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arm leading swing the arm in a graceful curve across the torso up and over in front of the head, as if describing an oval around chest and head, (see Fig. 32), thence down to the side with palm up; raise the forearm slightly, presenting the palm; then return the arm quietly to first position. Repeat. Transfer the weight to the left foot and repeat the entire



Weight upon right foot as before described. With forearm leading carry the right arm up until it is within about two inches of the chest, and the ends of the fingers are about four inches from the left shoulder (see Fig. 33). Now carry the arm around toward the riglft side until it points directly out from the shoulder, with the palm front (Fig. 34), draw it back to former position near chest; twist the arm till the palm is turned outward, and again carry the arm around and out at the side; return arm to its position near chest; then turn it till the palm is downward and the edge of .hand outward; repeat the movement of arm toward the right, draw it back toward chest till about half-way, then allow it to drop slowly by the side.

Transfer the weight to left foot and repeat exercise with left arm.


;/, Take weight upon the right foot, etc., as in former exercrses.

VVith back of forearm leading raise the right arm so as to bring the hand beside the head, with palm to the front, fingers pointing upward, as in Fig. 85. With hand in this position extend the arm forward, as if repulsing an object (Fig. 36), then return the arm to position with hand beside the head; again extend the arm and bring it back to the side of the head, in which position the arm presents a graceful curve. Now carry the back of forearm, describing an arc of a circle, over and forward until it forms an angle of about ninety degrees with the head; raise the forearm slightly, allowing the hand to open freely as seen in Fig. 37; then bring the arm, with front of forearm leading, down to its normal position at the side. Transfer the weight to the left foot, and with corresponding arm, repeat these last movements.

Again take the weight upon both feet, and with a graceful curve of the arms present the palms of hands,

then allow the arms to move to the sides and rest.

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