwards major-general, served). In 1770. he commenced business for himself, on Cornhill, but relinquished it on the outbreak of hostilities, and raised a volunteer company, which was in active service during the campaign in Rhode-Island. At the close of the war he obtained a position in the Custom House of Boston, in which city he died Aug. 1793. Children :—

i. John-Wallet, bapt. March 8, 1772; m. Rebecca Cordis, of Charlestown, Aug. 26, 1794, and had issue. He was a merchant in the Smyrna trade.

ii. Mary, bapt. July 18, 1773; m. Dr. William P. Greenwood, July 23 1796, and was the mother of the Rev. F. W. P. Greenwood, D.D, (H. U. 1814), and the Rev. Alfred Greenwood (H. U. 1824). She was the author of a dialogue on female education in Bingham's "American Instructor."

iii. Elizabeth, bapt. July 3, 1774; m. William Lovett, Esq" Nov. 22. 1795.

iv. Abigail-harris, b. 1776-7, at Bolton; m. Giles Lodge, Esq., 1799, and was the mother of Dr. Giles Henry Lodge (H. U. 1825), translator of Wincklemann's "History of Ancient Art among the Greeks," and of an art novel from the German of Baron von Sternberg, entitled "The Breughel Brothers."

v. Sarah, bapt. April 12, 1778; m. Andrew Aitcheson, Esq.

vi. Anne-hcrd, bapt. Sept. 2, 1781; m. Aug. 1817, John Bellows, Esq., president of the Manufacturers' and Mechanics' Bank. He was the father, by a former wife, of the Rev. Henry W. Bellows, D.D., of New-York.

vii. Thomas-wallet, bapt. Oct. 5,1783; m. Aug. 31, 1833, widow Jane Weaver Ross, only dau. of Dr. John Greenwood, of New-York, and d. without issue Dec. 17, 1861. He was for many years a merchant in the Smyrna trade in Boston, with his brother John.

viii. Catharine-Amelia, bapt. Dec. 25, 1785; m. Samuel Cook, Esq.

is. Charlotte-Acgcsta, bapt. Dec. 31, 1801, at the age of 13; d. unm.

7. Johnttlangdon (Edward* John1),a, merchant, married Mary ,

and died about 1783. Children:—

i. John, b. Nov. 19, 1745. One of the " Sons of Liberty."

ii. TmoTHT, b. Feb. 7, 1746. He graduated a.t H. U. 1765, and studied law with Jeremiah Gridley. Commencing practice in that part of Pownalboro', Me., which is now Wiscasset, he was appointed a Crown Lawyer before the Revolution; was a representative to the Provincial Congress in 1776; and in 1778 Admiralty Judge for the District of Maine. He was a man of brilliant talent, but of unstable character. He died in the year 1808. Mr. Willis, in his "Law, Law Courts, and Lawyers of Maine," erroneously states that he was a brother of Governor John Langdon of Portsmouth.

in. Edward, b. May 3, 1749. Not mentioned in his father's will, 1780.

iv. Susanna, b. Feb. 15, 1750; m. Joseph Procter, June 11, 1773.

v. Joseph, b. Nov. 30, 1757.

vi. Mart, b. June 27, 1759; m. Dr. William Coffin, March 31, 1778.

vii. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 30, 1760; d. soon.

viii. Elizabeth, b. July 20, 1762; m. Henry Skinner, March 13, 1780.

iz. Nathaniel, b. Sept. 15, 1763.

8. Edward' Lahgdon (Edward* John1), a tallow chandler, married Mary Parkman, Nov. 16, 1752, and died in 1755. His widow married Joshua Winter, Feb. 13, 1760.

Edward and Mary Langdon had one child, viz.:—

i. Marv, b. Dec. 14,4753; d. Sept. 8, 1771.

The will of Elizabeth Langdon, of Maiden, widow, dated Oct. 20, 1744, proved Aug. 5, 1745, mentions "only grandchild Eliz. Barry." On the back of the will appears the request of Eliz. Barry, and James Hovey, the executor, that the will be not admitted to probate, but that Deacon Edward Langdon, of Boston, be appointed administrator. This fact tends to show that the widow Elizabeth Langdon was related to the Boston Langdons.


Communicated by N. J. Hehriox, Esq., of Lawrence, Mass.
[mbs. Mart Newmarch.]

THE last Will and Testament of M" Mary Newmarch the wife of the Key"1. John Newmarch of Kittery in the County of York in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England Clerk made this thirtieth Day of August Anno Domini 1743. Whereas I the said Mary Newmarch did by my Contract or Agreement made with the said John Newmarch before marriage, to my Self (among other things) full Power and Liberty to dispose of that Estate which I had by my former Husband the Revd. Mr. Theophilus Cotton late of Hampton Decd. by Will or otherwise during our State of Wedlock. I do therefore make this my last Will and Testa

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