28th August 1544. My body to be buried there. The Right Hon. John Lord Scrope of Bolton, my nephew; my wife, Felys; my eldest son, Henry; my daughter, Margaret Wyvell; my sons John and Ralph; my manor of Hamylden; my sons Adrian and Robert. I constitute John Lord Scrope, Lord Scrope of Bolton, my wife Felys, and Thomas Rokeby, her brother, my executors.

Proved 27th November 1547.


Edward Grey, Lord Powis', 11th June, 36 Henry VIII. 1544. My barony and lordship of Powys, with my castle and manor of Poole, and my other lordships in the county of Montgomery; and also, my castles and manors of Cherleton and Pontysbury, in the county of Salop, to the heirs of my body lawfully begotten; failing which, my castle and manor of Charlton, and manor of Pontysbury, to Jane Orwell, daughter of Sir Lewis Orwell, Knt. and her assigns, during her natural life. And, in default of issue of my body lawfully begotten, I will that Edward Grey, my illegitimate son by the said Jane Orwell, shall have and enjoy my said barony and manor of Powis, my castle and manor of Poole, and all other my lordships in the county of Montgomery, and the reversion of the castle and manors of Cherleton and Pontysbury, to him and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten; in default of which, the same to remain to that child, in case it be a son, wherewith the said Jane Orwell is now great by me, and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten; but if it should not be a son, or if a son and he die without issue, then I will that the whole Barony of Powys, and the premises aforesaid,

1 Edward Grey, last Lord Grey, of Powis; he married Anne, daughter and coheir of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, who survived him, and married, secondly, Randle Hornworth, Esquire. Lord Grey died without legitimate issue in 1559.

shall come to Jane Grey, my daughter, and to the heirs of her body lawfully begotten; and for lack of such issue, to Anne Grey, my other daughter, and the heirs of her body lawfully begotten; and for default of such issue, to such woman child as shall be born of the body of the said Jane Orwell*.


Felice Upton, 16th September 1548. My body to be buried in the Church of St. Peter, Dover, before the font there. Proved at Canterbury.


Thomas Brooke, alias Cobham of the parish of Reculver, Esq. My body to be buried in the Choir of Hothe. Tomy especial good Lord, the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury *, my great black horse, and my signet. To Susan, my wife, my lease of Chistlett Park for life; remainder to Thomas, my youngest son. John Sethe, of Heme. I bequeath my patent of Fourde Park, in Chistlett, to Susan my wife, for life; remainder to my eldest son, Cranmer Brook, for ever. The Lord Cobham, my brother.

Proved at Canterbury 17th January 1547.

* From Dugdale's Abstract, tome ii.p. 284, and Collins* Precedents, p. 397-

* Apparently brother of George Lord Cobham. * Thomas Cranmer.


George Lord Darcy', 1548. My body to be buried in the Quire at Bempton, near to my wife. I will that a convenient tomb be made and set over us both, according to my estate and degree. To Agnes Fairfax, my daughter, c marks; also, my best wrought silk carpet, bordered with crimson velvet, which she made. To Mary, my daughter, c marks. To my daughter Dawney, my best cup. To Elizabeth, Clare, and Mary, my daughters*.


Ralph Hayman, of Milton. My body to be buried in the Church there, before the high quire. I will that a stone of marble, graved with my picture, my three wives, and my three sons and four daughters, to the value of ivl. be laid on my sepulture. Maryon, my wife. I will that, when John Feltwell comes to the age of twenty-four years, if my said wife be deceased, that he shall have the bouse that I bought of Lawrence Haester and Peter Smythe, and the smyth's forge, to him and the heirs of his body; the remainder to be sold by my feoffees, lo Ralph, son of Peter Hayman, my manor of Backchilde, with the lands,

1 Second Lord Darcy of Darcy; he was restored to the Rarony which had been forfeited by the attainder of his father the first Lord, but with remainder to the heirs male of his body, by Act of Parliaments Edward VI.; he married Dorothy, daughter and heir of Sir John Melton, of Aston, co. York, Knight, and by her had John, his son and heir, and six daughters, viz. Agnes, wife of Sir Thomas Fairfax, Knight; Mary, who married, first, Henry Babington, Esquire, and secondly, Henry Foljambe, Esquire; Edith, wife of Sir John Dawney; Dorothy, wife of Sir Thomas Metham; Elizabeth, who married Bryan Stapelton, Esquire; and Clare, who died unmarried. Lord Darcy died 2Sth August 4th and 5th Philip and Mary 1557

» From Dugdale's Abstract, tome i. p. 3"4.

rents, services, &c. thereto belonging; but if he should not dwell within the said hundred of Milton, and should dye within twenty-four years next after my decease without heirs male called Ralph Hayman, of his body lawfully begotten, then I will that the said manor and its appurtenances remain to my executors, to find an honest priest, born within the county of Kent, to sing within the Church of Milton yearly for twenty years, and he to have for his labour vnl. a year. And I will that the longest liver of my executors shall receive the same, and find the said priest during the said years.

Proved at Canterbury 27th March, 1548.


William Boys, of Nonninton, Esq. If I die where I now dwell, I will that my body be buried in the Chapel where I sit. Ellen, Mary, and Elizabeth, my daughters. My daughter's uncle, Sir Edward Ringley, Knt. To the poor of every parish, within the Hundred of Eastry, vi /. Xiii s. iv d. My five sons, Edward, Thomas, William, John, and Vincent. Mary my wife. I will that Edward, my eldest son, have all my manors, lands, and tenements, as were entailed to him, and his eldest heir male, according to the indentures made between me, his father, and Sir Edward Ringley, Knt.' at the time of his marriage. My sister Margaret. My manor ofFredfeld; my lands of Frogham. To Edward my son, my leases of Accolte, and three barrows, which I have obtained of my Lord of Canterbury, and my lease of six score acres of land, which I have obtained of the late Prior of Dover, called Westcorland. I bequeath a moiety of Ketterton, which was lately Brymers, and also eight score acres of land, called Ketterton, which I took of my Lord of Canterbury, to thesaid Edward, my son, to apply the profits to the use of my two sons, John and Vincent, until they come of age,

• Vide the will of this Sir Edward Ringley, in a former page.

when he shall be at liberty to purchase the said moiety, at twenty years purchase, and the lease of the eight score acres, at sixteen years purchase, or else both to remain to my two sons, John and Vincent, for ever. Robert Boys. Proved at Canterbury 23d July 3 Ed. VI. I54fl.


Bridget Lady Marney', Little Horkssey, lfith September 1549. My body to be buried at the end of the high altar, in the Chancel of the Parish Church of Little Horkssey, where I will that a vault of brick be made, so large that one body may be conveniently laid therein; and I will that over it be set a tomb, more than half the length of the tomb wherein Dame Katberine Finderrie lieth buried, and upon the same that there be put three pictures of brass, one of myself, without any coat-armour, and upon my right side the picture of the Lord Marney, my last husband, in his coat-armour; and upon my left side the picture of my husband Finderne, in his coat-armour; and at the head or feet a scripture of brass to show the time of my decease, what stock I was of, and to what men of worship 1 was married. Also, I will that there shall be sung by note such service as is set out and appointed by the King's Book to be used at burials, with so many priests and clerks as my executors shall think convenient, every priest to have xnd. and every clerk, being a man helping to sing, ivd.*

'Widow of John Lord Marney, and of Finderne, and

daughter of.... Waldegrave.
* From Dugdale's Abstract, tome ii. p. 808.

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