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Greek Triclaonemes.


Nat. ord. IRIDAcEaz. (Imus, Lindle 1/‘.9 Vegetable Kingdom, p. 159.)

TRICHONEMA, Ker.-—Peri (/onium corollinum, superum, infundibuliforme, tubo brevi, limbi sexpartiti laciniis mqualibus patentibus. Stamina 3, tubo perigonii inserta ; filamenta erecta, inclusa ; anthem: oblongm, basifixaa. Ovarium iuferum, obtusé trigonum, triloculare. Ovula plurima, in loculorum angulo centrali biseriata, adscendentia, anatropa. Stylus filiformis ; stigmata 3, linearia, conduplicata, bipartita, laciniis brevibus recurvis, &c. &c. Emil. gen. no. 1247.

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\Ve much regret our inability to furnish any account of these two pretty Trichonemes, which were collected by our late lamented friend the Dean of Manchester, drawn by his own faithful hand, and prepared for publication by himself; but, alas ! Diis aliter visum est. He is gone: and no trace of his views about them remains behind.

All we can learn is, that T. subpalustre was found at Salonica, and in the Ionian islands; and T r. Pylium at Navarino. Mr. Herbert regarded them as perfectly new forms, distinct from all that have yet been made known. \Ve have not seen even a dried specimen of them ; and reluctantly leave them to some future botanist for elucidation.

May be it was the remembrance of having gathered these aborigines of old Hellas that led the spirit of the poet into the train of thought which produced the following beautiful lines :—

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