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From Hell deriv'd, a meer Origins

And Providence is not concern'd at all:

Mankind's drawn in by Pious Fraud of Words*

To make them quit their Senses and their Swords;

To tefl us, Tyrants act by Power divine,

And must be sufPred for the Sacred Line:

That they may Government it self dismount,

jind none but Heaven may call them co account ,

This is a Doctrin Heaven it self arraigns,

And binds the World in Tyranny and Chains;

Impeaches Sacred Wisdom as unjust,

Subjecting Innocence to Sovereign Lust;

Wanting in Conduct, and in Power too Weak,

Making just Laws, which 'twould be just to break i

Forming incongruous Nonsense in the Brain,

Forbidding us to do, what we must not refrain;

Directing Men to Contradict his Law,

Which one while this way, one while that must draw j

Making his Pleasure contradict his Will,

And Contradictions his Commands fulfil;

Damning the Laws of (a ) Reason as unjust,

And forcing (b) Nature to betray her Trust;

Bewild'red Sense must surely lose her way,

Both ways Rebel, and must both ways Obey j

And all the Bond's of Being first unty'd,

Life's left at WHL, and Nature Oisobey'd «

The wand'ring Thought's in Mists of Error tost,

Stifl'd in Contradiction till it's Loft;

And the unthinking Animal resigns,

His Captiv'd Sense to Hell's unjust Designs.

Thus Tyants raisc their fancied Dignity,
And Cloath themselves with Self-made Majesty;
Challenge the Sanction of the Pow'r Divine,
And strive t*entail the Blessing on their Line.

(-) Reason is condemned as dictating false Notions of Govern

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Build the Chiœerick Fabrick in the Air,

And cloth'd with Error Crown|their Fancy there;

Suppofing Heaven wou'd their Contrivance own,

And bids the Wretch because he Wears a Crown:

Cherish the Fury in his Wild Mistakes,

And follow with the Blessings he forsakes.

Satyr, distinguish here, the Kinds of Power,
Lest Pof lar Heat fhou'd Government devour;
Explain the Terms of Just Authority,
And Search the Sacred Right of Majesty;
Greatness, as by the moderns understood,
Respects the Wicked Princes, not the Good.

Forbid it, Satyr, ne'er Debauch thy Verse,
The empty Praise of Tyrants to rehearse.
'Tis Justice Sanctifies a Magistrate,
And Vertue only makes a Monarch Great.
Kin as that by Law the Government obtain,
Aud Rule by Law$ can never Rule in vain:
Their just Behaviour does the Sanction bring,
This Justifies the Law, and that the King;
While they within the Bounds of Truth remain,
Ho man's Opprcst, and therefore none Complain 5
For Justice has a Right to Rule Mankind,
And this it may maintain, and that defend;
The King that justly Reigns is so Divine, i
And Honestly Entails it on his Line;
But 'tis while his Successors reign so too,
And the fame Line the fame Designs pursue:
As soon as they the Path of Light mistake,
The Sanction will the Faithless Race forsake:
Where'er the Lawless Powers of Lust begin,
They let the King go out, the Tyrant in.
T*he Subject feds the swift effect of Force,
And Obligation will decay in course. # Kings

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Kings that by Law and Justice rules the Lands,
Have HtniPtts high Name imprest on their Commands
For Right derives it self from the Moil High, *
And is the Trf? of all Authority;
He that resists, and dares to Disobey,
Insults his Maker, and demands to Dye.
The Laws the Guilty Criminal detest,
For God and Nations join in one Request.

Such Kings are Sacred, Rights Divine appear,
Law lets 'em in, and Law maintains them there;
Justice supports him who by Justice Reigns,
The Law the King, the King the Law maintains.

This is the mighty Thing call'd Government, -> By Nature form'd, does Nature represent, S, Cod and the People joining their Consent. y

If either part this ( a ) Order disobey, That Breach the Constitution must betray; The Obligation's equally Divine, And both concur in the supreme Design; Justice and Peace the mighty Thing explain, "> This is what when we talk of Laws, we mean, And what both King and Subjett must maintain. j The high Collateral Principles so just, Both must with Care'Defend the mighty Trust; Both must the safe Deposit guard and see, 'Tis left uninjur'd to Posterity; Justice is thus to Peace the only way, People must Kings, as Kings the Laws obey: If either side the high Engagements break, Reason, direct the Course the rest may take.


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*Tis plain that Right and Peace must be secur'd,
If once they happen to be overpow'rd,
Ord r of Government of Course expires,
And God himself from such a Place retires.

People in vain to him for Succour cry,
He never laves the Mao that seeks to Die;
They that resolve their Liberty to lose.
Heaven is too just that Freedom to refuse,
But lets them have the Slav'ry which they choose.
Till Reason opens their deluded Eyes,
Blinded with Notions and Absurdities;
Instructs them in the Rules of Providence,
And guides by Natures Laws to Self-defences
Then HeaVen returns, its needful aid affords,
And with its Blessing consecrates their Swords.;


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SATTR^to(d) Parent Custom now repair
And search the antieat Laws of Nations there j
Usage beyond the Memory of time,
And Long Prescription Naturalizes Crime;
Custom Legitimates a Nations Shame,
Serves for a Law, and sometimes gains the Namel


(a) It is flrenuoufly argued by the Patrons of Arbitrary Power, that it has been the Custom of Nations to set up their Kings to a Superior Heighth above all Law,and that a Prescription of Ages Will produce Examples of the profoundest Submission in thePeo

Sile; and that in all the first Governments of the World, even own to the Hpma» Empire j and that among the Subjects of she; fyman Empire, none gave a more absolute obedient Deference to the Command of the Emperors, than, the Christians, who on all handi chose rather to suffer Death, than to oppose their Impe»on.

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