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# * f | * Denotes by Statute 31 Henry VIII., cap. 10.

g== t—— by Statute 1 William and Mary, cap. 21.

### |-– — by Letters Patent, 9, 10, and 14 James I.

f * = . I — by Ancient Usage and Established Custom. * The King's Children and Grandchildren. + Speaker of the House of Commons. - Brethren. t Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal. - Uncles. I Wiscounts' eldest sons. - Nephews. I Earls' youngest sons. * Archbishop of Canterbury. I Barons' eldest sons. * Lord Chancellor, or Lord Keeper, if a Baron. || Knights of the Garter. * Archbishop of York. | Privy Councillors. * Lord Treasurer. If of | Chancellor of the Exchequer. * Lord President of the Council. }. | Chancellor of the Duchy. * Lord Privy Seal. rank. | Chief Justice of the King's Bench. * Lord Great Chamberlain. (a) # 3 || Master of the Rolls. * Lord High Constable. F 5 # || Chief Justice of the Common Pleas. * Earl Marshal. * - 3 || || Chief Baron of the Exchequer. * Lord High Admiral. 3 : Ž | Judges and Barons of the Coif. * Lord Steward of the Household. 2 5 = | || Knights-bannerets Royal. * Lord Chamberlain of the Household. # * || Viscounts' younger sons. * Dukes. Barons' younger sons. * Marquesses. | Baronets. it Dukes' eldest sons. || Knights-bannerets. * Earls. Knights Grand Crosses of the Bath. 1 Marquess' eldest sons. Knights Commanders of the Bath. I Dukes' younger sons. I Knights Bachelors. * Wiscounts. | Baronets' eldest sons. i Earls’ eldest sons. | Knights' eldest sons. 1 Marquess' younger sons. I Colonels. * Secretary of State, if a Bishop. | Baronets' younger sons. * Bishop of London. || Knights' younger sons. - of Durham. I Serjeants-at-law. - of Winchester. : Doctors. * Bishops. 1 Esquires. * Secretary of State, if a Baron. Companions of the Bath. * Barons. I Gentlemen.

Married ladies and widows are entitled to the same rank amongst each other, as their husbands would respectively have borne between themselves, except such rank is merely professional or of. ficial; and unmarried ladies to the same rank as their eldest brother would bear amongst men, during the lives of their fathers.

VALv Asons.—The first name of dignity, next beneath a peer, was anciently that of Vidames, Vicedomini, or Valvasor, who are mentioned by our ancient lawyers, as viri magna dignitatis, and Sir Edward Coke speaks highly of them. Yet they are at present entirely out of use; and our legal antiquaries are not agreed upon even their original or ancient office. Now, therefore, the first personal dignity, after the nobility, is a Knight of the Order of St. George, or of the Garter, first instituted by Edward III., anno 1344.—Blackstone.

(a) Lord Great Chamberlain, when in actual performance of official duty, statute 1 George I.

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D. Duke. M. Marquess. E. Earl. W. Wiscount. B. Baron. Bt. Baronet.

Absque labore nihil. Without labour nothing. Steele, Bt.
A cruce salus. Salvation through the Cross. Mayo, E. Downes, B.
A cuspide corona. A crown by the lance. Middleton, W.
A Deo et rege. From God and the king. Chesterfield, Stanhope, Harrington, Earls.
A fin. To the end. Airlie, E.
A la volonté de Dieu. At the will of God. Strickland, Bt.
Alba de Tormes. Hamilton, Bt. *
A ma puissance. To my power. Stamford, E.
Accendit cantu. He animates by crowing. Cockburn, Bt.
Advance with courage. Majoribanks, Bt.
AEquabiliter et diligenter. With justice and diligence. Redesdale, B.
AEquam servare mentem. To preserve an equal mind. Rivers, B. Green, Bt.
AEquanimiter. Justly. Suffield, B. -
AEquo adeste animo. Be present with mind unchangeable. Cope, Bt.
AEquo pede propera. Hasten forward in a steady pace. East, Bt.
Agincourt. Wodehouse, B.
Aides, Dieu. Help, O God. Mill, Bt.
Algiers. Exmouth, V.
Ales volat propriis. The bird flies to its own. Thanet, E.
Alleluiah. Tuite, Bt.
Alla ta Hara. Mildmay, Bt.
Altiora in votis. Greater things are the objects of my wishes. Des Voeux, Bt.
Altius ibunt, qui ad summa nituntur. They will attain a higher point who direct their aros
to things the most eralted. Forbes, Bt.
Altius tendo. I aim at a higher object. Kenlock, Bt.
Amicitiae virtutis que foedus. The league of friendship and virtue. Hippesley, Bt.
Amo. I love. Buccleuch, D.
Amat victoria curam. Victory loves care. Clerk, Bt.
Anchor, fast anchor. Gray, Bt.
Animis et fato. To courage and to fate. Thriepland, Bt.
Animo et fide. By courage and faith. Guilford, E.
Animo non astutiã. By courage, not by craft. Gordon, D. Gordon, Bt.
Animus non deficit aequus. A just mind is not wanting. Willoughby D’Eresby, B.
Animus tamen idem. My mind yet the same. Cuffe, Bt.
Animum rege. Rule thy mind. Keith, Bt.
Antiquum obtinens. Possessing antiquity. Bagot, B.
Aperto vivere voto. To live without a wish concealed. Aylesford, E.
Appetitus rationi pareat. Let desire obey reason. Fitzwilliam, R.
Aquila non captat muscas. The eagle catches not flies. Graves, B.
Ardua petit ardea. The heron seeks high places. Heron, Bt.
Aspiro. I aspire. Ramsay, Bt.
Astra, castra; numen, lumen, munimen. The stars, my canopy; the Deity my director, sy
safeguard. Balcarres, E.
At spes non fracta. But my hope is not broken. Hopetown, E. Hope, Bt.
Aubon droit. To the just right. Egremont, E.
Au plaisir fort de Dieu. At the mighty will of God. Mount-Edgecumbe, E.
Auctor pretiosa facit. The giver makes them valuable. Buckinghamshire, E.
Audaces fortuna juvat. Fortune favors the brave. King, Bt.
Audacter et sincere. Boldly and sincerely. Powis, E.

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Auspice Christo. Christ being guide. Wenlock, B. Davie, Bt.
Auspicium melioris aevi. A pledge of better time. St. Albans, D.
Aut nunquam tentes, aut perfice. Either never attempt, or accomplish. Dorset, D.
Auxilio divino. By divine assistance. Drake, Bt. -
Auxilium meum a domino. My help from the Lord. Mostyn, Bt. Price, Bt.
Auxilium ab alto. Help from above. Clonbrock, B. Martin, Bt.
Avance. Advance. Portmore, E.
Avancez. Advance. Hill, B. Hill, Bart.
Avant. Before. Stewart, Bt.
Avi numerantur avorum. A long line of ancestors are cnumerated. Grantley, B.
Avise la fin. Consider the end. Ailsa, M.
Avito wiret honore. He flourishes with ancestorial honor. Bute, M. Wharncliffe, B. Stewart

de Rothsay, B.

Aymez loyaulte. Love loyalty. Winchester, M. Bolton, B.
Basis virtutum constantia. Constancy is the foundation of virtues. Hereford. V.
Be fast. Mexborough, E.
Be just and fear not. Lifford, W.
Be mindful. Cawdor, B. Campbell, Bt.
Be right and persist. Young, Bt.
Bear and forbear. Longford, W. Moreland, Bt.
Bella! horrida bella! Wars / horrid wars / Lisle, W.
Benigno numine. Under a propitious divinity. Chatham, E.
Boulogne et Cadix. Heygate, Bt.
Bis vivit qui bene. He lives twice who lives well. Becher, Bt.
Bydand. Gordon, Bt.
By faith we are saved. Cathcart, Bt.
Cadarn yr cyfrwys. Strong and derterous. Williams, Bt.
Candide et constanter. Candidly and constantly. Coventry, E.
Candide, secure. Honestly, safely. Lynedoch, B.
Candide sed caute. Candidly but cautiously. Sinclair, Bt.
Cassis tutissima virtus. Virtue is the safest helmet. Cholmondeley, M. Delamere, B.
Cause caused it. Elphinston, B.
Cave adsum. Beware, I am present. Jardine, Bt.
Cavendo tutus. Safe, by being cautious. Devonshire, D. Waterpark, B. Burlington, E.
Cedant arma togae. Let arms yield to the toga. Read, Bt.
Certum pete finem. Aim at a sure end. Thompson, Bt.
Certa cruce salus. Certain salvation through the cross. Kinnaird, B.
Chase. Geary, Bt,
Che sara, sara. What will be, will be. Bedford, D. Russell, Bt.
Cio che Dio vuole, io voglio. What God wills I will. Dormer, B.
Christi crux est mea lux. The cross of Christ is my light. Northcote, Bt.
Clarior e tenebris. Brighter from obscurity. Miltown, E. Puleston, Bt.
Clementia et animis. By clemency and courage. Panmure, B.
Coelestia canimus. We sing of heavenly things. Synge, Bt.
Coclitus mihi vires. My strength is from heaven. Ranelagh, V.
Coelum non animum. You may change your climate, not your mind. Waldegrave, E.
Comme je fus. As I have been. Dudley, E.
Comme je trouve. As I find. Ormond, M. Galmoye, W. Butler, Bt.
Commit thy work to God. Caithness, E.
Compositun, jus fas que animi. Law and equity united. Ellenborough, E.
Concordant nomine facta. Our deeds agree with our name. Grace, Bt.
Concordiá crescimus. We increase by concord. Bromhead, B.
Confido. I trust. Boyd, Bt.
Conquiesco. I am at rest. Headfort, M. Metcalfe, Bt.
Consequitur quodcunque petit. He obtains whatever he seeks. Headford, M.
Consilio et prudentia. By wisdom and prudence. Clancarty, E.
Consilio et animo. By wisdom and courage. Lauderdale, E. Maitland, Bt.
Consilio non impetu. By council not force. Agnew, Bt.
Constans fidei. Steady to trust. Ridley, Bt.
Constantia et virtute. By constancy and virtue. Amherst, B.
Contentement passe richesse. Contentment surpasses riches. Bowyer, Bt.

jor nobyle, cor immobyle. A heart noble, a mind determined. Vivian, Bt.
Cor unum, via una. One heart, one way. Exeter, M.
Corda serata pando. I lay open locked hearts. Lockhart, Bt.

Sorona mea Christus. Christ my crown. Chetwode, Bt.
Coronat fides. Faith crowns. Pringle, Bt.

Courage. Courage. Cumming, Bt. Gordon, Bt.
Courage sans peur. Courage with naught of fear. Gage, W.
Craignez honte. Fear shame. Portland, D.
Crede Byron. Trust Byron. Byron, B.
Crescit sub pondere virtus. Virtue grows under the imposed weight. This idea owes its origin
to the Palm-tree, which, according to the received opinion, grows the more in proportion to
the incumbent weight. Denbigh, E. Chapman, Bt.
Crom-a-boo. Crom, (a castle formerly belonging to the Fitzgeralds,) to victory. Leinster, D. De
Ros, B.
Cruci dum spiro fido. Whilst I breathe, I trust in the cross. Galway, V.
Crux Christi nostra corona. The cross of Christ is our crown. Berkley, Bt.
Curá et candore. With care and frankness. Cunningham, Bt.
Cura quietem. Study quiet. Hall, Bt.
Data fata secutus. Following his declared fate. St. John, B.
Dat deus incrementum. God giveth increase. Crofton, B. Crofton, Bt.
De bon vouloir servir le roy. To serve the king with good will. Tankerville, E. Grey, E.
Grey, Bt.
Deckan. Hislop, Bt.
Decrevi. I have decreed. Westmeath, M. Nugent, Bt.
Decus summum virtus. Virtue the highest honor. Holbourne, Bt.
Deeds show. Ruthven, B.
Dei memor, gratus amicis. Mindful of God, grateful to friends. Antrobus, Bt.
Delectare in domino. To rejoice in the Lord. Poltimore, B.
Deo adjuvante non timendum. God assisting, nothing is to be feared. Fitzwilliam, V.
Deo adjuvante fortuna sequatur. God assisting, fortune may follow. Exmouth, V.
Deo date. Give to God. Arundel, of Wardour, B.
Deo duce decrevi. Under God's direction I have decreed. Harnage, Bt.
Deo duce, ferro comitante. God being my guide, and my sword my companion. Charle-
mont, E.
Deo et principe. For God and my prince. Lamb, Bt.
Deo, non fortuna. From God, not fortune. Digby, E.
Deo, patriae, amicis. To God, my country, and friends. Colchester, B.
Deo, regi, patriae. To God, my king, and country. Feversham, B.
Deo regidue liber. Johnson, Bt.
Depressus extollor. Having been depressed, I am eralted. Mountgarret, W. Kilkenny, E.
Despicio terrena, solem contemplor. I despise earthly things, and contemplate the sun. Bed-
ingfield, Bt. - -
Devant si je puis. Foremost, if I can. Mainwaring, Bt.
Deum time. Fear God. Murray, Bt.
Deum cole, regem serva. Worship God, serve the king. Enniskillen, E.
Deus major columna. God greater than a column. Henniker, B. Henniker, Bt.
Deus mihi providebit. God will provide for me. Goold, Bt. Burton, Bt.
Deus pascit corvos. God feeds the ravens. Bridges, Corbet, Jones, Bts.
Deus prosperat justos. God makes the just prosper. Heathcote, Bt.
Deu avec nous. God with us. Berkely, E.
Dieu ayde. God aids. Montmorres, V. Frankfort de Montmorency, W.
Dieu defend le droit. God defends the right. Spencer, E. Churchill, B.
Diku Er Mon Droit. God AND MY RIGHT. Motto of the Sovereigns of Great Britain.
Difficilia quae pulchra. Fair things are difficult of attainment. Elford, Bt.
Discipliná, fide, perseverantia. By discipline, fidelity, and perseverance. Duckworth, Bt.
Discite justitiam moniti. Learn justice, being admonished. Russel, Bt.
Disponendo me, non mutando me. By disposing of me, not by changing me. Manchester, D.
Divini gloria ruris. The glory of the heavenly abode. Ferrard, W.
Do well and doubt not. Blakiston, Bt.
Do no yll, quoth Doyle. Doyley, Bt.
Do or die. Douglas, Bt.
Domini factum est. It is the Lord's doing. Scott, Bt.
Dominus providebit. The Lord will provide. Glasgow, E.
Dread God. Kenmure, V. Carnegie, Bt. Gordon, Bt. Monro, Bt.
Dread shame. Leighton, Bt.
Droit et avant. Right and forward. Sydney, V.
Droit et loyal. Just and loyal. Huntingfield, B.
Ducit amor patriae. The love of country leads. Phillips, Bt.
Dulcius ex asperis. Streeter because with difficulty obtained. Fergusson, Bt.
Dum spiro spero. While 1 breathe I hope. Dillon, V.
Dum sisto vigilo. Whilst I stand I watch. Gordon, Bt. -

En dieu estmon espérance. In God is my hope. Gerard, Bt. Wentworth, Bt.
En grace affie. On grace depend. Cardigan, E. Grace, Bt.
En la rose je fleurie. I flourish in the rose. Richmond, D.
En suivant la vérité. In following truth. Portsmouth, E.
Erectus non elatus. Eralted not elated. Beaumont, Bt.
Esperance en dieu. Hope in God. Northumberland, D. Beverley, E. Prudhoe, B.
Essayez. Try. Dundas, B.
Esse quam videri. To be rather than to appear. Winterton, E. Croft, St. Paul, Boevey, Bts.
Esto quod esse videris. Be what thou seemest to be. Sondes, B.
Esto semper fidelis. Be ever faithful. Yea, Bt.
Esto sol testis. Let the sun be a witness. Jones, Bt.
Equanimiter. With equanimity. Sheffield, E.
Et decus et pretium recti. Both the ornament and reward of integrity. Grafton, D. South-
ampton, B.
Et juste et vrai. Both just and true. Wray, Bt.
Et mea messis erit. And my harvest will arrive. Denny, Bt.
Et nos quoque tela sparsimus. And we too have hurled our javelins. Hastings, M.
Et vitam impendere vero. To sacrifice even life to truth. Holland, B.
Et vi et virtute. Both by strength and virtue. Baird, Bt. Burrowes, Bt.
E’en do but spair nocht. Murray, Bt.
Excitari non hebescere. To be animated, not to become inactive. Walsingham, B.
Extant recte factis procmia. Rewards are justly given to deeds. Coffin, Bt.
Ex fide fortis. Strong through faith. Beauchamp, E.
Facie tenus. Up to the mark. This translation for want of a better, has been adopted by the
family. Wheler, Bt.
Faire mon devoir. To do my duty. Roden, E.
Faire sans dire. To do without boasting. Ilchester, E.
Famam extendere factis. To extend fame by deeds. Galway, V.
Fama semper vivet. Fame lives for ever. Ravensworth, B.
Familias firmat pietas. Virtue strengthens families. Wardlaw, Bt.
Fare, fac. Speak, do (i.e. do what you say.) Fairfax, Bt.
Fari quae sentiat. To say what he may think. Oxford, E.
Fax mentis honestae gloria. Glory is the incitement of a noble mind. Forbes, Bt.
Fax mentis incendium gloriae. The incitement of glory is the fire-brand of the mind.
Granard, E.
Fear God in life. Somerville, B.
Fear to transgress. Clonmell, E.
Feret ad astra virtus. Virtue will bear you to the skies. Kellet, Bt.
Festina lente. Hasten forward with caution. Fingall, E. Plunket, Dunsany, Lowth, B.
Trotter, Bt. and likewise as a jeu de mots, by Sir Henry On-slow.
Fiat Dei voluntas. God's will be done. Meredith, Bt.
Fide et fiducia. With faith and trust. Harnage, Bt. Rosebery, E.
Fide et amore. By fidelity and love. Hertford, M. Carden, Bt.
Fide et fortitudine. By fidelity and fortitude. Essex, E.
Fide et virtute. Through faith and virtue. Gooch, Bt.
Fide non armis. By faith not arms. Gambier, B.
Fide sed cui vide. Have considence, but see well in whom thou placest it. Astley, Bt. Sta.
pylton, Bt.
Fidei coticula crux. The cross is the test of faith. Baker, Bt. Jersey, E. Clarendon, E.
Fideliter. Faithfully. Cunliffe, Bt.
Fideli certa merces. To the faithful man there is a certain reward. Morley, E.
Fides probata, coronat. Tried faith crowns. Campbell, Bt.
Fidelite est de Dieu. Fidelity is of God. Powerscourt, W.
Fides sufficit. Faith sufficeth. Halket, Bt.
Fidem parit integritas. Integrity produceth faith. Kaye, Bt.
Fidus et audax. Faithful and bold. Slade, Bt. Lismore, V.
Fiel pero desdichado. Faithful though unfortunate. Marlborough, D.
Fight. Roslyn, E. Sinclair, B.
Firm. Reid, Bt. Stair, E. Dalrymple, Bt. Walsh, Bt. Hay-Dalrymple, Bt. Hamilton, Bt.
Firm to my trust. Glyn, Bt.
Firmior quo paratior. The more prepared, the more powerful. Selkirk, E.
Finis coronat opus. The end crowns the work. Baker, Bt.
Finem respice. Consider the end. Darnley, E.
Firmitas in coelo. Stability in Heaven. St. George, Bt.
Firmum in vita nihil. Nothing is stable in life. Bunbury, Bt. Richardson, Bt.
Flecti non frangi. To bend, not to break. Palmerston, W.

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