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W. S. McGauhey, 38th.

Lewis Bond, 39th.

Edwin T. Talhaferro, 40th.

Henry P. Fowlkes, 41st.

H. B. Ramsey, 42c!.

W. 1... Ledgerwood, 43d.

J. A. Manson, 44th.

W. J-. Clapp, 45th and 46th.

Thomas R. Myers, 47th.

Ralph Davis and Julius A. Trousdale, 48th.

John A. Tioton, 49th.

Morgan C. Fitzpatrick, 50th.

Joseph W. Byrnes, 51st.

L. D. Tyson, 52d.


David Campbell, 1790-1796.
John McNairy, 1790-1796.
Joseph Anderson, 1791-1796.


Superior Court, 1yqb-18x).

John McNairy, 1796-1797.

Archibald Roane, 1796-1801.

Willie Blount, 1796.

William C. C. Claiborne, 1796-1797.

Howell Tatum, 1797-1798.

David Campbell, 1797-1809.

Andrew Jackson, 1798-1804.

Hugh L. White, 1801-1807.

John Overton, 1804-1809.

Samuel Powell, 1807-1809.

Parry W. Humphreys. 1807-1809.

Thomas Emmerson, 1807.

Supreme Courts under Act of 180Q. Hugh Lawson White, 1809-1814. George W. ^ampbell, 1809-1811. John Overton, 1811-1816. W. W. Cooke, 1815-1816. Archibald Roane, 1815-1818. Robert Whyte, 1816-1835. John Haywood, 1816-1826. Thomas Emmerson, 1819-1822. Jacob Peck, 1822-1835. William L. Brown, 1822-1823. John Catron, 1824-1835—First Chief Justice. "Thomas L. Williams, 1824. Henry Crabb, 1827. Nathan Green, 1831-1835.

Supreme Court, under Constitution of 1834. Nathan Green, 1815-1853. William B. Reese, 1835-1847. William B. Turley, 1835-1853. Robert J. McKinney, 1847-1862. Archibald W. O. Totten, 1850-1855. Robert L. Caruthers, 1853-1861. William R. Harris, 1855-185S. Archibald Wright, 1858-1862. William F. Cooper. 1861-1862. Russell Houston, 1865. Simuel Milligan, 1865-1867. Henry G. Smith, 1865-1867. James O. Shackleford, 1865-1867.

Andrew McClain, 1867-1870.
Alvin Hawkins, 1867-1870.
George Andrews, 1867-1870.

Supreme Courts under Constitution of 1870.

Thomas A. R. Nelson, 1870-1871.

Alfred O. P. Nicholson, 1870-1876 — Second

Chief Tustice. James W. Deaderick, 1870-1884 — Third Chief

Justice. Robert McFarland, 1872-1884. Peter Turney. 1870-1893—Fourth Chief Justice. Thomas T. Freeman, 1870-1886. John L. T. Sneed, 1870-1878. William F. Cooper, 1878-1886. James B. Cooke, 1884-1886. Waller C. Caldwell. 1886-1002. William C. Fowlkes, 1886-1890. Horace H. Lurton, 1886-1893—Fifth Chief

Justice. Benj. J. Lea, 1890-1894—Sixth Chief Justice. David L. Snodgr^ss. 1886-1902—Seventh

Ch1ef Justice. •William D Beard, 1890 and 1894-190

Eighth Chief Justice. 8John S. Wilkes, 1893-190-"William K. McAlister, 1893-190-*M. M. Neil, 1902. 8John K. Shields, 1902.

Court of Chancery Appeals.

R. M. Barton, 1895-
S. F. Wilson, 1895--
M. M. Neil, 1895-1902.
John M. Taylor, 1902-


George S. Yerger, 1831-1839.
Return J. Meigs, 1839.
West H. Humphreys, 1839-1851.
W. G. Swan, 1851-1854.
John L. T. Sneed, 1854-1859.
John W. Head, 1859 to Civil War.
Thomas H. Coldwell, 1865-1870.
Joseph B. Heiskell, 1870-1878.
Benjamin J. Lea, 1878-1886.
George W. Pickle, 1886-190--
Chas. T. Cates, 1902--.


4Daniel Smith was Secretary of the Territory, appointed by President Washington, June 8, 1790, qualified December 15, 1790, served till the organization of the State, in 1796.

William Maclin, 1796-1807.

Robert Houston, 1807-1811,

W. G. Blount, 1811-1815.

William Alexander, 1815-1818.

Daniel Graham, 1818-1830.

Thomas H. Fletcher, 1830-1832.

Samuel G. Sm1th, 1832-1835.

Luke Lea, 1835-1839.

John S. Young, 1839-1847.

W. B. A. Ramsey, 1847-1855.

2 ?liller's Official Manual of Tennessee, p. 180, names Governor William Blount as. a member of the Territorial Court, and omits the name of John McNairy. Both are erroneous. June 8, 1790, President Washington appointed Campbell, McNairy, and Perry to be the Judges of the Southwest Territory. Perry did not qualify, and Anderson was appointed in his place, and qualified July 15, 1791. See Blount's Journal in American Historical Magazine, pp. 221, 223, 230, 235, and 239

3 Member of the present Bench.

4 Miner's Manual spates the appointment of Daniel Smith as made in 1792. Th1s is an error. See Blount's Journal.

The Constitution of 1834 provided for one

Treasurer for the State.
Miller Francis, 1836-1843.
Matthew Nelson, 1843-1845.
Robert B. Turner, 1845-1847.
Anthony Dibrell, 1847-1855.
G. C. Torbett, 1855-1857-
W. Z. McGregor, 1857-1865.
R. L. Stanford, 1865-186C.
John R. Henry, 1866-1868.
W. H. Stillwell, 1868-1869.
J. E. Rust. 1869-1871.
William Morrow, 1871-1877.
M. T. Polk, 1877-1883-
Atha Thomas, 1883-1885.
J. W. Thomas, 1885-1886.
Atha Thomas, 1886-1889.
M. F. House, 1889-1893.
E. B. Craig, 1893-1901.
Reau E. Folk, 1901--


This office was created in 1835. The following Superintendents were elected by the Legislature:

Robert H. McEwen, 1835-1840.

Robert P. Currin, 1840-1841.

Scott Terry, 1841-1844.

The office was abolished in 1843. to take effect in 1844. The State Treasurer was made ex officio Superintendent of Public Instruction. In 1867, the office was again created. The following Superintendents were elected by the people:

"John Eaton, 1867-1869.

A. J. Tipton, 1869-1871.

In 1870, the office was again abolished, to take effect in 1871, and the duties devolved on the State Treasurer, ex officio. In 1873 the office was again created, and the following Superintendents have been appointed by the Governor, and confirmed by the Senate:

John M. Fleming, 1873-1875.

Leonidas Trousdale, 1875-1881.

W. S. Doak, 1881-1882 (died).

G. S. W. Crawford, 1882-1883.

Thomas H. Paine, 1883-1887.

Frank M. Smith, 1887-1891.

W. R. Garrett, 1891-1893.

Frank M. Smith, 1893-1895.

S. G. Gilbreath, 1895-1897.

Price Thomas, 1897-1899.

Morgan C. Fitzpatrick, 1809-1903.

S. A. Mynders, 1903--.


J. B. Killebrew, 1875-1881.
A. W. Hawkins, 1881-1883.

A. T. WcWhirter, 1883-1887.

B. M. Hord, 1887-1891.
D. G. Godwin, 1891-1893.
T. F. P. Allison, 1893-1897.
Tohn T. Essary, 1897-1899.
Thomas H. Paine, 1899-190--,
W. W. Ogilvie, 1903.

F. N. W. Burton, 1855-1859.

J. E. R. Ray, 1859-1865. , . . .

Edward H. East, 1862-1865 (appo1nted by
Andrew Johnson, Military Governor).

A. J. Fletcher, 1865-1870.
T. H. Butler, 1870-1873.
Charles N. Gibbs, 1873-1881.
David A. Nunn, 1881-1885.
John Allison, 1885-1889.
Charles A. Miller, 1889-1893-
William S. Morgan, 1803-1901.
John W. Morton, 1901.


Daniel Graham, 1836-1843.
1-elix K. Zollicoffer, 1843-1849.

B. H. M1eppard, 1^o-18c1.
Arthur R. Crozier, 1851-1855.
James C. Luttrell, 1855-1857.
lames T. Dunlap, 1857-1861.

Joseph S. Fowler, 1861-1865.
BS. W. Hatchett, 1865-1866.

G. W. 1ilackburn, 1866-1870.
E. R. Pennebaker. 1870-1873.

W. W. Hobbs, January to May. 1873.
John C. Burch, May, 1873, to 1875.
Tames L. Gaines, 1875-1881.
"James N. Nolan, 1881-1883.
P. P. Pickard, 1883-1889.
J. W. Allen, 1889-1893.
James A. Harris, 1893-1899.
Theodore i'. King, 1899-190--.


Under the Territorial Government.

By act of March 21, 1873, the Treasurer was made ex officio Commissioner of Insurance.

Daniel Smith, Secretary of State, was ex officio Treasurer until September, 1794. In Pursuance of an Act of the Territor1al Legislature, Governor Blount, on September 2j, 1704, appointed Howell Tatum, Treasurer for Mero District, and on September 30th, appointed Landon Carter, Treasurer for Washington and Hamilton Districts; both of these officers served until the organization of the State Government, in March, 1796.

Under the Constitution of nqb

For Washington and Hamilton Districts —

Landon Carter, 1796-1800.

John Maclin, 1800-1803.

Thomas McCorry, 1803-1813. For Mero District —

William Black, 1796-1797.

Robert Searcy, 1797-1803.

Thomas Crutcher, 1803-1813. For East Tennessee —

Thomas McCorry, 1813-1815.

Matthew Nelson, 1815-1827.

Miller Francis, 1827-1836. For West Tennessee —

Thomas Crutcher, 1813-1836.

For Western District —

James Caruthers, 1827-1836.

6 Joseph R. Dillin was elected April 25, 1865, but was ineligible, being a member of the Legislature that elected him. .»„,,.,,. , c- c- J.

8 MBller's Manual erroneously names L. R. Stanford 1n the l1st of btate Super1ntendents. Mr. Stanford was Treasurer, 1S65-1866, and was ex officio Superintendent, as were all the other Treasurers from 1844 to 1867.


George W. Ford, 1891-1893.
John E. Lloyd, 1893-1896.
A. H. Wood, 1896-1897.
A. D. Hargis, 1897-1899.
R. A. Shiflett, 1899.


The Supreme Court constitutes the Board of Control for the State Library. The office of State Librarian was created in 1854, since which time the following persons have filled the office:

Return J. Meigs, 1854-1861.

John E. Hatcher, 1861-1865.

A. Gattinger, 1865-1869.

VV. H. Wharton, 1860-1871.

Mrs. Paralee Haskell, 1871-1879.

Mrs. S. K. Hatton, 1879-1887.

Mrs. Susan P. Lowe, 1887-1891.

Mrs. Linnie Williams, 1891-1895.

Mrs. Irene Ingram, 1895-1897.

Miss Paul1ue L. Jones, 1897-1899.

Miss Jennie E. Lauderdale, 1899-1901.

Mrs. Lula B. Epperson, 1901.

Miss Mary Skeffington, 1903.


The first Board was organized in April, 1875, under the law of March 23, 1875. It consisted, by law, of seven members, the Governor as President ex officio, and six members appointed by the Governor. Beginning with Governor James D. Porter in April, 1875, all subsequent Governors have served as President ex officio. In 1891 the State Superintendent of Public Instruction was added by statute as a- ex officio member. Beginning with Superintendent W. R. Garrett, all subsequent Superintendents have been ex officio members except Superintendent Frank M. Smith, who was already a member of the Board when appointed Superintendent, and continued to hold the position by virtue of his previous appointment. With the exception of Superintendent Smith's term, the Board after 1891 consisted of eight members. In 1899, the State Superintendent was made, by statute, Secretary and Treasurer ex officio, beginning with Superintendent Morgan C. Fitzpatrick.

Those who have served by appointment as members are:

Edwin H. Ewing, 1875-1881.

R. W. Mitchell, 1875-1881.

1. J. Reese, 1875-1877.

L. G. Tarbox, 1875-1876.

Samuel Watson, 1875-1876.

T. Berrien Lindsley, 1875-1887.

J. W. Iloyte, 1876-1885.

Leon Trousdale, 1876-1887.

H. Presnell, 1877-1882.

W. P. Jones, 1881-1893.

W. S. Doak. 1881-1882.

G. S. W. Crawford, 1882-1883.

Edward S. Joynes, 1882-1882.

George H. Morgan, 1882-1884.

Frank Goodman, 1883-1^u1.

Thomas H. Paine, 1884-1901.

Frank M. Smith, 1885-1895.

John W. Bachman, 1887-1893.

Charles S. Douglass, 1887--.

H. D. Huffaker, 1893--
A. D. Wharton, 1095-1900.
S. G. Gilbreath, 18s7-1i>99-
L. S. London, 1899--
A. J. Cavert, 1900--
P. L. Harned, 1901--
J. L. Brooks, 1901--
Wharton S. Jones, 1902--
James H. Kirkland, 1903-


T. D. Plunket, 1877-1880, 1885-1898.
T. A. Atchison, 1881-1884.
. A. Albright, 1897-1898.
J. McMurray, 1898--


. Berrien Lindsley, 1877-1879, 1884-1899.

V. M. Clark, 1880-1882.
C. C. Fite, 1883.
J. A. Albright, 1899--

Assistant Secretary.
John S. Hamel, 1899--


J. D. Plunket, 1877-1897.
T. A. Atchison, 1877-1884.
James M. Safford, 1877-1897.
E. M. W1ght, 1877-1882.
R. B. Maury, 1877-1b<k>.
J. Berrien L1ndsley, 1877-1898,
G. B. Thornton, 1879-1890.
John Johnson, 1879-1888.

E. W. Cole, 1879-1897.
W. M. Clark, 1879-1882.
P. D. Sims, 1881-1897.
Daniel F. Wright, 1883-1896.
David P. Hadden, 18831894.
C. C. Fite, 1883-1884.

F. L. Sim, 1889-1894.
R. C. Graves, 1893-1897.
A. L. Elcan, 1895-1897.

ohn W. Ross, 1895-1897.

. A. Albright, 1897--
J. McMurray, 1897--
Samuel N. Warren, 1897--
W. J. Miller, 1897--
F. S. Raymond, 1897-1899.
William Krauss, 1897--
T. F. P. Allison, 1897-1899-
John T. Essary, 1897--1900.
Thomas H. Paine, 1899--
Heber Jones, 1901--


Newton H. White, 1897-1899.
E. L. Bullock, 1897-1899.
Frank M. Thompson, 1897-1899.
N. W. Baptist, 1899--
Thomas L. Williams, 1899--
J. N. McKenzie, 1899--


W. M. Nixon, 1895-1901.
Dorsey O. Thomas, 1895-1897.
Samuel S. Simpson, 1895-1897.
William H. Morrow,- 1897-1899.
John H. Trice, 1897-1900.
A. J. McWhirter, 1899-1901.
William A. Carter, 1900--
John S. Denton, 1901-1903.
W. T. Murray, 1901--
W. H. Hartford, 1903--.


First 'Board appointed February 6, 1896, under Act of May 14, 1895. The Board consists of the Governor, ex officio, and six members. The following have served:

Bolton Smith, 1896-1897.

A. T. Neal, 1896-1896.

J. D. Barbee 1896-1897.

G. H. Slaughter, 1896-1897.
Lewis Tillman, 1896-1902.
W. H. Taylor, 1806.

H. W. Tate. 1896.

James A. Orman, 1897; President, 1898-1901;

Secretary, 1901--.
W. T. Harris, 1897-1001.

E. W. Cole, 1897-1899.
W. R. Cole, 1899.
Marcus Haase, 1901.

Other officers and Boards of administration as constituted in 1903 are as follows:

Harvey H. Hannah, Adjutant General.

W. H. Dunn, Live Stock Commissioner.

George C. Porter, Superintendent of the Capitol.

R. L. Blevins, Warden Brushy Mountain

J. B. Neil, Physician New Prison.
J. C. Mackey, Physician Brushy Mountain


W. H. Halbert, President.
T. J. Happel, Secretary.

F. S. Raymond.
E. E. Hunter.
W. L. McCreary.
Robert Pillow.


W. H. P. Jones, President.
F. A. Shotwell, Secretary.
S. B. Cook.

N. C. Leonard. . L. Newborn. . M. Glenn.


B. H. Owen, President*

A. B. Raines, Vice President.

T. S. Robinson.

J. F. Voight.

W. A. McBath.

E. A. Rudiman, Chemist.


R. A. Shiflett, Chairman.
J. L. Dibrell.
J. C. Horton.


West Tennessee, John W. Gates.
Middle Tennessee, A. A. Lyon.
East Tennessee, j. G. Stewart
Mountain District, D. G. Brown.
Hiwassee District, W. D. Henderson.


George B. Guild.

Frank A. Moses.

Georee F. Hager.

George W. Pickle, ex officio.

Theodore F. King, ex officio.

John P. Hickman, Secretary.


John *M. Taylor.
A. B. McNeil.
M. S. Cockrill.
W. J. McMurray.
E. K. Richardson.
W. J. Muse.
George W. Cowan.
T. F, Shipp.
j. C. Luttrell.

John P. Hickman, Secretary.

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