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13-Samuel Swisher, 14-Andrew McBride, 15-Henry W. Spain, 16-Parker Long, 17-Bayles Breedlove, 18-Samuel Organ, 19-William Middleton, 20-James Williams, 21-Alexander Hayes, 22-Jesse Snidichar, 23-Benjamin Bidwell, 24-William H. Mead, 25-John Stowe, 26-James Gutridge, 27-Willis Spain, 28-Hezekiah Spain, 29-Joseph G. Johnson, 30-John Devore, 31-Theodric Sullivant, 32—Nicholas Swisher, 33-George N. Swisher, 34-Benjamin S. Organ, 35-Ezra Lamborn, 36-Cloud Marshall, 37-Simeon Morecraft, 38-John P. Spain, 39-Morgan Baldwin, 40-Edward L. Timmons, 41—James Devore, 42-Benjamin Parker, 43-Allison Walker, 44-James Swisher, 45-John S. Goode, 46-Benjamin Devore, 47-Joshua Devore, 48-Francis A. Yocom, 49-Marshall B. Lamborn, 50-John W. Yocom, 51-Thomas Breedlove, 52-Griswold B. Hawes, 53-Jack M. Sally, 54-William Jenkins, 55-James B. King, 56-James Lindsey, 57—William Johnson, 58-Thomas Lindsey, 59-Nicholas E. Swisher, 60-James H. Swisher, 61-James N. Swisher, 62-George Hess, 63-Michael Hess,

64-John Daly, 65-Robert Archibald, 66-Joel Brown, 67-James Reynolds, 68-John Laycock, 69-Charles Dickinson, 70—Jesse Reams, 71-William Breedlove, 7 2-Jesse Gray, 73-Charles Stewart, 74-James McMahill, 75-Reuben Adams, 76-David B. Williams, 77-Isaac Willett, 78-Joseph Baker, 79-James Hess, 80-Nehemiah Mathews, 81-Jesse Goode, 82-Abram Martin, 83-Amos Brinton, 84-David Martin, 85-Charles Martin, 86-Matthew A. Wright, 87-Aaron Guthridge, 88-John Hammond, 89-Jonathan Bonsall, 90-Ezra Mead, 91-Jefferson Dempcy, 92-James H. Ford, 93-Thomas Cowgill, 94-Nathan Davis, 95—James Stephens, 96-Isaac Cedars, 97-John Barrett, 98—Isaac Grayham, 99-Robert Pennington, 100-Rees Miller, 101-William Barrett, 102-James Cox, 103-William Jenkins, 104-Lorenzo Timmons, 105-Montg'y P. Mitchell, 106-James Mitchell, 107-Gould Johnson, 108-Isaac Everett, 109-Jefferson Vertner, 110-John H. Richardson, 111—George Robinson, 112-Rees Ellis, 113-Phineas Thornton, 114-Boyd Richardson,

115-John Mason, 116-Daniel Bishop, 117-William Gutridge, 118-Elijah Breedlore, 119-Joel Stowe, 120—James Organ, 121-John D. Hale, 122-Jacob Witty, 123-Matthew Mason, 124-Samuel T. Organ, 125-St. Leger Beck, 126-James Middleton, 127-James D. Bavless, 128-Hugh Moffitf, 129-Henry Hall, 130-Ezra Mead, Jr., 131-William Holycross, 132-Asa Gray, 133-Joseph I. Baker, 13 4-William McMahill, 135-Garland Wade, 136-A lien Matthews, 137-Samuel McCumber, 138-George Whitteberry, 139-Joshua Miller, 140-Robert Ludlow, 141-David Wade, 142-Solomon Haines, 143-Robert M. Goode, 144-Stephen Hannum, 145-William Heicht, 146-Chillian A. Cox, 147—John Williams, 148-Joshua Spain, 149-Abel H. Morgan, 150-William Stowe, 151-Archibald Scott, 152-Levi Cowgill, 153-William Read, 154-Thomas Eaton, 155-Benjamin Moffitt, 156-Ross Thomas, 157-Levi Osborn, 158-William Clinton, 159-David Osborn, 160—Oliver Jenkins, 161-William Spencer, 162-Thomas Spencer, 163-John Morehead, 164-Peter Igou, 165-Francis Everett,

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166-Manley Robuck,
167-Paul Igou,
168-Benjamin Holycross,
169-Pleasant Reams,
170-Edwin Long,
171—Salmon Cowles,
172—Benjamin Spiller,
173-John Goode,
174-David Wilson,
175-John Baldwin,
176-John Paige, •
177—Hiram Wilson,
178-Joseph Swisher.
170-Isaac G. Wilson,
180-Franklin Baldwin,
181-James McDaniel,
182-George Holloway,
183-Samuel Jones,
184—Shadrack Musteen,
185—Hiram Johnson,
186—John Davison,
187—Nelson Richardson,
188-Thomas Middleton,
189-Wilford Allison,
190-Nelson B. Johnson,
191-Theodric Goode,
192-Edward Spain,

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Of this vote*the Harrison electors received 191, or 77 per cent of the entire vote; the Van Buren electors received 54 votes, or 23 per cent of the entire vote.


Spain.—Willis Spain came to Ohio, with the family of his father, in 1805. He was born in Dinwiddie County, Va., in 1796. His father, Hezekiah Spain, who died in 1827, bought one thousand acres of land on the east line of Wayne Township and on Spain's Creek, paying $2 per acre. On this farm his son Willis has lived about seventy years. He (Willis) married Nancy Spain, a distant relative of the family. They reared five sons and a daughter—Lemuel, Henry W., Fletcher, Newton, H. Wright and Elizabeth. These all married, and, in due time, the name Spain became a very common one in that locality, and remains so to this day. Mr. Spain early became accustomed to the rude life of a frontiersman, and a<**:he native Indians frequently camped on the creek near the farm, he grew familiar with their mode of life, but never once thought of turning Indian himself. He embraced religion at fifteen years of age, under the preaching of Hector San ford, at the house of his father, and has been in the church ever since. He has never been a party to a lawsuit; has gone twenty-eight miles, to Springfield, to mill; has paid 25 cents postage on a single letter; has shot wild game from his door-step; remembers that before the year 1828, they procured salt at McLain's, on Buck Creek, at $4 a bushel. Thev depended on the oak mast to fatten their hogs, and many times they fattened rather leanly on it, . Though poor in purse, in that early day, it was always his aim to welcome the preachers of the church of his choice, and no preacher of the Methodist Church lacked for food, shelter and welcome. He remembers such preachers as Shaw, Young, Sanford, Ilenkle, Collins, Sale, Bascom, Trader, Cecil, and others of pioneer reputation. The worthy old man and his wife still live—more for the next world than this.

* Note.— On page 533, "The Vresidenttnl Election of October 13,1840," should read " October 30,1840." a

Johnson.—William Johnson came to Ohio from Western Pennsylvania in 1804, and settled on what has since been called the Paul Igou farm. He died in 1820. His four sons—Jacob, Burnett, William and Otho—figured prominently, as did their father, in the earliest settlement of the township. He built a house, in 1806, near the present residence of Maria Hunter, having bought of James Denney three hundred and thirty-seven acres of land, including the present site of Mingo.

Jacob Johnson, the oldest son of William Johnson, married Martha McFarland, a widow, in Virginia, in 1790. Hermaiden name was Boggs. She bore two children by her first husband—John and Moses McFarland—both of whom came with her to this State. Jacob was the father of eight children. Of these, Mary, William, Lavina, Hiram, Nelson B., Jane and Alfred grew to mature years. He bought four hundred and seventy-eight acres of land in Mingo Valley, of James Denney, in the year 1804 or 1805, at $2.50 to $4 per acre, and moved on to it in April, 1805, and raised a crop of corn the same year; the Indians had raised a crop on the same land the previous year. Hiram, Nelson B. and Alfred succeeded their father in the ownership of these lands; it is now owned entirely by Alfred. [For further record of the Johnson family, see the biographical department of this volume.] Mary became the wife of Robert Blair. Lydia married Joseph O'Neil in 1826. After the death of Blair, Mary married Col. John Thomas. He died in 1851, and his widow finds a comfortable home with her sons, Ivan B. and F. M. Thomas, in Salem Township.

Barnett Johnson, the second son of William Johnson, came to the State with his father, having married Elizabeth Best before leaving Pennsylvania. His children were Nancy, William, John, Lydia, Ellen, Barnett and Joseph. He was a cabinet-maker by trade, and died 1816.

Otho Johnson built the brick house now occupied by James Hunt, and, with his brother Barnett, owned the lands comprising the Atkinson farm, extending east to the survey line—Main street, Mingo. In 1833, Otho purchased a stock of goods of 0. M. Herron, his nephew, who, a few months before, had established a country store on his uncle's premises, and had also established a post office—probably the first in the township—which was called Johnson's Store. This enterprise proving unsuccessful, the business and post office were abandoned in 1835, and in 1838 Mr. Johnson sold his farm to Cephas Atkinson for $25 per acre, and the next year moved to Hancock County, Ill., where he died about the year 1870.

James Devore was born in Washington County, Penn., and came to Ohio and settled on the B. R. Tallman farm about the year 1805. He occupied, under a lease for twelve years, after which he bought for $3.50 per acre, the farm now owned by his grandson, Aaron W. Devore, south of Mingo. He served as Justice of the Peace for some years. His children were Hester, Elizabeth, Moses, John, Joshua, Jacob and Mary. Hester married Matthew Wilson; Elizabeth married John Inskeep; Moses' first wife was Rachel Inskeep, his second Jane Wilkins; John married Betsey Buckler; Joshua married Elizabeth Sparks; Jacob married Lydia Organ; Mary married Thos. Ballinger.

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