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It was not yet midday

The ship arrived at the shore. Brothers, arise from sweet sleep,

From your sweet sleep and sad dreams:

Fall at the feet of Jesus:

Here is our Lord, here is our ship!


Canzonette which is taught to children.

The light appears, the light appears!

The light is good:

The sparrow is on the tree,

The hen is on the perch. The sleep of the lazymen is a year, Workman, rise and commence thy work!

The gates of heaven are opened ,

The throne of gold was erected,

Christ was sitting on it:

The Illuminator was standing,

He had taken the golden pen,

He wrote great and small.

Sinners were weeping

And the just playing.

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The bearv the fox, and the wolj.

The wolf and the bear and the little fox had
made peace,
They were become uncles and nephews:
They have made the little fox a monk.
False monk, false hermit, false!

The little fox went into the street and found an old

He made a hole and put his head in it, he took

a stick, He put on an iron shoe, he made a hole in the

False monk, false hermit, false!

The fox sent the wolf to fetch the bear:
I have accepted for thee this solitary life,
And thou dost not send me rations,
My ankles are sore, my knees are sore.

In the morning at day-light they go to the chase:
They caught a sheep a lamb and a ram:
They made the wolf the pious economist.
Unjust judge, unjust economist, unjust!

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