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Sissibodon, (nin). I file it; I rasp it; I sharpen it; p. sis.. dod.

Sissibona, (nin). I file some obj.; p. ses..nad; imp. sissiboj.

Sissigaan, (nin). I make a clearing in the woods, I clear it, (a place in the woods;) p. ses.. ang.

Sisswama, (nin). I spit cold water on him, (as the Indians do to persons that faint;) p. ses..mad.

Sisiwamingwena, (nin). I spit cold water in his face; p. ses.. nad.

Siwakwadan, (nin). I suck it out; p. saw..ang.

Siwakwana, (nin). I suck some obj.; p. saw..nad.

Siwakwe, (nin). I am sucking the sap or juice of s. th.; p.

Sobama, (nin). I lick and suck some obj. ; p. swabamad.

Sobandan, (nin). I lick and suck it; p. swab..ang.

Sogipo, or-magad. It snows; p. swagipog, or-magak.

Songddis. I am strong, stout, robust; p. swa..sid.

Songan, adv. Strongly, firmly. —Songan nin debwetdn, I believe it firmly.

Songan. It is strong, durable; it is hard, firm, solid, steady; p. swangang.

Songanamia. (nin). I pray strongly, that is, I am a good staunch Christian, I am religious, devout, pious; p. swan

Songanamiawin. Devotion, piety.

Songaona, (nin}. I give him a

good large share, (in a distribution ;) p. swan..nad; imp. songavj.

Songaonidis, (nin). I take a good large share for myself, (in a distribution which 1 make ;) p. swang..sod.

Songendagos, (nin). I am considered strong, I am strong, firm; p. swang..sid.

Songendagwad. It is considered strong, it is strong; p. swan..wak.

Songendam, (nin). I have strong thoughts, I am firmly resolved; I am constant; p. swan.. ang.

Songendamia, (mn). I make him have strong thoughts, a firm resolution, I fortify his mind; p.

Songendamowin.Strong thought, firm resolution, constancy.

Songenddn, (nin). I think it is strong; also, I think on it strongly; I resolve it firmly; p. swan..ang.

Songenima (nin). I think he is strong; also, I think firmly on him; p. swan..mad.

Songidee, (nin). I am stronghearted, 1 am brave, courageous, fearless, intrepid, audacious, daring; p. swan..ed.

Songideeshkage, (nin). I make the heart of somebody strong; I give fortitude, courage, strength of mind, I comfort, 1 console; p. swan..ged.

Songideeshkagewin. Fortification of the heart, giving strength of mind; the Sacrament of Confirmation. Nin migiwe Songideeshkagewin, I give Confirmation, I confirm.

Nin mina Songideeshkagewin,

I confirm him. Nin minigo

Songideeshkagewin, I receive

Confirmation. Songideeshkawa, (nin). I make

his heart strong, I fortify his

heart, his mind ; I comfort

him ; p. swang..wad. Songideeshkawenima, (nin). I

give him strong thoughts, a

farm resolution in his heart, a

firm will; p. swang..mad. Songideewin. Fortitude of heart,

courage, bravery, fearlessness,

intrepidity, audacity. Songigawishka, or-magad. It is

sure, not rolling, (a canoe or

boat). S. Kitagwinde. Songigi, (nin). I grow stronger,

I increase in size and strength];

p. swangigid. Songigondagan, (nin). I have a

strong brave voice; p. swan..


Songigwadan, (nin). I sew it

strong; p. swan..ang. Songigwana, (nin). I sew some

obj. strong; p. swan..nad. Songigwdss. 1 sew strongly ; p.

swan..sod. Songindgos, (nin). I look strong,

I have the appearance of a

strong man; p. swan..sid. Songindgwad. It looks strong,

durable, lasting; p. swan..


Songingwdm, (nin). I sleep strongly, I am not easy to awaken; p. swan..ang.

Sdngis, (nin). I am strong; p. swangisid.

Songishin. He is placed solidly, assuredly; p.

Songisia, (nin). I make him strong, I strengthen him, fortify him; p. Smigissin. It is placed strongly, solidly, assuredly; p. swan: ing.

Sfmgiton, (nin). I make it strong; I strengthen it, I fortify, confirm, ratify it; p. swangitod.

Ssag, ssaga, at the end of some substantives and verbs, alludes to wood; as: InindUgossag, maple-wood; mitigomijissag, oak-wood; nabagissag, a flat piece of wood, (a board;) &/'nissaga, the floor is clean, etc.

Sse, as end-syllable of some

verbs, denotes flying; as: Bineshi bimisae, kijisse, nanjisse, etc.; the bird flies, flies quick, flies down, etc. Swanganamiad. Strong good Christian, firm in his religion; P1 -jig

Swangideed. He that has a strong heart, a brave, courageous person, or audacious person; pl.-jig.

Swangideesnkawed. He w h o makes the heart strong ; a comforter, consoler; pl.-;'tgr.— Swangideeshkawed WenijishiA-Manito, the Comforter, the Holy (J host.

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Some words which arc not found under T, mag be looked for under D.


7a.— This particle marks the third person of the future tense. (S. the Conj. in Otchipwe Gram.)

Tabas, (nin). I 1' wer myself, to avoid a blow, or some other thing that is flying towards me; p. tebasod.

Tabashuh, adv. Below, low.

Tabassa, or-magad. It is low ; p. tebassag, or-magak.

Tabassabid. Undertooth, a tooth of the under jawbone; pl.-are.

Tabassadina, or-magad. f. Tabassakamiga.

Tabassddis, (nin). I am low, abject, mean, humiliated; p. teb..sid.

Tabassdkamiga, or-magad. There is a low ground; p. teb ..gag, or-magak.

Tabassakwa, or-magad. There is a low forest, low trees; p. teb..wag, or-magak.

Tabassdkwaamd/g (animikig). It thunders low; a low thunderstorm, (thunders make noi^e low.)

TabassHnsika, or-magad. It is low, thin, (a book, etc.); p. teb.Mag, or-magak.


Tabassashkad. It is narrow, (stuff, cloth, mat;) p. (eb..kad.

Tabasseuddgos, (nin). I am esteemed low, mean, I am despisable, despicable, I am despised ; p. teb..sid.

Tabassenddn, (nin). I esteem it low, I despise it; p. teb..ang.

Tabassinim, (nin). I have humble thoughts of myself, I humble myself; p. ieb..mod.

Tabassenimowin. Humble conceit of one's self.

Tabassrnima, (nin). I esteem him low, I think little ofhitn, I despise him; p. ieb..mad.

Tabassrnindis, (nin). I esteem or think myself low, I humble myself, I am bumble; p. teb.. sod.

Tabassc n indisowi n. Humility. Tabassia, (nin). I lower or abase

some obj. I put him lower; p.

Tabassigabawi aw awessi. This animal stands low, that is, it is short-legged; p. teb..wid.

Tabassina, (nin). S. Tabassia.

Tabassinan, (nin). I put it lower, I lower it; p. leb..ang.

Tabassipagidendan, [nin) or, nin tabassipagidinan. I humbly submit it, I subject it; p. teb..ang.

Tabassipagidenima, (nin). I humhly submit him, I subject him; p. teb..mad.

Tabassipagidenindis, (nin). I humbly submit myself. I subject myself; p. teb..sod.

Tabassipagidenindisowin. Humble submission, subjection.

Tabassise aw bineshi. That bird flies lew, near the ground ; p. tebassissed.

Tabassiton, (nin). I lower or abase it, I put it lower; p. lebassitod.

Tabassdnagad. It is low, (canoe, boat, vessel;) p. teb..gak.

Tabassowe, (nin). I speak with a big thick voice; p. —S. Ishpowe.

Tabassweweton, (nin). I sing it low; p. ieb..tod.

Tabinoige, (nin). I make a shelter or shade against the wind, or the sun; p. teb..ged.

Tabindon. Shelter against the wind, or the heat of the sun; pl.-an.

Tabinoshimon, (nin). 1 shelter myself, I am behind a shelter against the wind, or under a shade against the sun ; p. teb.. nod.

Tdbishkotclt, adv. Likewise, equally.

Tarn! or taga taga! interj. Well! halloo! let me seel

Tdgokmndn. S. Mojwdgan.

Tdgos, at the end of some neuter verbs, alludes tobcing heard; and the first part of the verb denotes the manner in which one is heard; as: Nin jingiidgos, they ate to hear me, I

am heard with displeasure, with disgust. Nin nibwakatdgos, I am heard speaking prudent words, I speak wisely. Nin minotdgos. I am heard with pleasure.—S. Tawa.

Tagosideshkawa, (nin) or, nin tagwasideshkawa. 1 tread on his toes; p. teg..wad.

Tagwaadonenak. Mallet used in making a canoe; pl.-on.

Tagwaandbo. Corn-soup, Indian corn-soup.

TagwSgi. Fall, the fall of the year, autumn.

Tagwdgi. It is tall, it is the fall of the year; p. tegwdgig. Tegwdgigin, in fall ; dassing tegwdgigin, every fall. Tagwdgong, last fall.

Tagwagish, (nin). I spend the fall of the year in such a place, or in such a manner; p. nin witagwdgish; I intend to spend the fall at Montreal.

Tagwakonindjishkos, (nin). My hand (or finger) is caught between the door, in shutting it; p. teg..sod.

Tagwakonindjiwa, (nin). I catch or crush his hand (or finger) between the door, in shutting it; p. teg..wad.

Tagwdwdg mandaminag, (nin). I stamp or crush Indian corn with a stone; p. teg..wad.

Taid! interj. S. Ataid!

Taiashkibodjiged. He that saws, a sawyer; pl.-^'igr.

Taiatagddisid. He who is lazy, a lazy person; pl.-jig.

Tajwdbikinan, (nin). I make it straight, (metal,) I straighten it; p. tej..ang.

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