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1859 то 1901.

Previous to the year 1859 there existed iii Union College a local association known as the Fraternal Society. It was of twenty-five years' standing, of good repute, being held in especial esteem for the moral and intellectual worth of its members. The "Frats," realizing the benefits to be derived from an affiliated fraternity, and believing that the aims and principles of Alpha Delta Phi most nearly accorded with what they desired, determined to petition for a Chapter. One tutor and sixteen undergraduates signed the petition in the early part of 1859. On the 14th of June a charter, under the hand of Richard Salter Storrs then President of the Fraternity, was granted the petitioners. Soon after the Chapter was duly instituted under the auspices of the Manhattan Chapter, representatives from nearly all the other chapters being present, and Brother Ray Palmer presiding.

The first meeting was held on July 15, 1859. Notwithstanding the high standing of the graduates of the Fraternal Society, the election of many graduate members was not deemed advisable, and but four were chosen. With the establishment of the Chapter the "F. S." ceased to exist.

The thirty-first annual convention of the Fraternity was held in Schenectady, and the forty-second in the Senate Chamber at Albany, N. Y., both under the auspices of this Chapter.

At first the Chapter retained the old rooms of the "Frats," but in a few years obtained the pleasant rooms on State Street, occupied until 1896, when it removed to a temporary chapter house on Union Street.

The Chapter has never been large in numbers, but has always maintained a high position in all respects. Its alumni have been conspicuous alike for their loyalty to their Fraternity and their College. Their devotion to their College is best attested by the eminent services of A. V. V. Raymond, '75, as President of Union College, while they have left an enduring monument to their Fraternity, in the beautiful chapter house recently erected on the College campus, at a cost of $20,000.

The house has added to the old time vigor of the Chapter, and Alpha Delta Phi was never more distinctly in the front rank of the fraternities at Union than at

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Charter Me?nbers.

Elbridge Gerry Root Adams.
Charles Edward Baldwin.
John Baldwin.
Joseph Bell.
Samuel Adams Bowen.
George William Brooks.
Joh\ Henry Dennis.
John A De Remer.
John Lindsay Hill.
Charles Horton Peck.
Wilson Marcy Powell.
Peter Van Schaack Prcyn.
Colton Joseph Reed.
Everett Reuben Sawyer.
Charles Henry Sears.
Henry Louis Smith.
James Pattison Viele.

1848. George Adlington Brandreih. Sing Sing, X. Y.

ФВК. Admitted to the bar at Poughkeepsle, N.Y., 1852. Supervisor Westchester Co., N. Y., 1856-57. Memo. N. Y. Assembly, 1864-86. Prest. Porous Plaster Co. Married, Jan. 8, 1893, at Slog Sing, to Auoie Ashton.


William Boot Adams. Lowville, N. Y.

Teacher. A.M., 1854. ФВК. Prin. Lowville Acad., 1851-82; Trustee, 1851-95. Comm. U. S. Deposit Fund for Lewis Co., 1873-95. Married, Aug. 17, 1852, at Lowville, to Melissa Milla.

Lewis Collins. 222 Macon Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Prin. private school, Brooklyn, since 1877. A.M., 1856. ФВК. Instruct. Ferguson Acad., 1853-54; Jonesvllle Acad., 1854-56; Troy Conf. Acad., 18ЗД-57; private school, Albany, 1858-77. Presiding OBiccr 42d, 43d, 44th, 45th and 46th АЛФ Convs. Married, 1856, at Brooklyn, to Grace \V . Dunsmore.

1857. John A De Berner. 269 State Street, Schenectady, X. Y.

Lawyer, of firm of De Remer it Angle. A.M., I860. ФВК. Adjunct Prof. Math. Union Coll., 1858-66. Admitted to the bar at Plattsburg, N. Y., 1867. Practised law at Schenectady since 1867. Alumnus Trustee Union Coll., 1871-78; Permanent Trustee since 1885. Postmaster Schenectady, 1871-75, 1881-85. Supervisor U. S. Census, 1880. Director Mohawk Nat. Bank, Schenectady, since 1880. Memo. Senate United Chapters ФВК since 1883. Vice-Prest. Nat. Council ФВК, 1895-98; Prest, since 1898. Sec. ЛДФ, 1882-85. Married, June 12, 1888, at Schenectady, to Lanra C. Waring.

*,8M Alexander McAllister Thorburn. Syracuse, N. Y.

A.M., I860. ФВК. Grad. Princeton Theol. Sern., 185». Pastor Preso. Church, Malta, N. Y., 1860-63. Chaplain 91st N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1864-65. Taster Presb. churches at Ogdeo, N.Y.; Marcellus, N. Y., and Deckertown, N. J., 1864-93, when compelled to retire through ill health. Married, 1860, at Charlton, N. Y., to Kate A. De Hemer. Died, at Syracuse, Apr. 28, 1894.


»1885 Charles Edward Baldwin. Great Bend, Pa.

LL.В., Albany Law School, I860. Lawyer. Town Clerk, Derby, Conn., 1868. Justice of the Peace, Great Bend, 1877-82; Burgess, 1880. Author (with A. J. Parker) of revised ed. of Reeve's Domestic Relations, 1862. Died, in Florida, 1885.

*1872 John Baldwin. Xew York, X. Y.

Lawyer. Died Oct. 29, 1872.

George William Brooks. Cooperstown, N. Y.


John Darwin Shepard Cook.

602 New England Building, Kansas City, Mo.

Lawyer, of firm of Cook & Oossett. LL.B., Albany Law School, 1861. ФВК. Instruct. Kingston, N. Y., Acad., 1859-60. Admitted to the bar. Albany, N. Y., 1861. 1st Lieut. Co. I, 80th N. Y. Inf., U. S. A., 1861-63: Capt., 1863-64. Practised law at Kingston, Mo., 1865-70; nt Kansas City since 1870. V. 8. Aset. Assessor Internal Rev., 6th Mo. Diet., 1867-69. Register in Bankruptcy West. Diet. Mo., 1874-S0. Married, Sept. 7, IX», at Scraoton, Pa., to Rosalie K. Barlow.

Charles Horton Peck. Albany, N. Y.

N. Y. Stale Botanist since 1868. A.M., 1862. ФВК. Teacher Sand Lake, N. Y., Inst., I85S-62; private school, Albany, 1862-67. Author of (annual) Botnnical Reports, N. Y.State Museum, since 1869; Bulletin No. 2 N. Y. State Museum, 1877; No. 8, 1889. Contributor to periodicals and transactions of societies. Memb. Albany Inst.; Dana Nat. Illst. Soc.; Soc. Nat. ScL; Syracuse Botanical Soc; Albany Nature Club. Married, Apr. 10, 1861, nt Sand Lake, to Mary Catherine Sllter.

Wilson Marcy Powell. 324 W. 58th Street, New York, X. Y.

Lawyer. A.M., 1862. ФВК. Admitted to the bar, N. Y. City, 1861. Trustee Friends' Sem., N. Y. City, since 1870; Swurthmore Coll. since 1887. Married, 1861, at Brooklyn, N. Y., to Sarah Ы. Brown.

»1860 Charles Henry Sears. Mechanicsville, X*. Y.

Died Sept. 14, 1860.


"1887 Joseph Bell. Pasadena, Cal.

Admitted to the bar, N. Y. City. 1862. Aest. U. 8. Diet. Atty. So. Diet. N. Y., 1863-69. Asst. Dl»t. Any. N. Y. Co., 1875-80. Assoc. Justice Supreme Court N. Мех., 1880-84. U. S. Diet. Atty., 1884. Married, June 3, 1874, at N. Y. City, to Ieabel Elizabeth Sturgis. Died, at Pasadena, Nov. 27, 1887.

*1894 Samuel Adams Bowen. Cooperstown, X. Y.

A.M., 1863. ФВК. Admitted to the bar, Blnghamton, N. Y., 1861. Diet. Atty. Otsego Co., N. Y., 1S72-7«County Judge Otsego Co., 1878-84. Memb. Bd. Kduc, 1869-84. Married, Nov. 17, 1864, at Delavan, Wis., to Annie F. Butts. Died, at Cooperstown, Jan. 28, 1894.

•1891 pETER Van Schaack Pruyn. Kinderhook, X. Y.

A.M., 1863; M.D., Columbia Coll., 1863. ФВК. Act. Aset. Surg. N. Y. Vols, during Civil war. Director Nat. Union Bank, Kinderhook, 1877-92. Prest. Bd. Trustees Kinderhook Acad., 1879-92. Memb. N. Y. State Med. Soc.

CoLTON Joseph Reed. Xorth Syracuse, X. Y.

In business. ФВК. Admitted to the bar, Syracuse, N. Y., 1868. Practised law at Syracuse, 1868-70. Subsequently with The Elastic Truss Co. of N. Y. Married, 1862, at North Syracuse, to Martha J. Palmer.

Francis Fenelon Rice. Montour Falls, N. Y.

Rector Öt. John's Prot. Epíec. Church and the Lawrence Memorial Church, Catharine, N. Y., eince 1881. Orad. Gen. Theol. Sem., 1843. Ordained, 1863. Rector Grace Church. Waverly, N. Y., 1863-65; St. Mary's, Mott Haven, N. Y. City, 1866-70; Church of the Redeemer, Addison, N. Y., 1871-81. Married, 1875, at Bing, hamton, N. Y., to Lucy Seeley Cameron.

Everett Reuben Sawyer. Sandy Hill, N. Y.

Paetor Sandy Ulli Baptist Church eince 1870. D.D., union Coll., 1894. Ordained, 1863. Paetor Baptist churches at Cooperstown, N. Y., 1863-67; Albion, N. Y., 1867-70. Married, 1871, at Leyden, N. Y., to Sarah E. Lord.

Henry Louis Smith. 149 Broadway, New York, N. Y.

Lawyer. Teacher Lowville, N. Y., Acad., 1862. Justice of the Peace, Martineburg, N. Y., 1862. Capt. Co. I, 5th N. Y. Heavy Art., U. 8. A., 1862-63. Clerk U. 8. War Dept., Wash., 1864-65. Admitted to the bar, N. Y. City, 1860. Momb. Am. Assoc. Adv. Sei.; L. I. Hist. Soc. Carried, 1875, ut Albion, N. Y., to Jennie 1С. Hart.

Charles Ezra Sprague. 54 W. 32d Street, New York, N. Y.

Prest, union Dime Savings Inst, since 1892. A.M.,l«f>0: Ph.D., 1893. ФВК. Private 25th N. Y.Inf., U. 8. A., 1862; Corp. 44th N. Y. Inf., 1862; Sergt., 1863; wounded at Gettysburg; hon. discharged, 1864; brev. Col. N. Y. Vols., 1867. Commandant Yonkers, N. Y., Milit. Inst., 1804-66; Pecksklll, N. Y.. Miiit. Acad., 1867-08; Poughkeepsie, N. Y-, Milit. Inst., 1800-70. Clerk Union Dime Savings Inst., 1870-78; Secy., 1878-91; Treas., 1891-92, Prest. Tnst. of Accounts, 1880-99. Trustee Union Coll. since 1894. Col. and Asst. Paymaster Gen., N. Y. State. since 1897. Memb. N. Y. State Bd. Examiners for Public Accountants since 1896. Assoc, ed. The. Bookkeeper, 1880-82. Contributor to The Office and Bttttine** and to various periodicals. Author of Algebra of Accounts, 1880; HnndBook of Volaptik, 1887. Memb. Acad, of Volapuk, 1S87. Secy. ЛЛФ since 1896. Prest. ЛДФ nd interim, 1897-98. Married, Apr. 2, I860, at N. Y. City, to Ray Ellison.

1861. Elijridge Gerry Root Adams. Vernon, N. Y.

Teacher Vernon Acad, since 1885. ФВК. Admitted to tho bar, Syracuse, N. Y., 1869, but never practised law. School Comm. Lewis Co., N. Y., 1804-00. Instruct. Lee Centre, N. Y., 1873-83; Whltestown, N. Y., Sent., 1883-85. Married, Apr. 3, 1870, at Colllnsvllle, N. Y., to Anna С Mealus.

John Lindsay Hill. 155 Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Lawyer, of firm of Lockwood Si Hill, 115 Broadway. N. Y. City. A.M., 1864. ФВК. Supt. Public Schools, Waterford, N. Y., 1861-62. Admitted to the bar. Platteburg, N. Y., 1802. Practised law at Schenectady, N. Y., 1862-08; at N. Y. City since 1868. Diet. Attv. Sehencclady Co., 1864-68. Trustee Berkeley Inst., Brooklyn. Married, 1863, at Waterford, N. Y., to Adelaide Eddy.

Ira Cole Terry. 2720 Michigan Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.

Lawyer. A.M., 1864. Capt. 55th Ohio Inf., U. 8. A., 1801-02; Capt. and Maj. 5th Ü. S. Colored Troops, 1803-64; Lieut. 22d U.S. Colored Troops, 1864; brev. Col.. 1865. Admitted to the bar, St. Louis, 1869. Initiated at Hudson. Married, Jan. 21, 1873, at Monroe, La., to Georgia Burdctte Copley.

James Pattison Viele. Florence, Kan.

Pastor Florence Prcsb. Church since 1892. A.M., 1864. Grad. Princeton Theol. Sem., I860. Ordained, 1807. Paetor at 8and Lake, N. Y., 1806-82; Vernon, N. Y., 1882-87; Howard, Kan., 1887-89; Oxford, Kan., 1889-92. Married, Sept. 6,1804, at Fort Miller, N. Y., to Hester Viele.

Timothy Erastus Wilcox. Care War Dept., Washington, D. С

Maj. and Surg., U. S. A., since 1891. A.M., 1804; M.D., Albany Med. Coll., 1864. ФВК. Asst. Prof. Analytical Chem. Union Coll., 1863-64. Asst. Surg. 6th N. Y. Heavy Art., U. S. A., 1805; Asst. Surg. U. S. Vols., 1865-66; Asst. Surg., U.S.A., 1867; resigned, 1868; reappointed, 1874; Capt. and Asst. Surg., 1879-91. Contributor to medical and other journals. Corresp. Memb. Torrey Botanical Club. Married, 1867, at Bridgewater, N. Y., to Clara B. Brown.

1862. ♦

James Lowe Bothwell. 100 Elm Street, Albany, N. Y.

Prln. Public 8chool No. 14 since 1866. A.M., 1865. ФВК. Married, July 14, 1864, at Greenbush, N. Y., to Sarah A. Burrage.

*l872tJoiiN- Henry Dennis. Waterford, N. Y.

Lawyer and ins. agt. Died Sept. 11,1872.

Samuel Burnett Howe. Schenectady, N. Y.

Sopt. Public Schools and Adjunct Nott Prof. Union Coll. since 1879. A.M.. 1865; Ph.D., Union Coll., 1887. ФВК. Teacher public schools, Albany N. Y., 1862-79. Married, July 16, 1862, at Keut, О., to Sarah Mary Crain; and, Mar. 15,1890, at Groton, N. Y., to Emma Wlllard Crain.

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