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[Bishops continued.']

1756. Bishop of Rochester Zachariah Pearce.

17C6. Salisbury John Hume.

176I. ----- Winchester John Thomas.

1759. Worcester James Johnson.

1762. Carlisle Charles Lyttelton.

1768. Edmund Law.

1752. Chester Edmund Keene.

1752 Durham Richard Trevor.

Lord High Chancellors.

1764. Jan. 16. Robert, Earl of Northington.
1766. July 30. Charles, Lord Camden.

1770. Jan. 17. Hon. Charles Yorke. Created Lord Morden; but died next

day, before the Seals were put to his Patent of Peerage.
Jan. 20. Sir Sidney Stafford Smythe, knt. one of the Barons of the
Exchequer; Hon. Henry Bathurst, one of the Justices of
the Common Pleas; and Sir Richard Aston, one of the'
Justices of the King's Bench; Commissioner of the Great

1771. Jan. 23. Henry, Lord Apsley. Succeeded as Earl Bathurst in 1775.

Principal Secretaries Op State.

1763. Sept. 9. John, Earl of Sandwich, vice Lord Egremont.

1765. July 12. Augustus Henry, Duke of Grafton, vice Lord Halifax.

Hon. Henry Seymour Conway, vice the Earl of Sandwich.

1766. May 23. Charles, Duke of Richmond, vice the Duke of Grafton.
Aug. 2. William, Earl of Shelburnc, vice the Duke of Richmond.

1768. Jan. 20. Thomas, Viscount Weymouth, vice the Hon. Henry Seymour


Willes, Earl of Hillsborough, for the Colonies.
Oct. 21. William Henry, Earl of Rochford, vice the Earl of Shelbarne.

1770. Dec. 19. John, Earl of Sandwich, vice Lord Weymouth.

1771. Jan. 22. George, Earl of Halifax, vice the Earl of Sandwich.

Speakers or The House Of Commons.

1761. Sir John Cust, bart.

1768. Sir John Cust, bart. On account of bad health, he resigned the Chair,

January 17, 1770; and, on the 22nd of the same month,
1770. Sir Fletcher Norton, knt. was chosen in his room.

Commissioners Por Executing The Office Ob Lord High
Treasurer Of England.

1763. July 13. Charles, Marquis of Rockingham

William Dowdeswell, esq. Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Lord John Cavendish.

Thomas Townshend, esq.

George Onslow, esq. (afterwards Lord Cranlejr and Lord

Onslow) now Earl of Onslow.
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1763. Dec. 16.

1765. Aug. 25.


1771. Jan. 23.

1763. Nov.

1766. Aug.

1767. Dec. 23.
1770. March.

Attorneys General.

Sir Fletcher Norton, knt. afterwards Lord Grander.
Hon. Charles Yorke.

William de Grey, esq. afterwards Lord Walsingham.
Edward Thurlow, esq. afterwards Lord Thurlow.

Solicitors General.

William de Grey, esq.
Edward Willes, esq. .
Joseph Dunning, esq.
Edward Thurlow, esq.

1771. Jan. 23. Alexander Wedderburn, esq. afterwards Lord Loughborough.

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Houses Of Parliament, From lies To 1771.

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