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If you should meet a tiger, what

would you do? Should you pull thishousedown

if it were yours? If it should rain to morrow, you

need not come. If that boy were mine, I should

flog him. I should buy it, if I were able.

I should not have it done till this time, without your help.

But for him, I should have been

a rich man. If I had it yesterday, I should

have been glad of it. I should have gone, if I had a

horse. 1 told him he should do it, or

I would flog him.

If I had known it in time, it

should not have done. You should never do that alone.

I don't know why he should have more than I.

The door should not be left unlocked at night.

There were only seven, but there should have been ten.

I don't know why he should be angry with me.

I don't know why the people there should be worse than they are here.

Why should this be better

than that. I should think, about fifty.

Caloo cuttummoo machan, pug

gheemana. Caloo kwc poonya rooma ee

nee, apa kwe bongkavt Caloo oojan bessok, troossa .

datung. Caloo anak saya eetoo, saya

pookool'een. Caloo saya mampoo bul/ee eetoo

saya bul/ee. Choba loo trada tooloong sama

qooa, sampe sue/carang billion abees. Caloo trada subbab deea, sne

Aarang saya sooda kaya. Choba saya ada eetoo cumma

ren, saya gheerang. Choba saya ada eooda, saja

pugr//iec. Saya ieclang kaloo deea trada

ieekeen eetoo, nan tee saya

pookooleen. Choba saya dapet taoo sccang seeang, eetoo trada sampe/adee. Suc/ralee kaleejang'an Aeekeen

eetoo sundeeree. Saya trada taoo cunwapa deea

mustee ada labbec daree saya. Peentoo trada mustee teenggal

tubAooka malum malum. Ada too\oo saja, tepee mustee

ada suppooloo. Saya trada teoo cunwnpa deea

mustee mara sama saya. Saya trada mung'artee cunwa

pa orrang orrang dee seel oo

mustee labbec jahat daree

orrang dee sconce. Cunnapa eenee mustee lubbce

but daree eetoo? Saya keera ada barang lecma



Conversation with a Servant.

Master. Who is there outside?

Servant. It is I, sir.

M. What do you want?

s. I am come to see (or speak to) you, sir.

M. Well, what is it?

s. I have been informed that you want a servant, sir.

M. Yes, if I can get a good servant.

s. Will you take me into your service.

M. Well, but I wish you to sleep in the house.

s. I would request you to excuse me from this, if possible, for at home there is not a single man besides myself, they are all women.

M. If you cannot agree to that, you will not do. I want a man that will stay to take care of the house.

s. Well, sir, what will be my work?

M. In my house there is no certain work; whatever I order you to do that is your work. How much wages do you want a month?

s. That I leave to your good will, whatever you think right.

Seeapa eetoo dee tooar?

Saya Tooan.

Apa loo maoo?

Saya datung cuttummoo sama tooan.

Apa kabar.

Saya dungur tooan charee orrang.

Eea, caloo bole daput orrang yang bae.

Caloo tooan sooka ambeel saya, saya sooka.

Bae, tapee loo mustee teedoor dee dalum.

Saya meenta tooan jang'an ambeel purgoossar, eetoo soossa, suDbad dee rooma chooraa saya sundeeree orrang lulfokee, samooa orrang prumpooa.u.

Caloo tra'bolS, sooda, Gooa charee orrang yang bole teenggal dee seenee jaga rooma.

Apa pucAurja'an saya, tooan?

Dee seenee trada bole tuntoo. Apa yang dee prenta, eetoo mustee dee beeKeen. Brapa gajee loo maoo subboolan.

Eetoo mul/^wgcun tooan poonnva kasseeaw.

M. Not so, I give my servants ten rupees silver a month; if you will take that, well.

s. Very well, sir.

M. What is your name?

s. My name is: — what can I do

just now? M. 1 will send you to mend a

broken bamboo-fence.

s. Where is that fence Sir.

M. Come with me and I will shew you. When you have done that, go to the garden and look after the plants.

s. Very well, Sir.

M. How are the trees and plants in the garden.

s. They look well, Sir.

M. How are the rose trees.

s. They are bearing flowers.

M Does the mango tree bear.

s. Yes sir, there are some ripe

mangoes already. M. Why did you not pluck the

ripe ones? s. They are not yet mellow,

that is the reason why I did

not gather them. M. Now take all the things out

of the room, and put them

in the sun. s. What things, Sir? M. Get every thing out, for I

want to have the room

washed. s. The room is washed Sir.

M. If it rains take the things in.

s. Very well Sir.

M. Where have you been, it has

rained, and the clothes are.

all wet. s. I went home for my meal, Sir.

Ztookan bugo/ieetoo. Deeseenee orrang orrang daputsuppooloo roopeea perrak satoo boolan, capan loo maoo, bae.

Bae, tooan.

Apa loo poonya »wma?'

Nama saya — Tooan maoo sooroo apa?

Gooa maoo sooroo beekeen buttool eetoo pagur yang roossak.

Paggur yang mana tooan?

Maree gooa oonjook. Abees eetoo, pugoftee dee cuboow, rawatteen pohon cnmbang.

Saya tooan.

Puggheewwna roopa'nya pohon

pohon dee cub/Sow. Sugr/wr, tooan. Puggheemana pohon ross. Sooda bukkumfctt»g. Apa pohon mangga sooda bub

booa (or clooar booa). Saya tooan, sooda ada yang

matung. Cunnapa trada puMec/.; yang

matung. Bullon daloo, tooan, jadee saya

trada puMeeA'een.

Suc&arang klooarreen samooa barang daree camar, jumOTOorreen.

Darang apa, tooan?

Clooacreen samooa'nya, abees c/ioochee camarnya.

Camar sooda dee c/ioochee tooan.

Caloo oojan bawa masook barang.

Bae tooan.

Loo pugghee dee mana, sooda oojan, pakean samooaAassa.

Saya jwolang wakan. tooan.

M. Count all the things.

s. There is one tahle cloth missing.

M. Thiit 1 know nothing about, go and seek till you fmd it.

s. I'll not tind it, sir, some one has stolen it.

M. Why do you not mind your business; it is of no use to trust you with the care of the house, if you do not look after the things.

s. I will be more careful another time.

M. Do not allow any one to enter my study.

s. No one sir, but your writer.

M. Be careful, there are many things and if they are lost, I shall ltok to no one but you who have the charge of them.

s. Very well sir, please give me the key.

M. Take it.

s. Ho you go out to dine to day, sir, or do you dine at home.

M. I am not certain, but prepare dinner as usual.

s. Shall I order fowls or fish.

M. Tell the cook to kill one of the kids and roast it.

s. I fear your orders at this time of the day are too late Sir.

M. If too late, order t he cook to stew a duck, roast one fowl, and make soup of one, and boil two or three fish.

s. The fish cannot be fried, Sir. for the kitchen pan is cracked.

M. Don't use it any more; order a new one.

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5. Very well, sir.

M. Earthen pan, pipkin, and boiler I suppose you have?

s. Yes sir.

M. How do you roast the fowls and ducks.

s. We put charcoal on the hearth and fire under them, and then put the duck or fowl on.

M. How do you contrive to preserve them from burning?

s. They cannot get burnt, for they are put on a roasting spit, and a man stands by to turn it, till they are done.

M. Are not panggang and gorreng the same?

s. They are not the same, Sir, gorreng is done by putting oil or butter in the pan , and when the oil boils, then the fowl or fish is put in; panggang is done on burning coals.

M. Do you know how to make, curree?

s. I know a little about it, Sir.

M. What does it consist of?

s. Black pepper, saffron . tamarind, aniseed, coriander, nutmegs and cloves, cinnamon, ginger, salt, chillies, charlock, garlick and cocoanut oil.

M. Send to buy some.

s. Please give me some money Sir, for at the shop they don't sell on credit.

M. Here are two rupees, will that be enough.

s. I think it will be enough.

*i. Douot loiter, butmakchastc back again.

s. 1 have got all. Sir.

*. It is past 7 o' Clock, why don't you bring the dinner?

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