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is formed upon Moris. Petit's plan, improved by the ligature f uhning upon four cylinders, by which construction, it moves through four times the space at one revolution of the screw, arid in that respect consists its excellence.


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Of a compound fracture and an amputation. in consequence of it, attended with very remarkable circumstances.

December 12th, 1756,

TV/T R. Layman of Diss, a man of genius and great abilities in his profession, desired me to join in consultation with him and some other Surgeons, in the cafe of a man aged about thirty-five, of an indifferent habit of body, who received the day, before a compound fracture upon his leg, by a waggon going over it.

We sound a piece of the whole substance, pf the Tibia, and another of the Fibulahttween four and five inches long, exactly corresponding with each other in lengths loose in the wound, and the muscles, &c. contused and lacerated in a very uncommon manner. After After strictly examining, the case, we were unanimously of opinion that ampu* tation without delay was most advisable, and it was accordingly performed, in which some circumstances occurred, that we were not aware of. We thought we had indisputably determined for the best, in agreeing to take off" the limb below the knee, frotii what we observed externally, and by the examination we made With our fingers ih the wound; but in the operation* the flesh between the bones was found so soft, that it would not relist the knife, and the Fibula was so loose at its junction with the libia, that it cou'd not be fawn without grpat difficulty* though the persons who held the limb, took particular care to keep it steady, both above and below: we alio found it extremely difficult to take up the artery, inclosed in this soft flesh, which would not well bear the ligature* and probably from that condition of the flesh, the vessel had liberty to retract farther than it cou'd otherwise have done; but in this (Cafe could the mouth of the vessel have

• been

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